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  1. He didn't update what hes up to, but give us a proud heart being the first place. I want him to be in special unit also like yh oppa. Even if its hard I know he can do it. Fighting our mh! Your Doc Song is proud also
  2. Its my first time to post here, im really drawn to this drama, here's my theory after watching ep 19-20. After they got married JH will be pregnant,(being pregnant with sh child is the solid foundation for her in W Group for the heir) SH will die ( it breaks my heart even though I knew it already) Got a position in W Group. And get her revenge. its so sad the Jung hyun will leave the drama suddenly, hes really a good actor, I hope he gets better and come back again for another drama. Seohyun acting is really good here. Hope she receive an award here
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