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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/pangpangkaa/status/1077195995555889154/photo/1 https://mobile.twitter.com/sally_sukie/status/1077072045328936961/photo/1
  2. Where JY almost failed the Team Not Junho with his entry song with dance! oh, when he knelt down in front of PD Ilyong! The lady against Donggu is so good! And why is he more handsome here? Jongmin's "Piyung" (though I still don't get it)
  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! it's indeed a Merry and Great Christmas for all of us cause our fave program and boys won!! Though JH didn't got the Daesang, having 4 of them winning (best couple for JH and JM, excellence for Defconn and entertainer for Donggu) + best program, what could we ever ask for? I was online last Sunday early morning here in PHL when I saw a video from KBS Entertain (watching something from YT) when I saw a clip with Defconn delivering a speech after winning but there's no sub's so I don't know what he won.. And saw the TROS kids video with William saying "Yeah baby!" Wasn't able to check the others so I thought I will wait here in the forum... Well, there goes a happy day of Christmas to me!
  4. D191, D56 The FaceShop fan meeting in Shanghai 140705 Those eyes!
  5. When JY fails continuously Team Not Junho https://mobile.twitter.com/yunrac/status/1074169255158050816/photo/1 Couldn't agree more with this lady. But oh, when she hits Donggu... https://mobile.twitter.com/Siyoon_Inyeon/status/1074481202671837184/photo/1
  6. "Donggu looks so handsome in this episode" https://mobile.twitter.com/heyrara911/status/1075027393880838146/photo/1 TRUE!!!
  7. Just sharing https://mobile.twitter.com/orangeclouds17/status/1076027567663046662/photo/1 2D1N first snow of the year with Junho singing for his juniors and whole 2d1n
  8. And the tribute to Junho is so touching.. With Jongmin special done then now Junho, who's next? https://mobile.twitter.com/Allaboutkdrama1/status/1073235208336375808/photo/1 The song they sang reminded me of Dream High season 1 cause its where I first heard it
  9. From 2weeks ago Defconn to Junho Joonyoung teasing Jongmin with Mina (correct me if I'm wrong) https://mobile.twitter.com/2D1N_PH/status/1074189461745889280?p=p Saw this.. https://mobile.twitter.com/orangeclouds17/status/1074460438736314369/photo/1
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/Soohyunshi/status/1072097781613944833 https://mobile.twitter.com/dior_kim1/status/1073223667989901312
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