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  1. Such a masterpiece! This kind of drama really fits YSH. I was introduced to him by a drama with school background and loved his performance there but over the yrs, I have tried to watch his subsequent dramas but can't get the passion and chemistry I felt watching that drama. Either I stop at woo 1 or halfway. But look at this, the casts surrounding him are the bomb and it brings out the best in him. And I absolutely love all the casts! Happy lead actress got her wish come through. Very outspoken lady and fun to be with. And she did want to work with this guy. Her wish has been granted. The story is the normal school corruption kinda story we all know about but what differentiate this from the rest is the acting and the dialogue. It's so good. Have to check the broadcast days so I can join in the discuss.
  2. This is a complete gentleman. Check out all the kiss scenes. He was extremely careful yet mindful that the kisses should show passion from him. She is still young. Infact, this should be her coming of age drama. So he showed so much restrain when handling and touching her. Didn't crush her mouth like most guys do or come so close. As if he is afraid to touch her. No wonder they looked for a seasoned actor. I absolutely love this guy. Assuming I am not enjoying this drama, I would have bailed since. I hope that the daughter will one day stand up to that her selfish father. She is the one that need to grow up and handle her dad's richard simmons up and not her son. What a man!0
  3. I watched their episode in knowing brothers cos I wanted to know more about YGS. He is actually a very shy person. Sometimes u will see him lost in knowing brothers exactly as he portrays here. Very very tall man. Seems he lost some weight. On the other hand, I can only say that KYJ is so classy. It's understandable as she an oldie but has really matured very fast. This drama is a romcom but not the high school type of romcom if u understand what I mean. So I was afraid she will not be able to interprets a matured scene(Not necessarily kissing) when it's needed or be able to meet YGS at his level of class and sophistication. She is so good I had to check her age again. At a point, she will act 16,18,24 and even 28 or 30. Not a consistent character which makes her a pro. I'm enjoying the fluidity in their interactions. About the drama, will want to know why grandpa is that way towards his grandson. He is such a controlling freak. Who knows why his daughter can't seem to settle down before. And she is good. I pitied her a lot in this drama but I'm happy she will soon reconcile with her son. She need to face her dad squarely. Something is missing in their relationship and it's affecting her. From the first few episodes, I already knew sec was rooting for these two. And I guess she loves her boss as an aunt or sis. Hi guys, compliments of the season.
  4. SK has more than 1000 facial expressions. He can easily switch to 3 in less than 5 seconds. That's one of the things I look out for in actors. So versatile. He must have practiced hard for them as they are not really easy to portray in such a way to convey their meanings and as well as attract fans and then be fun to watch. I'm sure the crew will be dying of laughter each time he goes wacko. Or rather,he will be laughing at himself As for the heroine, one word, bless her soul.
  5. What a drama Two contrasting individuals that will later meet at the middle. They are already adjusting unintentionally. Watched all the episodes and still not disappointed one bit And my heart goes out to the poor CEO. Maybe, before we should continue to criticise him more, we should check his background and utterances especially to his mum more. It sucks to feel abandoned and that fear has manifested again even when his heart is pushing him towards this hilarious girl. The lead girl isn't yet into him. Her feelings haven't yet developed so even if they start an affair now, it will not stand the test of time yet. She hasn't defined what she want yet so the rejected will make her grow up. That a man kissed you doesn't actually mean u can start a relationship after all she kissed him first if we may go that root Kisses can be circumstantial. And if its from a handsome CEO, butterflies will spark. On the other side, she is just like a small an't around him The guy is so big. Defies the normal Korean male sculptured model look. I absolutely love that. He look like the normal average man out there. Wish also the women will embrace themselves too. The entertainment industry has the key to change how people are viewed and recognised in Korea. I hope this trend will continue and these people embrace the fact that one can be big and healthy. Less trips to the Drs. Hi, everyone
  6. I accidentally discovered this drama. The title put me off and I'm so happy to have stumbled on it on YouTube. I watched the female lead's hit historical drama. My only completed and cherished historical drama Since then I fall in love With her. Don't know anything about the guy but he resemble that lead guy in my golden life. I was so engrossed that time was flying by and I didn't notice that. As per the chemistry, I'm so short of words. When you bring a seasoned writer, actors and directors together, this is what you get. Out of curiosity I checked the reception and wasn't disappointed. Read there may be continuation. There are few actresses that I love their physical appearances in k drama and she is one of them. As per the guy,he has already won me over. I have a very soft spot for more than average handsome guys and he acts so well. Can he appear in variety show pls. Want to know more about him. I recommend this drama for anybody looking for quality.
