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  1. While we're waiting for his comeback, I also just made a comeback!! D37 already!!!
  2. I'M BACK!!!! I got that troubling password thingy that made me MIA for more than a month, then added by my portable wifi connection got in trouble so it's double whammy for me.. and here I am!!! What did I miss? I miss the forum! But not much. I just got disconnected from Korean news for a while and The Return of Superman filled the empty hole 2d1n made.
  3. So I browsed some updates Still photo Teaser is up do we have a thread for the drama? So it's 24 episodes
  4. D91 exactly 3 months!! https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1110055181977153536 https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1109325516647981057
  5. I'm already late for this but anyway.. To the ahjusshi who's afraid of ghosts, our favorite appa, with a contagious laugh, laughing vitamin that heals a melancholic, low-spirited soul.. Happy Birthday!!
  6. Harper's Bazaar 2012 Cr https://mobile.twitter.com/yatta_marie/status/1109284490667417600 Cr https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1106390546614894593
  7. Radiant background but emotional photo Credit https://mobile.twitter.com/lrwhailen/status/1109119316748689409
  8. Last photo Haven't finished watching the last broadcasted episode yet.. and just recently, I remembered I have recorded 2 of 3 2d1n songs that they made in the Make A Song episode so I've been listening to it. It feels empty, especially I'm not into ongoing dramas for a long time..
  9. Love this post's caption but I don't want to say goodbye And this one.. A letter to every fan This is a good read https://www.instagram.com/p/BvSFq88gNua/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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