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  1. I love episode 12 Omg! especially the scene when they thought Chansung died, the build up and the comedic timing is so on point, Jingoo's acting when he opened the door with that bleeding forehead, he really looks like dead, soulless and then IU going closer to him and checking then when she turn around and I was like is he? ahhh then bamm nyahahahaa so funny aigooo..... Then that fight between chansung and manwol I get it sometimes we need to straighforwardly say to people the truth in order for them to move on fast than telling lies it just prolong the agony, the pain. Sanchez has to face it in order for him to move on. It hurts but yeah that's life. And that's what Man wol wants Chansung to do too if the time comes that she has to leave him. And so why is Chansung paying a price when it's not his choice at first to be involve in ghost world? Is falling in love that bad that he has to pay for it? Unless Chansung's past life involve in that story behind MW, YW, CM and the Princess, maybe will see the whole picture in upcoming episodes, 4 more and its finished My guess would be Chansung won't get marry after Manwol leaves, This would be his choice to stay in the hotel to be closer to Man Wol's memories, planting a tree take care of it while watching the moon until he gets old and eventually dies? And this I believe what Man wol is scared off. Coz she knows how it feels to be alone, being lonely and tied with all those memories from someone. I hope this won't happen coz its cruel and very very sad. Will Hong Sisters plays the reencarnation card at the end for both Manwol and Chansung? Hmmm... We'll find out soon.
  2. Sanchez and Veronica's story was sad, and that father and son talking to the driver
  3. What's with the article? A twist arounf IU, YJG and LTS omg! What coukd it be? Crazy thought hahahah what if YJG is YW LTS is the Captain lol!
  4. If Man Wol get to be reincarnated I want him and her to meet in a hotel too hahaha lol! Man Wol can be the granddaughter of the hotel which Chansung be working he doesn't know and bicker alot about being a Harvard student
  5. It just came up to me after reading the comments, and know right it might be full of drama, but was thinking too if he really is the captain how is the production going to explain why he has a different face while princess and yeon woo remains the same?
  6. Omg! I know I said in my previous post if anyone reads it that Chan Sung, is not the reincarnation of the captain, I think I just change my mind, What if the twist is Chan Sung really is the Captain, and he is not really the true villain here, We know there's really missing in the past of what actually happen, and in present time It just felt weird why her mother wants to hide him from her family, was his life in danger? Is it the same from the past? Is there another person in the past who is related to the captain who wants him die or hurt too and not introduced yet? And is the true culprit? And the Captain was innocent and just got framed? And just noticed as the killer showed up Yeon Woo appeared and that firefly formed as a shadow appeared too. I dont know but I have this feeling that Chan Sung is the Captain. And that firefly shadow is the real culprit. And imagined if Chansung is the Captain, how ironic that the person who Man Wol loved, trusted and hated in the past Is the same person in the present but has a different face. Will Man Wol's love towards Chansung enough to let go or hatred and becomes evil and vanish. I hope I'm wrong....
  7. The people that MW in her past coming back one by one, One more left and we'll see the true fight. Will MW going to sacrifice this time in order to protect the people she loved? The reincarnation of YW is in danger and so as Chansung. It might take up 2 episodes of that case of serial killer, So the captain firefly must show up in ep 13/14? Or earlier then the final wave then the climax. Hope MW won't get really evil, so that CS fear won't happen.
  8. Hello guys first time posting here, but been lurking since the drama start, I can't believe we're in 7&8 episodes already. All I hope is that whatever Man Wol mistake did in the past won't do it again in the present. Mago is giving her a chance to do it right by sending help in the presence of Chansung but of course it's not easy as she has grudge, anger, resentment, hatred in her heart, and of course the other Deities, Whatever happens as the drama unfolds it's all connected or Parallel to what happen in ManWol's life, hope she let go all of those so that when she finally crosses she will be reincarnated and have a good and happy life and met Chansung again. I do believe Chansung isnt reincarnation of YW or the guard
  9. My heart feels really heavy thinking the end is near, am not like this with my other favorite dramas, although I feel frustrated and annoyed sometimes I feel like I don't have enough with this, don't know why? Do you guys can relate what im feelibg right now? Huhu I guess I'm too invested, and I really sympathize with Gal Hee feels like I don't have enough of her hahaha what am i saying Anyways see you guys later tonight, thank you in advace our diligent recappers
  10. Aww two episodes left and finished, By the way I wonder if the umbrealla will be brought up again to the next two episodes, and also Did Gal Hee found the earrings that Dom snickely put n Gal Hee's bathroom? Waaahh I hope Dom prepares flowers and ballooons that Gal hee wants kekkeke and a lot of kisses. Come to think of it, I think this the only romcom that has less kissing scenes
  11. Wonder why sbs catch didn't release bts last friday? They should promote the drama more now that the ratings increased a little bit.
  12. Hmmm maybe it's DJ sec, she's suspicious too, she' been working in that compapany since Dom and DJ were little, so she knows what's going on and wonder who is Dom's mom coz if I remember he just mention not his real mom not real parents right? Do you think maybe Dom and DJ were half brothers but Dom doesn't have interaction with Dj's mom when they were little though, lol! What am I saying kekeke :))
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