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  1. Hi guys!, Been on hiatus on this forum for a while.B) Well, In any case I keep myself updated and I hope we can keep cheerful atmosphere here ^_^. By the way guys, is there any news about Yoon Shi Yoon's movie Private Woman? When will it air?


    By the way, i don't know if this been shared in this forum but I still want to share it. :D
    Warning: It's an old video.




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  2. Nobody posted it here yet but from what I understand he will released a second song  for fans, the first one is you're like spring. I'm not sure about the title of this song but check this out.




    Yoon Sik Yoon, the second gift for fans .. Today (1 day) Singles 'I'll tell you' public




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  3. 22 minutes ago, pjypjy said:

    before that i'm worried he might leave 2d1n, now his dating scandal might make he lost his fangirl to support him on the show....i love reading their comments on youtube hmmm....my baby i think about some people like shinta again...sorry for my bad English.....tbh i want yura TT


    Don't worry, his fans support and trust him enough not to be discouraged. I honestly don't know what effect this will have on his career but I know that whatever his decision will be, will be respected by his fans.

    Don't worry about shinta people they gonna hate what they gonna hate. Just don't mind it.


    By the way, did his agency said that he is still with him? Looks like he did not leave for LOTJ yet.

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  4. hi guys, I'm mostly a silent reader partly because I don't have time but I would like to share some thoughts here :)


    First of all, I like it that our community here is getting bigger and that there's a lot of newcomer, actually I considered myself as one.


    I kind of understand both side, and I understand each of us have different preference, ideas, opinions et. al. and I think that the answer for all of this is to take everything in moderation though please give an exception to factual news because I guess everyone wants it:D


    I hope we could at least give room for consideration in each other. We don't see each other and we only based what we think of others through the chats whom I think is highly unreliable. Let's not prejudice each other and maybe some of us here felt misunderstood, I know it's quite irritating but can we at least endure it, we all like this forum and discuss with the fellow members here. I really like this forum. Lets make this forum harmonious again, shall we.


    PS: I really enjoyed the action scenes in GP and  I like how YSY executed it well..Does his marine training includes self defence training?^_^





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  5. 14 minutes ago, nrllee said:

    Don't about the 2d1n filming dates but if so, there's no stopping him from saying "well I can only stay in Vietnam for 2d1n - 23-24May coz I have to go back to film 2d1n." :D. Just because it is 5d3n doesn't mean he's obliged to stay the whole time?  Can't say for sure.


    12 minutes ago, 87yua . said:

    m confused as well. I think he has 2d1n taping on may 25-26 maybe he will only be in vietnam for 2 days 1 night and will comeback.


    12 minutes ago, rachelyun said:

    Initial report said that, but official report said it's still under discussion, no confirmation it's happening, there's no confirmation from his agency either; even so, if he goes, he only would be there on 23 and 24, as you correctly pointed  he has 1N2D's shooting on 25-26, he must be there, so no worries!

    Thanks!! That's a reliever, I really like 2D1N with him on it:blush:

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  6. 4 minutes ago, nrllee said:

    Well I must be using a different filter when it comes to the YSY-JSY relationship then.  YSY has never been known to date costars.  In fact, one could almost presume that once you costar with him in any drama, the chances of any further intimate interaction post filming is minuscule at best.  He seems pretty firm about delineating business and pleasure.  So what you see on screen is purely 'business' - kudos to great acting on his part for making so many believe that they are an item on set!  So if he remains true to form, he will close the chapter on GP and JSY once filming is over.  He knows well enough that what happens on the set stays on the set.  


    :thumbsup:Other fans might be disappointed but this is so like YSY.

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