  7. Another wonderful drama badly messed up. I so much loved the beginning of this drama until the writer started playing with our intelligence. Sometimes when you want to write something on the drama, u wouldn't know where to start. Why do they always do this? Can't a drama start and end well. Because it's called the third charm and all about the main leads, the second leads are naturally crucified in order for the main leads to be happy and find fulfilment. If the 2nd leads are bad a bit, we will have reason to bash them. I enjoyed the first half so much. Will stop watching as it's not making sense to me anymore. That a couple separates because they lost a child is the greatest joke of the century. Rather than separation, it brings them together. What happens to conceiving again? Especially as they are young couples, one of the fastest way to heal is conceive again. But because there is no love, they fall apart like park of cards. Both couldn't console each other. Their marriage was marriage by convenience. Now, the ex boyfriend want to move on, she is back again. As what exactly, writer? Yeah, some successful marriages didn't start with the two being so in love, sometimes like and spark can carry a marriage. The 2nd party can fall in love later. We should ask our parents and will be shocked how most of them started. So I assume that he will fall in love properly as time goes on. But now, the writer has brought back his ex, made him and the girlfriend argue( something that has never happened before) so we can start seeing the girl differently. What a weak way to develop a story. Why give this gap when the guy will still continue to be a fool before her? The same old story. Wonder what the charm is really.
  8. The age difference is obvious. 10yrs is indeed huge. I don't usually like too much age gap both for men and women alike but it seems that's the norm these days. I will watch as long as it's not fantasy. Want to see this guy in a realistic drama. It's been long.
  9. Dear, this is drama. One is entitled to like or hate a character or speculate. If u have a superior argument, u bring it on as we all interprets roles differently. Pls stop judging people's opinion when you don't have a counter one as it repels people from contributing more. I personally don't like it. U were in a drama that recently ended with me and what kept that chat room moving was speculations. There will be nothing to discuss without speculations and that's why previews throws out parts of some scenes so you can speculate and who knows, you may be right or wrong. If people hold off till an episode is shown and only comment on that, where is the fun.
  10. If the child is JY, I will hate her character more. Honestly, I'm yet to sympathise with her. What is the essence of a relationship without communication? He does something u don't like, tell him you don't like it and don't assume. E.g., he went overboard with the mag photo shoot,tell him to support you instead of overfloggng it. There are ways you can get compliments from men wired that way. Rather she kept mute.when Dr complimented her,she was happy. Why can't she accept her man as he is? The first problem wasn't solved, they entered into another, it piled up with the first one. Now......, She is tight lipped. And always expect her man to know and do the right thing. And when it's not working the way she want, she will end it. U don't solve a problem by running away. She is very toxic. Love is never enough to build a relationship. What is love actually? What I see here is sexual attraction and not love. Maybe she should go and learn the meaning of love first as it involves sacrifice and commitment. So, assuming she noticed she was pregnant after she broke up with him, has she the right to hide it from him? She got married so she won't be labelled single mum and made another man raise her ex boyfriend's child. I hope this is just speculation. U know why JY was into the p.o at firstcos of her commitment and bravery. She sacrificed. He became attracted to that. The fact that a lady can go all out for him awed him so much that he didn't know when he entangled himself. JY would have done a little Rather, it's always telling him off at the most inappropriate time. I love the acting so well. One of the best I have seen this year and I'm enjoying it so well. But the angle the story is taking is what I don't really like. I would have preferred it if its only the two of them with their baggage than involving the other two.
  11. Kbs dramas on that time slot goes always go to the extreme in portraying the villains, what SAT did which is surprising for dramas on this time slot cos they are usually light(the reason I watch them) I don't like seeing very wicked villains that will be forgiven after tormenting the good guys all through the drama at the end. Also how good the acting is and the chemistry etc will determine if I will watch, not forgeting that the male leads should be smoking hot so I can endure if the drama goes south. Haven't watched any long drama from other networks and it's not God as I may be missing a lot.
  12. So she got married? I mentioned earlier you don't friend zone a guy who has interest in you cos he will strike when you are vulnerable. That was exactly what played put here. Both of them were vulnerable and went into the wrong relationships. YJ that thought JY isn't good enough for her has tasted the waters and noticed that all that glitters were not gold. JY on the other hand made a mistake by starting a relationship when he wasn't properly healed emotionally. The cop was a fall over as she makes him feel comfortable and be himself( the same happened between YJ and the Dr). Don't start a relationship with emotional baggage. If they make the cop's character a smart one, as time goes on, she will break the relationship herself as she will never be happy and have his heart. She should know that he wasn't really into her but when we are blinded by love, we sometimes forget the signs that showcases the progress of the relationship. JY really disappointed me, I must say.
