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  1. @chaeyoocharmedcat Unnie! Thank YOUUU so muchhh :wub: it's all chaeyoo's magic to be honest ^_^

    I'm so sorry for not being able to post here much, MY EXAMS ENDED AND SO I FINALLY AM GETTING THE TIME TO VID T____T btw thanks @sooji28 Unnie for the luck it helped :wink: Sooooooo I had 3 projects in my mind ever since to work on, so I'm busy atm in doing that. As soon as I finish I shall be back here to spread more chaeyoo love promise ^^ 

    I also am not finding any dramas with the same chemstry and magic as IANAR believe it or not. I am currently watching Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food due to being a BIG Son Ye Jin fan. And ma goodness! the show is SO romantic but I still don't feel the same sparks as ChaeYoo made me feel. So I can certainly relate guys :3 but you gotta do what you gotta do :) 

    Okay a beeeeeeg hug and love for all 
    Hopefully we'll talk soon as soon as I'm done!

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  2. Woah, how the hell did I post twice?? xD I CLICKED ON EDIT anyway so sorry for that mishap chingus :lol: 

    Love and Hate fanmeets! Love it because of obvious reasons but HATE it too because I can NEVER attend them T__________T 

    Aaaahhh! My final FINAL is tomorrow and here I am complaining xDD 
    You guys are so special I swear :wub:
    I'll finally be freeeeee from tomorrow yaaaaaay, I'll make sure to celebrate well with uri ChaeYoo <333 


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    8 hours ago, sooji28 said:

    Well, we are lucky we can't tag along CSB in this thread. Because, she might have felt we invading her privacy. But we're not, right? We're just connecting dots, clues, and everything HERE in this thread. 

    Anyway, perhaps she is being bashed, or a little bit annoyed by some people who tag her in every instagram Post about IANAR, or YSH. 

    My personal opinion, when it comes to shipping, do not tag the artist. They might have felt annoyed and disturb by it. Especially when the one who tagged (shipper) uncover some things she did not want to reveal. 


    Being a shipper means being strong, so either it can be that bothering or the fact that she does not want to bring out any wrong picture/confusion. Thus I agree, it's best to not tag them. It can get uncomfortable for them like obviously. So if you guys can help in preventing that would be great! :) 

    1 hour ago, NF Z said:

    and one more thing, i think i have faith on this couple but yeah we dont know what will happen in the future:DDDD

    Welcomeeee Chingu and @nhycxnixx to the thread ^_^ where anything is possible! xD 
    I really loved what you said here, that it does depend on the future.I for one am SURE that they have feelings for each other and want those feelings to develop for real and not be drifted apart due to idiotic fans being stupid and tagging them in every-single-unnecessary posts of them. 


    But STILL Chingues, lets calm down. I checked her insta but I didn't find much of a difference, did she delete anything major? Or worse ChaeYoo related? I'm sure she's fine and just deleting what she feels, NOT due to her being shipped with YSH, as actors they are used that notion by now. I don't believe she's entirely worried or bothered about ChaeYoo, she's been stronger at worser times like when she was getting bashed badly (or is that what's happening now again? I'm not clear much actually). But still lets try to stay positive so don't worry too much my lovelies. Here's a beeeeeg hug for y'all <33 


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    8 hours ago, sooji28 said:

    Well, we are lucky we can't tag along CSB in this thread. Because, she might have felt we invading her privacy. But we're not, right? We're just connecting dots, clues, and everything HERE in this thread. 

    Anyway, perhaps she is being bashed, or a little bit annoyed by some people who tag her in every instagram Post about IANAR, or YSH. 

    My personal opinion, when it comes to shipping, do not tag the artist. They might have felt annoyed and disturb by it. Especially when the one who tagged (shipper) uncover some things she did not want to reveal. 


    Being a shipper means being strong, so either it can be that bothering or the fact that she does not want to bring out any wrong picture/confusion. Thus I agree, it's best to not tag them. 

