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  1. BTW, did Soompi had an update?? Logging in from profile site directing to HOME forum then when to profile, it seems not updated?
  2. Too early to greet but anyway.. BTW, did Soompi had an update?? Logging in from profile site directing to HOME forum then when to profile, it seems not updated?
  3. I hear actor Lee Pilmo married her partner on the same show Jongmin is. I saw an clip on YouTube and many are expecting JongMina couple. Winter Break with Cha Siblings recap screen caps
  4. Jongmin's Brainficcial with Defconn and Junho with Donggu on phone https://mobile.twitter.com/KnathaYJ466/status/1095087351217287168
  5. Yoon Shiyoon banner ads for Austin Reed and Vostro Vostro page Credit https://mobile.twitter.com/KnathaYJ466/status/1094435492580384769/photo/1 Credit https://mobile.twitter.com/lovely_siyoon/status/1093704151232536576
  6. Sorry for late tuning in 1. share what you have loved/learned/enjoyed about hanging out here in the soompi community. it can be a drama, ship, a kpop group, actor or just the different discussions you had with chingus here. first of all, I was a lurker on 2d1n, back in 2016 when Yoon Shiyoon joined. I'm reading the comments and from there I've known that the videos on YouTube were a week late so I'm kinda lost, and then 3weeks late. I remember I had an account on Soompi years ago so I thought I can log in but was not. I made a new account but wasn't able to log in I guess so it takes me a month before I realized that I can log in! I'm actually a loner or that I don't have friends that I can talk to or someone who understands what I like so I tend to be quiet in person. But when I joined, I had people I can talk to and discuss this and that. I began exploring more to the actors thread and the first drama that I became active while it's on going is Your Honor! Haven't checked the others.
  7. Still waiting for the new episode. It's been 3yrs when the Cha Siblings guested? So it has been 3 yrs to me too. They made me watch the show and watch the previous eps then but when Donggu came I stopped watching the earlier episodes
  8. Actors Who Boggled Our Minds With Their Dual Roles Feb 1, 2019 by L. Kim It’s hard enough playing one character in a drama/movie, let alone two. However, there are some actors who portrayed two characters so perfectly that their characters seemed like two different people. Here are a few actors who did full justice to their double roles: 8. Yoon Shi Yoon In “Your Honor,” Yoon Shi Yoon played both Han Kang Ho and Han Su Ho, twins brothers with different lives. The former is five-time-convicted criminal-turned-judge, and the latter is an intelligent judge who has disappeared. Thanks to his brilliant acting, the drama often aired No. 1 in its time slot. Link https://www.soompi.com/article/1300685wpp/actors-who-boggled-our-minds-with-their-dual-roles
  9. D145 Save the date! Happy Lunar New Year / Seollal!
  10. Yoon Shi Yoon for Austin Reed & Vostro https://twitter.com/yunrac/status/1091949710707953664
  11. Oh.. actually I didn't checked the article before posting.. sorry for that. I was in a hurry back then I think and all I think is something to post.. I'll be careful next time I guess. Happy Lunar New year/ Seollal to all!
  12. @nrllee same names can't be helped in SoKor entertainment industry I guess. Having limited names to give to their child, I'm not wondering why some Kpop group's members opting to have stage name like single letters or their English name. Like Lee Minho of Boys over Flowers fame, there's also a Lee Minho a younger one (1995) who I guess was used to be in a kpop group, he was in Moon Embracing The Sun. I wonder where he is. And Kim Soohyun, there is Claudia Kim (her English name) and screen writer Kim Soohyun. Waiting for the new episode of 2d1n to be available here. It's been 3 yrs? So it's been 3yrs for me too. The Cha siblings made me watch more of 2d1n even the previous episodes then but then came YSY and I haven't watched the other older episodes of 2d1n
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