  13. The ending is really very sweet. Well wrapped up. I have also forgiven the bad guys. As long as you feel remorseful, I will forgive and eventually will forget. I love how they portrayed a day in the life of twins especially for working parents. It's never easy. They may look lovely outside the house but inside is a war field HG mum ended well and what I had wanted that she and her husband address was handled in this last episode with action from the husband. He works yet have time for his grandkids. DG and JE will eventually get back again but this time on a clean slate. The spark and love is still there. HN and HG marriage/proposal was rushed but anyway, let's accept that as this is about the whole family. Actually, there are more than one or two leads in family drama. At least HN would have shown pregnancy sign as a surprised birthday gift for halmoni. Writer, just few lines and actions. Hopefully again, will meet them in other dramas. And in the end, everybody smiled at the camera Thank u guys
  14. I don't like where the drama is heading. That beautiful cop heart should not be broken for anything. She is very encouraging and courageous too and a good girlfriend. I wouldn't want her to get hurt.
  15. This is serious. Thanks all for the summary. Until I watch, I will never know fully well what happened.
  16. Our drama has finally ended. Phew! What a ride! Thanks everybody. Can't start mentioning names cos we are many. The translators, critics, name them. I haven't enjoyed myself this much since the first drama that brought me to soompi(hospitalship). The drama was as crazy as this one and I hope I will get to see a drama I can enjoy as the two of them. It's not actually the drama as almost all dramas have the same pattern but the people that makes it fun I love to play and joke around so much while discussing dramas and if I find people of like minds, why not, we will enjoy it to the end even when the drama goes south. And in the process of discussing and having fun, we learn nuggets of life. So thank u all. We will meet again somewhere to ease tensions about daily lives through having fun in chat rooms.
  17. This drama would have ended with this episode but because of the extension few scenes were left out. E.g., DG,JE HG and HN concluding parts. And time jump if there will be any. Halmoni said something and I've been pondering on it. That a parent worry much about her stubborn child. By telling SH that her sister is better than her and constantly scolding her, is that what she meant by worry? So that she will become better? Why not accept her as she was then and don't compare, rather help her with love? I found her reason ridiculous. This is family drama and mothers especially watch this. The end should give audience that chance to right their wrong if they do favouritism and rather preach using love to help bring up a child you feel is erring. So also HG'S mum and her reason for being a so materialistic. Being poor isn't a curse. Her husband later did very well. She would have started grooming herself if she had wanted when the children became teens. So many people are rich but very unhappy. Her children are all adults and doing very well so why the fear? If she can mellow down for Leo who is a stranger, then why discriminating against HN? The only person I loved her line of reasoning was HN. I loved DG insightful words to JH too. He is not totally a dunce afterall. He has learnt his lesson the hard way and seems he is visibly shaken to the core. JE problem was that she dont know how to love, even herself cos her mum didnt show her what true love means. HN told her that she is still very selfish. And I love this nugget from her" we forgive cos we don't want to be like the other person". This is probably one of the best if not the best line of this drama
  18. Hey, the moon is a nice place to go to Will love to go there in my next life Oh my One of the reasons I am always here. No inhibition. We dish it out to them hot from the oven. I hope the two actresses play positive and charming roles next time so as to counter this especially JE. She was bad girl in school 2017. The lady that did mysterious personal shopper said playing villain is affecting her as she is always known as the bad woman off screen before she took the drama and wanted to play nice lady in subsequent ones yet she went ahead to take bad role in mysterious personal shopper again
  19. Thanks @selen4ever, for the recaps. Something caught my attention. While drunk,HN and HG mum complained about the men(HG and his dad) We may not know what they possibly must have said but yes, HG mum's problem has been with her husband. Remove the way her husband treated her before she decided to put a stop to it and you will find a very good woman who obviously love her family. Her husband experienced hardship and found out that there is more to a person than being a tool used by others cos they are at the top or st the giving end. He lost his job and was forced see things differently and thus change the way he treats the wife. I saw him appreciate her more, anytime he finds himself doing housework etc. So I'm not surprised these two ladies talked about these men. HG would have turned out like his dad had it not been for HN. The mum should be free to appreciate HN for a job well done. Even his dad acknowledged that too. So JE will be going to the village finally Had wanted she and her mum to go and experience life in the village with their grandma. It's very unfair to that woman. SH will follow suit after. The husband will continue with his work and visit often. They will of course come back to the city but by then, they must have been humbled to appreciate themselves and those around them JH will always be the big sister. Don't know about DG. Maybe next time, he will learn to love with his head intact Has he apologised to HN? He definitely owe her one.