    1 hour ago, NF Z said:

    and one more thing, i think i have faith on this couple but yeah we dont know what will happen in the future:DDDD

    Welcomeeee Chingu and @nhycxnixx to the thread ^_^ where anything is possible! xD 
    I really loved what you said here, that it does depend on the future.I for one am SURE that they have feelings for each other and want those feelings to develop for real and not be drifted apart due to idiotic fans being stupid and tagging them in every-single-unnecessary posts of them. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, laineyy88 said:


    It’s episode 0!! It’s on Viki :) 




    If you haven’t seen it yet! The whole episode basically shows some of the BTS clips we saw on YouTube and some extras! I think the scene I mentioned was around the 50:54 mark! But i’d suggest watching the whole episode as there’s a few other BTS clips/photos! You can obviously skip around if you’ve seen some of the clips because we’ve seen majority of them before like their interview including UKJ :lol:

    Oh that episode! I've seen it and had it downloaded but then again I think I deleted it xD can't believe I missed that! Thank you Chingu :wink: I shall check it out again hehehehe <33 

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  6. 1 hour ago, laineyy88 said:

     :wub: They both have distinctive laughs! Like we could tell he was laughing in the BTS of CSB smashing the box during the special episode even though he was behind the camera :lol:  


    @OMiHO hun, you know my love for them is real but still I'm so sorry the shadow doesn't do it for me :/ It clearly was the friend as shes shorter than CSB and the taller figure was CSB's. Yes due to the angle as I mentioned, her friend's height was increased and that's why you're getting confused. It's crazy how much an angle can make a difference for instance when you're blowing at a person's eye, taken from a certain angle it can make it look like that you're actually kissing xD Also YSH is fairly tall next to CSB, with heels yeah CSB reaches his height almost but without it YSH's shadow I'm sure would be much higher than it was in the video. So I really don't believe there's anything mysterious about the shadows sadly, it really was CSB and her friend standing there in a different position- as its a different clip hence all the confusion. But my question will always be: WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU EDIT ALL THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE xD Think about it, had it been a one clip showing everything together, then none of these questions would have been raised. 

    The 3rd clip is what bothered me, as the camera was showing scenery around when she moves it from the shadow. Who knows IF our *cough* preferred someone *cough* was accidentally caught in the video xD maybe like he was on his phone and didn't know CSB was recording around bwahahaha just saying xD Thus she (or whoever) made sure to edit that portion out and inserted a clip of her friend jumping in to show her face.  My point being her friend's face could have been shown directly in one clip but there was a lil editing so wondering why. That's all ^_^ poor CSB, she did all that work TO PROVE to us that she's not with YSH but still here are, deducting away hahahaha xDD

    No worries at all chingus, we have so many strong moments to hold onto, and I'm sure we'll keep getting more but the shadow mystery? isn't one of them :3 but this shouldn't make us feel sad, since there STILL ARE many other clues of them actually being together in Japan, but just not the videos of their shadows. #ChaeYooFighting!

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  7. I'm sorry @OMiHO dearie, as much I brought forward the notion of edited clips (meaning I AM IN FULL SUPPORT OF THE IDEA) but the 2nd clip doesn't prove that the frame had someone else not her friend, I'm sorry :/ The 2nd clip angle is different from the first clip angle. As you can tell since 1st clip is more lower focusing on their shadow thus you can see CSB ponytail and her backpack but the 2nd clip is taken from a little higher angle that allowed more scenery to be captured, thus making their features be hidden, as for the missing backpack, she could easily be standing behind CSB as the shadows were closer together, "hugging". I don't think they'd go through all these troubles into a playing a game with us xD 

    But yes as @justlove mentioned, why the need for editing though? I understand we all edit our pictures and videos with filters and what not to make it look good, but so many edited frames for one video? That's too much to ask for while you're busy roaming around during a vacation. Hmmmm that- I can't get my head around. 

    @sooji28 Unnie! Your detective skills are truly awesome. I'm new to this korean celeb culture of dating but I know that having your manager around is always a good news. She could just be a friend or both considering the points that you have mentioned. YSH was recently in Japan and later chose himself to show the world he is busy roaming around somewhere with a backpack XD I'm sure they asked for that video urgently and so he had no other option but to record from where he was right? IF csb had thi vacation then too at that time then the possibility of them enjoying their time together is MUCH higher xD I'll take it! :D Thus they are forcing us to be delulu and be max to the core :lol:

    OR even if they aren't, we at least KNOW they're "close friends" and stays connected, so even if YSH wasn't with her physically, but they were connected mentally or via digital methods lol (YSH can be busy with his own tasks) all these factors are more than enough for me to be happy. Newbies welcome, here's a big hug from me and for everyone else too. Have a great day #Fighting! :heart:


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  8. Gosh there's so much to say, don't know where to start. 

