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  1. yes he always lose. Even cha taehyun suggest PSJ to became 1n2d member (totally agree) because he always unlucky . just search park seo joon on youtube, they have all of it.
  2. hahahha i am kpop trash so i watch all. Have you watch PSJ in RM? I guessed he guested three times or more and dont forget to watch 1N2D Hwarang he is so funny, he got a new nickname from 1N2D its Mr. Ugly
  3. congratz you find a good actor to stan first time i saw PSJ in Bang Yong Guk MV I Remember (ft Yoseob BEAST) and absolutly his kiss scene leave a good impresiion. then saw him again in DH2 but the drama is not my cup of tea so i skip, then saw some ep of Post of Gold and think that his chemystry with BJH is amazing (no wonder some gossip around about their relationship), and finally i paid attention to him when WitchRomance happened, this boy can act and he can KISS and he is not your typical flower boy but charming in his own way, skip KMHM and SWP because of the female lead but i know
  4. Hahahha shipping Ara with her fellow actor in real life is so much fun because its not going to happen . I am scared the poster wont comeback to Hwarang thread and the thread will be quiet and no updates. I personally prefer their harasment posting than no comment at all, i am weird i know
  5. haiiii ara is always cute with her fellow actor she work with. she is naturally bubbly in real life and kinda boyish too. Yesss, in drama whoever like my girl i ship them. but in real life i dont think Ara is their type. Seo Joon said he kind to like girl with cold eyes (but in the name of my shipper heart can't they like each other?, dont kill me ). The thread is being closed? Why?
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