  20. Oh no! I hugely disagree. She want to be saved. There are 1000 ways to die and walking inside river or.....isn't one of them Just dive straight in as u gag your nose and mouth etc so you won't be able to breath. She even left a message about the intending death. We are wiser now JE Lots of people were disappointed with the retribution, revenge etc I don't complain any more these days. I better be trolling as there is nothing remaining Waiting to see if any of them will win any award and their subsequent works. I will like to see HG in another drama soon before I forget him. And YR. I love her acting prowess so very much.
  21. She is not repentant yet. When you want to commit suicide, why leave a trace especially to ur loved one so guilt will eat the person up? She don't want to die yet Cunning JE always
  22. I think she will get jail term for these crimes. A detective is already on the case and it will look foolish if the police don't do anything after those incriminating evidences. The only issue will be like with other dramas, testifies might decide to let go and if u commit a crime against somebody and the person decide to forgive u, ur sentencing will reduce as long as it's not murder. YR,AE and JH might decide to forgive if she own up and accept that she did wrong. This one is even better,at least there was little revenge. I watched on where a woman dealt with one girl so much and fought to destroy her. The girl herself was one step ahead and when all was set to nail this woman, it was discovered that she was her secret baby and all was forgiven. Although the lady paid some kind of retribution
  23. @jayakris, I don't know about others but HN having to cushion the fact that she dont have a dad isn't really a big shock. What of if she has lost both parents? Won't she still accept who she is now? She knew she was a foundling and an adult, so in her mind, the inevitable may happen one day irrespective of the fact that she said she dont want to search for her family again. The shock isn't actually in finding her lost family cos her brain has adjusted to that when she started making little efforts to look for them but that all these while, she has been living with her family members and don't know it. The second shock is that JH whom she adores and see as a guardian Angel is her mum. These are what will shock her. Remember when EA told her she has found her family and they went out to probably lol for them, we saw a normal HN following her. She was very calm but her shock came when she asked EA if she is sure they came to the rich house. Another possible shock is accepting the fact that she won't be living with the woman who has nursed her for 20 yrs ago. It will have been a great shock if she finally got to see her family and noticed that she was abandoned and the said family are like SH and her daughter, ie wicked evils. That will haunt her, but look at what she got. She shouldn't have any problem with that. Although it may take small time to adjust. If HN is a smart character, she should put one and one together and see why JE and her mum hates her so much but the HN we knew, forget it Also I'm wondering if JH or EA will tell her the whole story. They may want to spare her of the gory tales of how far those two went to separate mother and daughter as to preserve her naive and cheerful image till the end and give room for her advocating for their forgiveness in the future. The good guys always remain good till the end. But I would have loved DG and JE to have and open ending after separation. I'm so happy for HG when he hears the news. Not that it matters to him anyway. Our boy has been very supportive and loving and look at what he was rewarded with. A daughter of a well known biz woman he probably admire a lot. If I were him, I will behave like his father when he was told to come and sign. Nobody will call his woman foundling again. I guess foundling is the same as bastard.
  24. I don't know why we are saying AE did the wrong thing. It's just preview and most times they are misleading. I watched the drama. The build up to telling HN who she really is was w/wonderfully executed. It's AE that has the sole right to tell her and that, she did. It's JN's sole right to tell members of her family and she did just that. Like I said initially, the foundation was well laid for HN to cushion the effect of the shock by bringing her and JH together as great friends cos their relationship has passed business level. If today something happens to and EA is no more, even without knowing that she is her daughter, JH will comfortably take the role of a mum to HN and her sister sarang. I felt for DG when he cried in his office. My eyes almost swelled up. Some love can be very stupid. His own was. Seems like his father wasn't aware? I never expected this. I thought JH told him. JE was outstanding in her character today. She is a good actress. Poor halmoni. I didn't see JE brother to watch his reaction at the reveal. Did he disappear again? Writer Why will she do that? It should be pure wickedness and besides, JH adores HG. She isn't even that strict to his mum JH is generally a very soft soul. Even the sister kept on saying that she will forgive them cos she has a kind heart. I think that she will admonish the woman to be careful how she treat people. Today's episode showed she has soft pedalled. She don't seem to care again about HG and his love life like before again.
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