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  1. I will, but I need some time as I keep on staring at the pics when I try to choose. So it’s all his fault! We will get the new project announcement very soon and that project will be a very successful one too! Even the sample pictures look soooooo good! An Alert!!!
  2. YAYYYYY! That sounds so great. Hope you’ll be able to have so much fun and get lots of pictures and videos. I feel you! How I wish that I could go! If only I could teleport I would’ve gone. And look – this is the list of places JG visited for the photoshoot last year: Maybe we should think of ways to teleport? So we could whoosh and go... Anyone here going to the Bangkok FM? @pixelsticks This is me making all sorts of faces at you for asking me to do difficult things. How can I even think to pick and choose a favourite pic when I have sooooo many faves? I’ll try, but I need some time…. And that is one of my most fave pics of him – he is just too hot in it Yessss. Yesssssss. Exactly! So whyyyyy? You said it perfectly. As JG is special, his FMs are special too, I guess… I love how dedicated he is about the FMs; he does his maximum to make it special. And I absolutely love his interaction with the fans. Has this been posted here before (bad Blue hasn’t back read yet ) I melted completely when he cutely said “No”. Why is he this ADORABLE? Is it legal to be this heart meltingly cute? *Blue is dead* Heheheh…. I love the way you chose your faves. The exposed Pretty Forehead is lethal. They don’t know what they are talking about! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! You are here! FINALLYYYYYYY!! That is one of my favourite smiles of him. I really hope that you’ll be able to visit us often. He glows so much in this colour. And thanks to the angels who attended the FMs and shared the videos and pictures, I could see how awesome the FMs were. He is an amazing performer. Wish I’d be able to attend one someday. I hope that we’ll get to hear the announcement soon. It almost going be an year since Lawless Lawyer, and I miss seeing him on my screen every week. I too do not care about the genre, because he will amaze us in whatever role he does. But I’d like to know what sort of roles you guys want to see him in – I have a long list too. Let’s discuss. Hopefully we’ll get some info soon because I miss him so much….. Speaking of Lawless Lawyer, it is one of the Viki Top 10 K Dramas of 2018!! I'll sign off tonight with my smile of the day, which comes with a bit of Elusive Torso Alert!
  3. Happy New Year to all those who celebrate! The Birthday Project has been announced (I’m sorry for reposting if it was already posted here – I haven’t backread yet ) I really hope that we will be able to contribute a significant amount to this good cause. And YAYYYYY!!! 2000 pages of so many pictures, videos and information of JG!!! So, any idea why there are so many new beautiful, soft and cuddly JG pictures?
  4. JG IG update today Translation of his caption by https://www.instagram.com/p/BssNOiCh1d-/ :“Concert practice and source recording. Ready to go !" Oh my gosh, look at his gorgeous smile and that fluffy fluffy hair!! His hair has gotten so long - perfect for a saeguk or a fantasy drama, I'd say....
  5. Did I really just see @glassnokamen's post here??? SIX emojis???? Is this real life or fantasy????? Noooooo! If everything would work out, you could've seen both of them. Live. In person. Let's hope that you'll get a better opportunity to meet them. I did order. If only the shipping costs were not tear-inducingly high, I could’ve contributed more to this good cause. Why must I live so far away??? Thank you both of you for the info. At the angle and with longer hair, I was a bit confused - they looked very similar to me. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I should’ve said this when I delurked: thank you so much to all the lovely angels who kept updating in this forum. I am so very grateful to all of you. I watched it. He was a very memorable and despicable villain. Such great acting! I’m so sorry I’ve been bad at posting here. And I must say, I really missed discussing and cheering and swooning and screaming like a banshee about JG here with all of you. As you said, the more the merrier! Hope that many more angels would come and join us. How does he keep getting so young and beautiful? Look at that sweet smile! Yes! Yesss!! And YES!!! I’m so afraid that we won’t be seeing him in any projects in the first half of 2019. I miss seeing him slaying whatever role he does. And all the possible outfits he’d wear and the hairstyles he’d have. Will I get my leather-jacket wearing JG at least in his next project? And the exposed Pretty Forehead too…. I’m so ready to fall in love with a new JG character. Gah! That’s such a difficult question. I just can’t pick one song. So can I just say that I all of them are my favourites? Oh, do you guys have any idea when the For Us Japanese version will be released? @violina @happyfanlgx And I haven’t backread yet, but have there been any discussions about the lyrics of Can’t Be Slow and Accepted? You know, for research purposes? Sooooo…… have you decided yet???? Not even 24 hour left!!! Only 17 hours more as of now. I ABSOLUTELY love this!!! I missed seeing your JG edits so very much. I’m sure it will look good on you. I too wanted the bucket hat, but I have a large head, so I wasn’t sure. It is very interesting. JG and IU have such great chemistry so I really want to see them together in a project. But would he do it though? It sounds very much like a female lead centric drama, which would not sit well with JG. Unless they tweak the story to fit him in, I don’t think this will work out. But I can imagine him in a dual role in this project - assuming it’s focused on him – the evil ghost and the leading man. Do you remember the game they played on Knowing Bros where they have to act the titles of the movies? He did a perfect evil face. So yes, while I’d love to see him play a negative role, (and as I very much like to see him get a happy ending) and the good guy, I don’t know how practical this is. I love it so much too – he is such a sweetheart, always so kind and patient with his angels! And I’m sure he would have been lurking to see the fan’s reaction after noticing their gift is being worn by him. I agree with the whole thing. And you said so eloquently what I wanted to say – thank you! Yessss! His features are perfect for romance fantasy too. He’s always done quite serious roles in modern dramas, so I’m down for some romantic comedy, regardless whether it is fantasy or not. And if he decides that he is going to make us cry and tear our hearts into millions of pieces, I’m okay with that too. As you said, I trust his decisions. And I miss him so, so much onscreen. That reminds me, this is him teasing the fans when they told him to do any project soon: I completely understand you. Lawless Lawyer and Mr Bong are one of the best in their categories, but they were not recognized in the Korean award shows, if I’m not mistaken. The only consolation I have is that he received the Best Male Asian Star Award in Singapore. And he did not receive Daesang for the portrayal of Wang So – yes, I’m still bitter about it, because he deserved better. So I too would really like it if his talents and hard work are appreciated in the form of awards also. More pretty pics from Namoo Family Day: Sorry about the mini essay. And I'll leave with this:
  6. Hiiii! And I'm happy to be back too Even more pics from last night: Is it just me or is the guy in the pic above was in TBDAW? It's raining JG today and I can't be happier! He has the softest and sweetest smile and the prettiest eyes
  7. So true - I can already imagine all those expression he would show us in his eyes alone. JG does want to play the role of King Yeonsan (the king in the King and the Clown), doesn't he? So maybe a modern drama or a film where he plays a dual role - both the hero and the villain? Or even a saguek. I don't mind - I just miss him. Hopefully, he'll announce about the new project soon - at least in February. His schedule is free in February so far, so pretty please? And he "borrowed" an angel's edit for this update...
  8. Some more pics from the Namoo Actor's 15th Family Day: Looks like our boy had lots of fun last night! And he is simply glowing!!
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