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  1. I know but she never experienced that level of hate before i thought the issues will die down with time but no that i had to mute her name for a while for the sake of my mental health i can't imagine what she had gone through or still going through pray she will be fine & everything will okey soon i'm really for being negative but i;m really worried about her
  2. the replies under her articles in english sites is just ........ & yes some of them are actually stalking her news only to attack netizens are no better but most of the korean sites removed the comment section+ the angry reaction & with her replay she seems to be fully aware of what she is signed to so let's pray nothing gonna happen
  3. right? could it be rented in someone else name ? idk but even so with the cctv they both would be exposed a plot hole!
  4. hello sunnies long time to see I hope u are all doing fine ku seems to be doing fine another good news acc to her insta post she will be on the next ep of the manager i'm really so happy, we will see a snip bit of her daily work life with her manager her ep will air next sat https://www.soompi.com/article/1435094wpp/watch-ku-hye-sun-makes-1st-variety-show-appearance-since-her-divorce-in-the-manager-preview they released the preview already Watch: Ku Hye Sun Makes 1st Variety Show Appearance Since Her Divorce In “The Manager”
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