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  1. Thank you @0ly40 for starting this thread!!! I can't wait to see Junho in his new drama. The cast is good and I know Junho will have the opportunity to really show his acting talent. Thanks all for the teasers too! Wish March would come faster.
  2. Whoa! JHI's confession along with the other bts...This ship is sailing!!! YIKES! Talk about saying it all out in the open. Way to go JHI! That's how you tell the world, she's your girl.
  3. I totally agree @katty27. This has been an exciting event. Thank you chingus for all the updates!!! LOL...The MC just said to congratulate each other as their character...perhaps with words...the hug and such a warm intimate OTP hug was not expected. SYJ was waaaay too nervous & giddy, unlike herself. The way JHI looked at her...so composed like, no problem, it's how we always are. LOL! Their distancing and indifference when standing separate on stage like they hardly see each other only brought more attention to them...heck, they are sitting right next to each other so why all the awkwardness on stage? We even know they are in touch via ig and were hanging out after her latest premiere. Our silly and adorable OTP. Totally agree @Cotton Candy. Another famous actress is known to select bridal gowns for her awards attire...SHK...SYJ has a wide fashion of awards attire. Interesting how a bridal dress was selected for the ceremony where they both knew they would be seen and awarded together. Just saying Sorry to cut your post @Cedric Ong. Remember at the PC, SYJ said she tried to pay but JHI would always pay first. So...looks like they've gone out a lot since then cause now she has treated a lot too JHI expression coming from the car to the red carpet caught my attention cause it didn't seem like him. I'd like to delulu, that he wasn't happy that he couldn't walk with SYJ and has to mask his feelings...which from what was said above he's too honest to do kkkkkkk. It was all worth the wait and it shows that the buzz is real and yes, the circle of celeb friends know much more. Let's hope for more mentions from JHI of SYJ at AAA.
  4. Hi Everyone! Forgive me for being absent for soooo long. RL has me mind boggling busy. I have been checking in on our shipper's thread here and trying to keep up. I'm saddened to see some troubling waters during a time when there should be much buzz on our OTP. Please stay calm and please don't anyone jump ship or leave due to words being expressed. Unfortunately, words typed don't always fully express our meanings and emotions and can easily be misinterpreted. @thi2018 you've always been supportive for our couple and yet nervous about not wanting to get hurt. I totally understand. I've been on a few ships. I've been lucky and am still waiting on one or two to see if it will sail. It is crushing and heart wrenching when it doesn't. I see you are a person who protects her heart and is cautious. It is for that reason it is good to stay here and see the destination through. @pttt97 I love your spunk!!!! You are who we need to stay here and speak up with your strong convictions and beliefs for this couple. I see you as one who will help those that are a bit nervous to stay confident. I believe everyone who has remained posting on this ship has high hopes and strong beliefs in this couple. That's why you've all carried on. Let's stay calm and supportive of each other. @Cedric Ong...I look forward to seeing you post. I've enjoyed seeing you in other threads as well. It is always reassuring to see a veteran like yourself. I'd like to thank you. So much has happened with this couple and you've all done a wonderful job researching and keeping this thread updated. Thank you all!!!! Award shows are tricky. One move in any direction and it can either be praised or attacked by neitzens. Unfortunately, JHI already experienced the latter. Not only does he have to deal with this huge amount of attention, awards, speeches, photographers, reporters but he has a new role he's taking time away from filming which is adding to the weight on his shoulders. He's only human and I think he is doing one heck of a job keeping himself pulled together. I wouldn't read too much into what JHI says or his reactions at any awards ceremony. He has an upcoming role and a romance at that. He must stay low from any scandal cause PR for that movie and its success is around the corner. SYJ is more than aware of this and I wouldn't be surprised if the two have discussed it and laid out the blueprint for all that we are witnessing. As for SYJ...It is common practice that if you are not the winner, you don't attend. Especially an actress of her ranking. So no worries about her MIA from any award show she is not going to be the recipient of. Some of these award shows are very discriminatory too. I kind of frown on how they determine nominees and or winners. Then again, that's another useless topic. JHI took the time from this crazy busy schedule to be with SYJ at her premiere. The rest of the cast was there to shield this couple from further gossip including PNBMF PD lol...that's how I choose to see it hahahaha. Stars camouflage their together time with the help of others or in groupings. Who better to support and protect this couple than the cast who probably know more than we think. SYJ is seasoned and very experienced in the Ent field as I've mentioned many times. Let us trust her in guiding JHI and take the hints of her very gracious speeches at both movie premiere and awards as her crumb to us shippers. SYJ has definitely been there and done that in terms of awards and popularity, attention, etc. I'm sure she wants JHI to enjoy and focus on receiving the well deserved accolades while it is happening without any other distractions taking away from this amazing moment in his life. Unfortunately, acting is a fickle profession. You can be god one day and yesterday's news overnight if you know what I mean. They both know that. This is part of JHI's career history and it should be about his work. Sorry...not sure who commented but I wanted to mention that at least in SK it is very respectful to mention one's parents in their award speech and at times regretful by the recipients who forget due to nerves. The view point is, If not for their parents, they would not exist to do the amazing work to earn them such honors. Hope this helps answer whomever questioned that here...sorry, I don't know who. Thank you all again...I'll be here popping in and out...not always able to write tho'. I'm a huge InJin shipper...I know this ship is sailing...it is all about timing. We MUST ALL BE PATIENT! There are careers at stake so waters must be tread carefully. I'm so glad our InJin couple are doing just that.
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