    Firstly, thank you so much @joyorokobi and @chaeyoocharmedcat for your love on my videos :3 
    I miss vidding so much tooooo T____T but only two more exams to go after that, I promise to make y'all and myself happy ^_^ I can't wait to dive in all my new ideas hehehehe 

    OKay anyway, moving on xD Secondly, the fact that YSH loves roaming around IN OSAKA (the place where CSB visited right?) I mean wow, what are the chances? And I loved the picture posted for that video link he was so normally walking around with the crowd WITH A BACKPACK, like I can totally imagince ChaeYoo doing that now, considering his Japan Fanclub video HAD to have a backpack. Real or not, you can't deny that it is too strange...that may be? Just may...be? Who knows xD 

    AND finally, regarding the infamous Unnie with CSB xD I don't know why but I feel like I'm the only person who feels she's her friend who she went to the trip with. As someone was saying that CSB must have realised how her Nara Park post made us all happy (and crazy if admitted) so to ME it looked like she clearly gave that post with Unnie next to prove that she's actually with someone else. Simple. BUT here is what seems a lil strange to me. It could be nothing, but I found a bit odd. I don't know if you guys noticed but when the Unnnie jumps in to the screen at the end, it's different cut.

    It was edited on, (luckily and annoyingly I can see tiny edits made anywhere including movies) I mean is, when she showed the shadow, it was like proof for me that okay CSB we get it your with someone else, so I expected the person's face to be shown directly from the angle of the shadow, like CSB moving the camera from the shadow to her face, which she does but we see no-one. HOWEVER instead a we get an edited scene where she is BAM on screen! And waves for a small second and video ends. I mean it could be nothing, but when something gets edited you have the world of opportunity to cut what you like and insert what you want. In another words, its easy to fool people xD my question is just why? What was the need for it? hmmm I don't know 

    So yeah there's no harm in imagining that a particular someone could have tagged along too without showing a single trace of him. It's possible. So why not? What do you guys think about the edited bit or am I just thinking way toooo much on it? xDD 

    Much love all XO
    I'll try to be here 


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  9. If there is no women version that is certainly FISHY hmmmmmm xDDD 
    That was my point, since to ME the jacket looks very manly for a woman than a unisex clothing,  but what do you guys think?

    I have no doubt in believing that jacket is EXACTLY the same as YSH was wearing. The belt (as I called it the tail last time lol) did the job for me to be satisfied that it is the same version of clothing. The question is, is it hers or his???? So if there is no female version then it is very fishy for me indeeeed hmm ;D

    Also guys I was thinking why hold the jacket instead of wearing it??? 
    I don't know I imagined the situation to be like: the deers coming extremely close to CSB so then YSH offered her his jacket to cover herself like a shield or protection of sort, which you can clearly see CSB doing. It worked as well, since the deers were biting the jacket slightly, so without it she could have been a lil hurt? Just a delulu thought ^^

    *runs away* 

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  10. 16 hours ago, sooji28 said:

    I'm kind of miss your FMV @xxbpwincesxx

    When are you going to make another ChaeYoo FMV? Busy much with school tasks? Fighting!!! :)

    I'm sure you have a looot of materials and sources.

    And I'm sure you will make another sweet and lovable ChaeYoo FMV.


    Awwww Unnie thank you so much for missing what matters so much to me xD And because it matter I love as you all know making something from the heart and when inspiration calls. YES, I am inspired to the core these last few weeks thanks to our CHaeYoo so I have SOOO MANY IDEAS IN MIND THAT ARE JUMPING AROUND xD But I have my finals coming up, which is why I know I won't be able to vid them wholeheartedly that they deserve. So I'm waiting to find the time. Luckily my exams will end on the 25th so straight
    Thank you so much for all the love and support all the time, (I mean it generally) I really get so overwhelmed. 
    I may not have been able to keep going with out you guys. I am now confident of making something ChaeYoo/IANAR related every week if possible, becuase being here only made my love stronger for them and for you. How lucky am I? ^_^

    Much love all, sorry for not saying much shipping related for now, we all had enough to satisfy our heart I believe. But I'll be back soon to have fun with y'all moreeeeee <33 
    #ChaeYooFighting :heart:


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    I CAN'T-CAN'T I CAN'T *****dies****

    **comes back to life again to discuss them loool**
    At first I was like, okay that's just a jacket but omg that TAIL, it's like the sameeee Jacket MAYBE HIS JACKET AND HE'S ACTUALLY RECORDING IT *___* but then again I was like nooo because, the person's height who was recording looked a lil shorter than CSB but with cameras ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, IT CAN BE TAKEN FROM ANY ANGLE LIKE IF WE ARE TO DELULU THEN WHYYYYY NOT??? 



