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  1. 2022! Ai, the wait is long. Maybe I can read the translated chapters and google translate/learn chinese by the time it airs
  2. Ahhhh, when is it coming?? I'm impatient. I finished the long ballad and I need this as a replacement now!
  3. I haven't finished watching but from what everyone is saying, the ending sounds a little less than satisfying
  4. Yes, she changes her clothes quite often too! I prefer less fake eyelashes as well, hehe. And then there was this random big dangly earring on one ear only, and and very short and feminine dresses, especially when she's on the job. What ep is everyone up to? I think I finished Ep6.
  5. Ohh I didn't realise it was the same director! I will keep watching, but at the moment at the beginning of ep4, I feel like I might like AoL better... I hope I am wrong and will love this too. I can't stop listening to this now. I like that he sung this song. Hmm, I'm not so sure about the FL's hair, make up and wardrobe, I feel like it detracts from the show... (currently on ep 5, maybe it changes later). I wonder why they chose this style.
  6. Ahhhhh, I just saw some trailers and the above MV - it looks SO GOOD. Reminds me of William Chan and Sandra Ma's Age of Legends. I was hoping Sandra Ma's You Are My Hero would be like this but it wasn't. I am about to start! Anyone else watching? Yeah, I noticed it's just auto translate - hoping it'll be good for now!
  7. It could also be because of the covid? In the bts, dilraba sometimes wears a mask, maybe she isn't comfortable kissing in a pandemic?
  8. I hope we get more scenes from hao du like when I also wouldn't have minded a longer time with LCG and the martial artist who saved her in the forest, she seems to recover from arrow shots so quickly! I think it's been about 3x times now. Yeah, I hope we get more awesome fighting scenes, and that the dude sticks around longer.
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