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  1. Yessssss. That spin off #4 is soooo cute! I was trying to imagine how it'd be if this made to the drama.
  2. @celebrianna I feel the same way. I too got the sense SA was trying to give KS' mom a bad impression of MR. I really commend the writer and actor for making SA such a toxic but realistic character. SA creeps me out because I can recognise some of her two faced behaviour in someone I know. It's highly uncomfortable and I, as much as possible, minimise interactions with this person who I also know had bad mouthed me behind my back. This brings me to the next point. Knowing MR's history of being outrightly bullied, I cannot imagine how uncomfortable MR must feel wanting to avoid SA or wanting to prevent any of her actions to be misconstrued. Especially by a person who is sly and manipulative. Thank you @purebristlesfor sharing your thoughts. They definitely give us a better idea of why MR has been so timid and hesitant. I sincerely hope you're doing better now and that you're surrounded by people who love and support you. I'm not sure if the drama will include the entire webtoon (including the episodes after the "end"). The latest one which was translated into Bahasa Indonesia was funny and cute. I hope to see ISH and CEW be able to show their different acting ranges in the last few drama episodes. CEW has been doing a great job emoting through his eyes as the poker faced KS. Just that i wish I could see him using his facial expressions a bit more through the character being happier. :p
  3. Question is: Does MR realise what SA is doing? Note I haven't watched ep 6 and waiting for the recap on Drama milk. They mentioned on Twitter they'll be about an hour late.
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