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  1. For AAA last year didn't they have seating arrangements? I saw placards on the table with their names on it so maybe thats why they were across one another. But for sure they definitely ignored each other most of the time in comparison to this time. The little whispers and leaving together <3 it changes everything lool
  2. Honestly, he also could have walked in front of her like the others are doing (example the first guy that walked down) but it seems like he was purposely stalling his steps a bit to walk down the stairs (side by side with her) to make sure she was okay with her dress. Because then she is in his peripheral (side) vision and he can make sure she's okay just by taking a quick glance. It's smart LOL cuz it's less obvious than if he were to walk in front of her and then have to turn a bit to look back to see if she's okay. OMG my heart.
  3. Who is this guy in both PMY and PSJ airport arrival video? o.O i know they didn't arrive on the same flight but he also doesnt look like a security (I'm assuming cuz he's wearing such a casual attire)? LOL i'm like in spy mode looking for clues xD https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fLrLIb5yWVNDlKfO8jTM0TwrmdmB4ccx/view?usp=sharing
  4. I still remember the BTS of the sofa scene in the episode of the 'sports day' where Young Joon injured his ankle and Mi So was trying to treat it by icing his ankle. In the BTS when he pulls her arm and she falls on top of him, she literally fell in between his legs and they were literally on top of one another (like crotch to crotch LOL). And yet when they made a blooper/NG, she bursted out laughing while still staying on top of him (I'll never forget that BTS kekeke <3). In my point of view, if you aren't 100% comfortable (especially physically) with that person, you wouldn't be able to stay in that particular position. Naturally, if there nothing going on, you'd just get off right away and not stay in between their legs LOL. Because honestly, that is a VERY awkward position to stay in if you aren't in some sort of special/intimate/dating relationship in my opinion LOL. I honestly can't imagine myself feeling comfortable to stay in that position with anyone else other than my boyfriend. And even if I was single, I don't know if I would be comfortable with my closest guy friend... All this to say, you can see really the level of mutual understanding and high chemistry between PSJ and PMY <3 I haven't watched much of their previous works but it seems that from most of your explanations and analysis, their chemistry on and off camera are unlike their past works. Weinnnnnn i wish there was more BTS scenes TT.TT Did anyone pre-order the DVD? What's happening with that o.O
  5. If none of her previous dramas had tongue actions, then is WWWSK the first one where she used her tongue in the bed scene (i still saved the video on my instagram) ? If so, this says a lot about how comfortable she is with PSJ. Plus, their kissing scenes together are all really "deep" and intimate, literally looked like he probably ate all her lipstick LMAO and same for PMY going for his underlip and all that hehehe. And judging by the way they moved and embraced one another during that intimate bed scene, it's so hard to believe that they didn't get a bit turned on (no matter how professional you try to stay, it's only natural for that feeling to occur when both partners are so into it)... it literally also makes me wonder how he kept "it" under control during that bed scene. I'm honestly so curious of these physical evidences for men too XD UGH at one point in my life, I stopped watching kdrama for awhile before WWWSK because I always felt unsatisfied with the general kdrama kissing scenes. But WWWSK kissing scenes DESTROYED me <3 I'm sure there are other recent Kdramas that are great too but I haven't seen an actress returning the kisses like how PMY did in WWWSK. Honestly love this drama and love this couple so bad. I'm already re-watching it for the second time *-*
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