    P.S the recent dating news was such a shock! I am currently watching that hilarious show and never would have imagined them together. But love is love and it's dam adorable. All the more hoping that we get our good news like this one day. ONE DAY. PLEASE LORD T___T

    *dies again* 

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  12. @justlove Take some rest dear! I understand how it feels when life gets super crazy. Thank you so much for wishing me on my studies and I wish you the same on your tasks all the time. <33 

    I too didn't get the time to analyze the IV and then BAM the picture happened! xD Which is ironically 10000 times better than any IV since their actions spoke more words than any IV combined (if you know what I mean) :wink: So hoping I get too soon. Can't wait for my finals to finish ASAP , so much to doooo aaaahhh *dies* xD 25th GET HERE SOONER 

    I hope you guys are doing okay, and today is a very sad anniversary indeed! I remember watching the news on tv and my heart breaking. Such tragic news. I really felt for all those children and families involved, I mean who didn't? At that time I wasn't as attached to this lovely country as much as I am now but I still felt the pain. I cried along with CL when 2ne1 performed a beautifully sad tribute for them. 
    I'll leave the link here if anyone is interested. May God allow their souls to rest in peace. 

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  13. 8 hours ago, tinpot said:

    I'd love to!!! But I'm not very savvy with these kinda stuff.... do I have to use a software for this???? :tongue:

    Or maybe they came from home.... the question is, whose home??!! mwahahahhahahaaa....

    AHHHHH... I'm not myself these few days.... STILL GIDDY WITH HAPPINESS FROM THE PHOTO!!! :wub:

    Mwahahaha indeed! xD ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN OUR LOVELY MINDS lol and we are totally the same hun <3 
    Anyway as for the subs! You don't need any software xD only a YouTube acc. Videos usually provide an "add caption" option which is really easy to use, you'll see one you get there. But for some reason the japan IV doesn't have that option available :/ I've been searching hard to find any other ways but sadly nothing. However one solution can be that you upload the video again in your acc and then you'll be able to use the "add caption" ability. It'll be up to you then whether you want to share the video publicly or privately. YouTube allows all sorts of options and if you need any help, I'll be here to answer them. :) 

    6 hours ago, chaeyoocharmedcat said:


    aaawwww it's so warm in here. glad to have found you guys. i've checked out other ChaeYoo/INAR socmed groups but there's that marked difference in here.  :blush::love::innocent:


    chinggu @xxbpwincesxx, glad to have found another old school kindred soul! yes, inspired is what this drama is about.

    if i notice more of the nerdy stuff,  will definitely post them again.

    i also think our celebrated (not just "celebrity") couple are "nerdy" in their own right. whatjathink?

    did i pick it up correctly that both love to read (or something like YSH likes a woman who likes books)? 


    "Warm" is most certainly the word! :3 Thus I''ve been so active here unknowingly (which is so rare for me) 
    YES please do, I'll look forward to your finds :) 
    They indeed are nerdy in their own way, you have picked up correctly. Both enjoy reading and ANIMALS xD Perfecto! All the more reasons they match so well togetherrrr it's like PURE destiny at play *___* 
    I too also hoping that they enjoy such classic times together on their own :3 

    Currently "Switchfoot - Dare you to move" started playing on my playlist. And I am instantly taken back to the era where great music and pure love existed. Not these DJs and digital era where people forgot how to speak lively. I'm not throwing any shade since online life gave me a LOT to be thankful for. But sometimes everything seems so different and you wish times were simpler like the old days. Like the vibe of this song and more :3 You get me? #OldSoul <3 

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  14. Things I want to share or recap: :lol:
    1) They go actually met for PERSONAL reasons
    2) Watched a play together while sitting (together) in the dark xD (as theaters are- I'll let imagination take you to wherever you want) LMAO
    3) Why dress so casual and suspicious?
    4) Why the need for YSH to even bend when he had the space to stand straight?
    5) For how long have they been planning this and staying in touch? (gaaahhh)
    6) I can only imagine how much closer ChaeYoo prob are in their private photos (which I'm sure they take)


    WHat a beautiful gift from the cast! It makes up for everything we missed. EVERYTHING. 
    Now I can't wait for their next moments :wub: award shows, thanking speech, IVs, ANYTHING xD (hopefully) 

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  15. On 4/15/2018 at 1:10 AM, cabi0613 said:

    @lip678 you’re right, when it rains it pours. 


