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  1. @insyirah al Me too dear exactly the same with you, seriously very difficult to move on from one drama particularly from this drama. There may be many dramas will come but this drama will always have the special place in my heart and nothing can replace it  And same like you before I dont even know what shipping is, this is my first and last ship hoping for the happy ending even if not still I'm happy to meet them, learned so many life lessons and especially Ive met so many amazing people . we all become very good friends, will remain like this forever  but I know they will end up for sure. My heart never proven me wrong Let's keep loving when the right time comes they will open up themselves after all they know the right time more than us
  2. Hello dear @insyirah al welcome to jongjoo land. It's been 3 years still new jongjoo lovers are happening, really feeling sooo happy and proud to come across with new lovers We just shipped them not because they look good together or they have a great chemistry, we saw that comfort zone when both are with each other and the main thing they are themselves with each other. Somewhere we can connect those all small small actions in our real life. Their caring for each other is something that we always see in our family I do believe in destiny and I strongly believe that they are destined for each other, let's just spread our love
  3. Both of them posted on late night of yesterday and look at their posts, aren't they saying us something  I expected HJ post but it is quite big surprise for me seeing js post and look at that pic complementing with exactly HJ pic. Don't you think is it too obvious?
  4. Here is our girl's birthday celebrations with BH family and with her staff . And with her staff she wore a long white gown, donno whether for b'day or some Shoot.. But she seriously giving an Angelic vibe in those pics
  5. Unnie sent her support to her friends psh unnie, Hyunbeen shin unnie and junho oppa. Happy to see her active in homeland Meanwhile our handsome posted in Royal Blue..  I really wish to see her support to js romance supplement drama too
  6. Wt a start I'm completely in love with this drama, Lee na young acting is fantastic. Cha Eun ho looks soo handsome. Looking forward for tomorrow's episode https://www.instagram.com/p/BtGW1y7Fxr3/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1v8j7aead8dhe
  7. Wow that's a great idea @frozentundra, and artistic work can be done by KC's partner
  8. Joining with you dear @ibru . Jongjoo is an iconic pair how can we miss such opportunity... let's wait for all our friends responses too..
  9. And finally unnie also posted about it officially.. Eagerly waiting to see her new project
  10. Have you seen Js cuts in Romance Supplement drama released by aman project ? They are too good and increasing our excitement. especially the last one with spects. I loved it alot reminds me of Hj's Golden slumber look. Wt do u think ?
  11. Hii alll wishing you all a very happy new year, let's hop for a memorable year . The speciality in this ship is it always has the same strength like first. And it will still remain how many ships has come and gone. Still new people are joining us, it's enough to say that wt jongjoo are . Let's keep supporting them. Fighting chingus
  12. True FZ, no one can replace them. They radiated the whole world with their smiles But I do believe in destiny. They were meant to be together, it has to be happened on someday and for now we have to enjoy and support JS new drama instead of worrying about HJ. I strongly believe next year she will do some project how I really wish it will be a drama Until then just enjoy with their sweetness and happy moments
  13. Hii alll It's been a long time, how are you friends ? Missing jongjoo couple soo much , when can we see them again onscreen, will it happen? I wish it will on someday atleast some event or awards function just wanna see atleast 1 min interaction of them Hopefully this small wish will come true very soon and can hear some project news of unnie HJ. I guess drama will better and if it is drama I wish its for tvn or MBC ( heard it has a huge project now with Ki Hong Lee ( Hollywood actor) his 1st ever kdrama. ha ji won was taken but due to schedule she turned down it) . Have a great weekend guys, Jongjoo fighting
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