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  1. On 5/21/2020 at 11:48 AM, tarjig said:

    Okay, this is not the best made drama, I will give everyone that comment.  The rape scene did not affect me as much as it has bothered a lot of you (don't rake me over the coals because of my opinion).  What is bothering me is the casting...why cast Kenny Kwan as the the androgynous Duan Yuerong, that should have been Yu Xiao Tong (Feibin).  YXT looks more feminine than Kenny Kwan.  Feibin's eyes, body language and the like are just so feminine.  The casts' acting is not bad but the directing is.  The story is too convoluted.  Hopefully the story will get better.


    It is a drama worth watching during the boredom of this pandemic.  You just have to jump over the hurtles.  


    Wishing everyone health and safety!

    I agree with you on this drama.  Feibin would have been the better choice for the Duan Yuerong character.   I must admit I smiled everytime I saw Kenny Kwan in that character, and there was no way I would have believed he was a female because even dressed up as a woman, and acting feminine, his masculinity still showed through.  He did a great job. 

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