    The pic is more than what we wished for. We have been hoping for at least a photoshoot of them together but nothing beats this as it proves THEY SPEND TIME TOGETHER OUTSIDE WORK! 


    Friends? Close friends? More than friends? It doesn’t matter. I’m just so happy to see them together!


    I loved everything that you said here! <33 

    19 hours ago, sooji28 said:

    HAHAHA... I think everyone in our ship feels the same with you and i. We were like VERY VERY VERY HAPPY!!! :) 


    Anyway, about the position, it shows that the both of them are really "close."And by close i mean, both of them are super comfortable with each other. Because if they're only co-workers, and meet up again, Why they need to stand so close to each other. And if you pay attention, only YSH & CSB who wear "normal clothes" without make up and coordinating their styles. It's just like the both of them are hanging out casually. And who knows, maybe after the play the both of them are going on a car-date. It's saturday night after all. *wink* 


    Yes Unnie!!! I agree, why the need exactly? Think about it, there was plenty of space for YSH to stand normally, but that would make him him be far from CSB hehe so naturally he came closer without realizing it I guess and aaaaahhh causes us all to die xDD 
    And YES I too was thinking that how are they dressed so casually when the other "couple" xD did not per se. She must be REALLY used to YSH seeing her so casual kekeke 

    @Pikul SornmayuraWelcome aboard chingu :wink: 
    Glad to have you :D

    7 hours ago, songkikyo103117 said:

    Can someone please put an English subtitle on YSH Japan's interview? 

    haha I KNOWWWW RIGHT, if only someone was kind enough to just fill out the captions at least in YT. All was subbed anyway by our lovely @tinpot :3 but would it be possible if you just perhaps copy paste the subs in the correct frames in YT captions? T____T 

    5 hours ago, o10orio said:

    I miss you too dear Omiho.  I miss everyone in this forum.  I miss coming here.  Have been busy with family life.  I’m so glad I peeked and saw the group photo late last night.


    Kamsa Hamnida to Um Ki Joon for posting it.


    Maybe ChaeYoo can have Pi and Sannip with them on their “get togethers” (code word for dating in public disguised as close friends):lol:


    That photo made my Sunday.

    I can totally relate! Every time I can't make it here I feel so empty. I keep all the energy from here in my mind still and that keeps me going. But life is life, so I wish you the best in it. And we'll always be here to welcome you when you get back :) This goes to every other legends we rarely see here including @Celine Tan  @happy2018 @swagpuppysong Unnie <33 sending love and warmth your way xoxo

    2 hours ago, chaeyoocharmedcat said:

    Dear Chinggus -- allow me some kinda nerdy stuff...



    I think besides the undeniable chemistry and moving performances of our charming ChaeYoo, it is also the story elements that helped bring them to where they got to (and very well going to... *wink*wink*)  What I also liked about INAR are the "small" information from films that were built around the characters or the scenes. One film is the that which KMK was watching in EP1 (that made him kiss  or almost kiss that lucky pillow haha). I think the movie projector that was inside the glass case that he broke in that oh-so-painful scene with JJA was also a tying  element to that classic-looking/black and white film that opened KMK story. 


    The Italian film, CINEMA PARADISO was actually done in 1988. i saw it when I was still in film school. And one of my all-time faves. The first time the film was released, it bombed in the Italian box-office and the critics didn't like it. But not too long, it won the Oscars and the rest is history. Just like INAR, didn't do well in ratings when first aired in SK, but look at it now!  


    I can only share a link to the un-subtitled copy but I do hope you get a chance to watch it, if you haven't yet. I guess you will understand all the more KMK's character. And that schoolboy fascination for first kiss *giggles*


    I also wonder if YSH and CSB have actually seen the film. Is there a way to ask? Just wondering...I remember he will have a fanmeet soon here in PH. i hope i can pass on the question to somebody attending.


    Here is the film link:



    in a nutshell (the love of a lifetime)

    Here is info on the film on it's 25th year anniv.  This year is its 30th:



    And of course the beautiful OST album that we also heard on INAR opening episode (I think track #3 of this album):


    And lastly -- here's to more beautiful love stories (on and off-screen) and kisses that are meant to be remembered forever (esp with an umbrella and the rain, meteors and a 400-year old tree or the kitchen sink and rice balls, and bold squad members as witnesses  *LOLheart eyes*).  Enjoy!!! Sending love your way (and of course to our ChaeYoo).


