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  1. Recap will be posted in social network's Vkontakte group here. But recapper need a softsub and it's still not around. Hopefully someone made it soon And I want to thank subtitles uploader for his work as well. Waiting was really painful, but what a reward! Thank you sooo much!
  2. I saw this episode just now and think the same. Well... in order to be sure we must wait Although I don't know who else that might be - soooo like him!
  3. But wheelchair-bound people really have pretty good arms muscles. In order to lift themselves properly and turn the wheels without electricity. Some of them take part in sports, some of them goes all the way to Paralympic games. Archery, power-lifting, swimming, indoor rowing and another kinds of sports. Of course, in SY case there must be body disproportion. He has permanent nerve damage on his arm and leg, those muscles couldn't work at all, so they degenerate. But we have a completely fantastic bionic mechanisms, so I tend to overlook such detail.:)
  4. I want to ask just a few questions. Everybody there seems just okay with current drama turn and reasoning behind SG leaving. It's very tiring and useless to go against common flow but still. What our sensible heroine feel and how she supposed to live if there was not drama-land? When writer doesn't play as merciful god and 5% is still 5%? And DJ falls for unlucky 95%? And even in our fairytale - when DJ returned after miracle surgery. She just happily embrace him, saying - you fought hard, good job? And not a fleeting terrifying afterthought about what she could done with her decision, what consequences there might be? I didn't give up on the series yet. We have two more episodes and while right now I'm very sad for all breakup/surgery plot I still hope for some satisfying conclusion. Maybe show itself will answer on my questions, who knows.
  5. That's correct! He wouldn't need, right? And how lucky we are and our main couple! First with the existence of such possibility itself. Second - that our hero have more than enough money and means to make a use from that possibility. And have surgery in any country and from the best surgeon in the world. And third - thanks god we are in drama-land, so all talks about 5% of success is just talks. Surely nothing bad will happen to the main hero and he became perfectly healthy again. So of course SG was right. Now she will have complete normal man and no guilt luggage behind her. Happinness is possible only with such condition, right?
  6. Yeah, surely, this is how it must be done. Only for SG feel of guilt main hero must risking his life and undergoing surgery. 10 years he doesn't have the need to do it but thanks to SG he finally find the courage vaging on 5% probability of success. And hurray! Reward for the bravery - miracle curing! So they could live happilly ever after. And I really, really hope that in the future nothing could came on the way of our happy loving couple. Something about SG would feel herself guilty and run away again.
  7. Well... There is a way to redeem SIW in the eyes of viewers. We already know that there is some shady game going on, something really not good for the airport from the mafia side. And as they made us aware NIS or some secret police department already know about all that. They tailing gangsters, they made contact with security chief. What if SIW is informant and his goal to destroy gangsters from the inside? And thus made revenge for him and his brother? And if that's case it's very dangerous situation. In which SY could be his ultimate weakness. It's only a mere speculation of course. As for now I really don't like SIW as a character But... he surely must have something good in him, something that made SY so close to him in the first place.
  8. "Leaving for good" it's my most hated k-drama trope. Because it's always have a shade of hypocrisy. "I do it for you because I don't want to cause you pain." Yeah, as the break-up itself didn't cause the pain at all. And it almost always one-sided decision. Opinion of the partner doesn't considering at all. No matter what the partner is thinking, what he/she doing. no matter how he/she begging, suffering and struggling because of the break-up. The leaving trope will be played anyway. I could understand such ignoring of the another person only when the love and caring gone. But they said it's not the case. They said the love is real and huge. And it's still okay to leave. I don't understand. Really. "I will be suffering because of guilt and you will be suffer watching me". What the nonsense is it! Are you actress or what? I'm not an actress at all. Just an ordinary mother and daughter and wife. And I can't count how many times I concealed my pain, suffer, sorrow, guilt, fear and many other emotions and put it behind the smile in order to not disturb my closest one when they had their own hardships. I must admit, there was times when it was so hard that I want to run. But it was only a fleeting thoughts. Because it would be cowardly and selfish. So I gave myself some time for crying and panicking, and then return with smile and nobody even notice. And most of all, life not like that. You just can't always feel one emotion. There is always joy and happy moments even when the life hit you hardest. When you together, when you not alone. You cheering up yourself for somebody artificially and then it somehow became natural and you really have a good mood. You both have. So breaking up like this, without saying that it's temporary... On the contrary, she said - I love you, but I'll be gone forever. It's cruel and have no sense. Especially in real life, real life just sucks when it comes to second chances. In majority there no second chance for you at all. Sorry for long post and please do not consider it as a negative one I love SG, I understand her through the series. I just really don't understand the parting trope, that's all. I hope for the happy ending for all our beloved pairs and I hope that writer somehow manage to climb up from all that mess. Fighting! :)))
  9. The more I think about it the more frustrated I am. I could completely understand that SG need time for coming to terms with newly discovered facts. What I don't understand is when instead saying: "I need some time by myself" she just said "Let's break up". And I really don't like if drama take turn to healing DJ condition. It's somewhat cheap and diminished efforts for those who live their lives without drama-like miracles. Prosopagnosia not life-threating disease. For instance, I have very bad eyesight since early childhood. Because of it I have very bad face memory and recognizing and could pass near the person I know on the street (including close relatives) without noticing. Of course, it's not prosopagnosia, but something very close to it. All my close friends and family knows about it so no big deal. If someone doesn't know and feels offended I just explain everything. I don't even mention completely blind people! So what, without magic cure they doesn't deserve happiness? And what kind of guilt it is that out of that guilt someone just give more and more pain to the wronged person? (I don't know how it's her fault also, it was his decision to save old lady. But she feels that fault, so okay, that part understandable) What kind of love doing something like this? If DJ really after her disappearance make decision to do life-threating operation and something goes wrong? (And in not drama-land something surely goes wrong), How she will live with THIS guilt?
  10. But it's a bit selfish, no? I mean... for that reason she only thinks about herself. Her pain, her guilt. She doesn't think about DJ and that drives me nuts. If I felt guilt about something I will try to do something and repair as much damage as I could. And no matter how hard it would be for me, in that case my hardship doesn't matter at all. Because it's my fault and I need to face all consequences. She said "I don't deserve him". But it's not for her to decide. With the breakup route she only cause more damage to DJ. Instead of helping him with his life she gave him more pain. And he really doesn't deserve this. In drama "Devilish Joy" main heroine also thinks that health condition of the main hero it's her fault somehow. Yes, her "fault" much less than it in this drama. But condition of main hero is much worse also. And what she thinks out of guilt? Break up? No. "I will protect you from now on". And that attitude I'm embrace.
  11. I think it's flashback, in which they show to us what he put in the sand-glass. Very, very unclear preview!!!
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