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  1. Hmmm maybe it's DJ sec, she's suspicious too, she' been working in that compapany since Dom and DJ were little, so she knows what's going on and wonder who is Dom's mom coz if I remember he just mention not his real mom not real parents right? Do you think maybe Dom and DJ were half brothers but Dom doesn't have interaction with Dj's mom when they were little though, lol! What am I saying kekeke :))
  2. I have lots of thoughts, it's just that I don't know how to say them hahaha all I know is I'm really enjying the drama, it makes me laugh annoyed and frustrated at the same time I lovee the scene with the fish tank, I find the moss balls like a representation of their individual feelings, when the moss ball start to float on Gal hee's side when she's taken aback and same with Dom's, and when the last moss ball float gal hee traces it then joined by Dom then bam they touched each other's hand, so they'll both gonna be there soon, two hearts will be one. Ahhh can't wait!!! And also I wonder why the the head sec says Gal Hee unlaatched the door, was it correct? So the Uncle knew who that driver is? And Galhee's sister is not aound when she went to V's office it would be epic if they meet there kekke Don't be serious everyone, just go with the flow and have fun while watching, and its Friday today so new bts coming soon? I hope
  3. @ktcjdrama yes Gal Hee hurting her arm will happen soon maybe on tuesday or cliff hanger on monday kekeke as to your questions - I don't mind if he won't be cured as long as he can see Gal Hee with or without the cardigan - Hope he'll know if kissed Gal Hee - Nope he won't coz, it's not Gal Hee :))
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