    This is sooooo interesting! I'm all for anything nerd relate xD I'm also old school when it comes to movies. Classics are the best and you know what they say? Old is gold :wink: I never realized any of this at all so connecting such things after reading your post was certainly enlightening :) As soon as I find time I wish to watch this and see where IANAR gathered inspiration. I live for inspirations xD so thank you so much sharing ^^


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  16. 3 hours ago, sooji28 said:


    I was literally screaming OH MY GOD when I saw the photo in Instagram. And then, I go straight to this thread, to write: OMG!!!!! 


    Group hugs everyone. 

    I'm so happy right now. 

    Saaaaammeee hahaha xD 
    I have been revising for my class test tomorrow thus couldn't even come on to say that I'll get back to you guys soon and BAM! I died xD and came straight here to my ChaeYoo heaven :lol: to just write S O M E T H I N G 



    I AM SO HAPPY. LIKE REAL HAPPY (whatever that means) 

    2 hours ago, kmom49 said:

    Let us thank Pi and real Kim Minkyu for going out with our ChaeYoo , not to make it obvious. If they watched a play, it means CSB has huge influence with YSH. This gives big happiness to our shipping hearts  ***smiling from ear to ear***

    What great point!I never thought of it! At first I thought it was the IANAR team reunion but then it turns out only ChaeYoo and Pai/MinKyu went along so it is indeed *cough* suspicious *cough* hehehe 

    13 minutes ago, butwhatever said:

    Waaah I can't believe it!!! We finally get to see a pic of them together post-IANAR!! It means they still keep in contact, including everyone from the cast. I wonder how their convo went. YSH just arrived in Korea, right? Or has it been a few days already?

    P.S. I wonder where Seung Ho's other hand is. Is it on CSB's back or left arm? Hahaha jk

    That is so sweeeeet! To think he just came back and is already spending time with them. God knows whatever else they did privately kekeke I firmly believe now they do indeed stay in contact and formed a lovely bond. May God keep it safe :3 
    This also proves that ChaeYoo don't give a damn about rumors or else they would have been hesitant to post this! Go ahead and tell all the agencies you want *cough*  *cough* 

    The hand is an intriguing and important question xD I've been wondering too. I usually do both ChaeYoo's position when taking group photos since no else is interested to provide space xD and it always is hard to stay in balance for the right click. So I'm sure they were being each other's support, it's so obvious! AND I'M LOVING IT.


    *runs away* 

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  17. 4 minutes ago, tinpot said:

    Gosh! I din know YSH was in an accident! The damage to the car looks serious! Thank goodness he (and his face haha) was alright!! 


    Love that another eagle eyed fan connected the dots... I really do think he was showing her his scar from the accident!! This shows how close they are and how comfortable he was with her...  think he was even doing a little aegyo right there!! 

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhh GOD IT MAKES ME SO HAPPEEEEE 
    I'm giggling like a foool xD Togther or not, at least they have this close bond that is 100000% ship worthy hehehe 
    *happy dance* 

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  18. 6 hours ago, prueksa said:

    Soo Bin has the talent and the potential to become one of the best actresses in the industry. She got casted because of her abilities. As we know, she also has high work ethics. I can see her bright future. 

    I can't help but imagine what was going through Uri YSH's mind at that time kekeke 
    It's a special feeling when your friend is appreciated on stage (for me anyway) he must have been so proud :3 and be like- "Yup that's my guurl!!" xDD WISHFUL THINKING. bye 

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  19. Hey guys! Nice to see we are moving again, loving it <33 
    So I was watching the crime of watching their bts last night (and then dying in their bloody cuteness aaahhh) but anywhoo I caught something new (for me anyway) and was such an idiot for not doing it sooner. I don't know if this was already discussed or not. It's in the shopping bts 

    Around 1:53 if you listen with your headphone you can hear how SWEEETLY he calls out to her "Soo bin-ah"and that's why she turns and walks back to him!!!! kyaaaaaa #RIP 
    I always wondered why did she walk away and then walk towards him what's going on?!? IT'S COZ HE CALLS HER TO HIM in a way YOU CAN'T RESIST bwahahaha xDD 

    (gotta head to stupid boring class or else would have done more digging hehehe) 
    Much love everybody BIG HUGS x

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