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  1. His voice is heart melting I didn't miss a day playing songs.. Taken from the unaired part of the anniversary trip to Cuba Such a tease!
  2. Wow! It took me like few minutes to see this thread! Happy birthday Suzy!!
  3. DG leaving? Oh I hope not! I have yet to watch the recent episode and I just saw few from IG JJY: Jihyunsshi please forget how I will look today With the flowers
  4. Late reactions from the Taebaek trip.. It is full of emotions.. from the firefighters to the members' letters to their loved ones. It was such a sweet twist. We get to see JJYs mother again and Donggu's mother for the first time. Defconn's grandparents and his grandmother asking about marriage. Junho's letter to Stephen Chow though. And CTH, did they move? The house/entrance/door is different from it was seen in Running Man? (The surprise visit) . I'm a bit surprised for Jongmin writing letter to Ilyong PD. Looking forward to this
  5. Wow! Congratulations to WYWS! And looking forward to LJS new drama! I just don't think I can make it to his fanmeet here in PHL.
  6. Oh those new photos! D270 Bowler Kim Soohyun.. the end part though What are you listening?
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