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  1. That's how long he's been waiting. It was Dusk! Just think evening just changes into night easily.
  2. Yes, I see their past and present selves needed to come to terms with each other too, and actually forgive and let go. (JS perhaps more than JH ... because she was also PTSD shell-shocked in guilt). When we first met them - they were both 'existing'. Neither happy with the current state they were in, but also not doing anything about it ... and just soldiering along. For them to not always be trapped in the past ... they both needed to come to terms with what-was. While it held cherished m'ries ... it was also time to move on to the present and embrace it. Beautiful back story, beautiful romance.
  3. Enjoyed the resolution and beautiful finale to this ride (even though this was a viewing without subs yet). Relieved too. It was a befitting finale to a mellow but very beautiful painfully-memorable romance, and they tied up most loose ends organically enough that I didn't feel shortchanged (as with some dramas). I teared when JS finally could reach closure, on what the painfully-traumatic baggage she had been carrying all throughout and imprisoned herself with. Love the OST - esp #1, 3 and 4 Love the lead couple - as always, the quiet but powerful nuances of a Lee Bo-young performance, and the Yoo Ji-tae delivery of steely to heartwarming melting, in a heartbeat. But also enjoyed the young couple ... the young version of Yoo Ji-tae especially, seems similar to me - in sync with how he conveys through body language, expressions and reactions. Have to confess I started skimming midway though, because there was just a whole lot of angst to stomach. Glad and relieved the ride ended well and everyone managed to make peace with past and present, and reach closure. They need it, to come to terms with everything to move on. Though I still have reservations for JH's son - given what he was to start off with (and now coupled with the grandpa in jail stigma, and parents breaking up). Actually both kids - JS's son also seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. This drama will take its place with On The Way to Airport (Kim Ha-neul, Lee Sang-yoon) for me - its nice mellow feel, gorgeous background cinematography and accompanying OSTs ... memorably beautiful romance, but yet tinged throughout with poignance. p/s: you can write on concrete with a fountain pen nib?
  4. Hi All! LOVE this! Love the vibe, the solid-actor leads - Lee Bo-young, Yoo Ji-tae (and his wife Park Si-yeon totally delivers everytime she plays a richard simmons role). Watched Ep 2 without subs and falling more in love. Suffice to sit I will sit through Ep 2 again later, WITH subs to fill in the blanks. For this one - the 'slow' I can totally stomach. The convincing yearning and feels between them just make up for it. There are 2 other weekday dramas out there where; although I love the vibe, cinematography and one of the leads in each drama ... I really cannot hang around with the slow, waiting to find out the deep dark secrets. LOVE LETTER - there's an old Korean drama Love Letter and a famous Japanese movie Love Letter
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