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  1. I finally finished Atelier and then I finished The Many Face of Ito. And I'm debating on watching Switched on Netflix or try to find another J-drama to watch. Finding another drama to watch is starting to get slightly difficult. Maybe I'll try Miss Devil? Or see if I can find an actiony J-drama. No more romances for awhile for me. I'm romanced out.
  2. NAME: Latasha AGE: 23 GENDER: Female AREA: California CONTACTS: PM me on here, on instagram or smule (links below) LINKS: Everysing - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqM2MzaGQ-E8RVQg7-oytQ Smule - https://www.smule.com/LatashaDolce Instagram - @DreamyDolce FAVORITE GENRES: J-pop (one with hip-hop and RnB influences. Or dance ones like Amazo night, Banana Lemon), Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, Mandopop, Qpop, Thaipop, Balkan Music, Afropop, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Afrobeat, Neo Soul, Metal, Neoclassical Darkwave INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: Koda Kumi, Nao (British singer), Millie Smalls, Sunmi, IU WHAT IS MUSIC? A reflection of one's self, society and the world. Along with being a subject that connects people even surpassing the barriers of time, space, language and culture. FUTURE PLANS: Musical theatre! I'm also hoping to able to audition for a K-pop company, just to get a first hand look as to how auditions work in that music industry. Along with being skilled enough in Japanese and Korean to be able to read THEIR music books (music history, song structure, theory, how music impact cultures or significant events in time, etc.) in their language. EXTRA: My favorite instruments are Bass (gutiar), Cello and drums.
  3. The pictures didn't really come out how I wanted them too. (Hence that weird boob shot of Hyuna. D: Everysing cut out her face) I did all the sound effects with my voice lol. Sorries for my sloppy rap. But I hope you enjoyed my cover anyways~
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