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  1. This drama just makes my heart swell with each episode! Every time you think the writer is going to take the usual route, he (she?) goes the other way! I cannot wait to see tomorrow's episode and how our OTP continue to conquer each obstacle put in their way!
  2. Rom Coms are one of the reasons I watch K-Dramas! Heaven knows you cannot see them often in the US any more--unless you watch the Hallmark Channel all day which is still romance heavy and comedy light overall (reruns of sitcoms don't count~). They are a breath of fresh air and a bolt of sunshine during dark days and they promulgate hope and the notion that love conquers all--which heaven knows we all need these days. It is odd to me that people want to kill this genre--it is like an admission that there is no hope or love left in this world--or maybe that there shouldn't be any more. But without those two things, change is not possible. Rom-Coms may be sappy and kind of naive but I think humans need that to conquer the heaviness of cynicism. To me charm of The Undateables is that you don't have to think hard about the plot or about its meaning. For two hours a week you can relax and place your trust in the cast and crew that while you watch, you will laugh and cry and leave feeling a sense of lightness and relief. And unlike some K-Dramas, the directorial and writing crew have been reliable. They haven't pulled out the noble idiot card or the "won't EVER take no for an answer" second lead sub-plot and I am guessing that the "mother in law" threat will prove to be a red herring as well. In the end, I feel sort of bad for the people who have chosen not to watch or who left when things started getting dangerously stereotypical. Cause I know that many of them often whine about how they just want to watch a fun Rom-Com without all the angst--which is exactly what the Undateables is!
  3. I don't know why, but I really love this drama. It is the one that I rush to watch the day it premieres, while the one that is getting all the acclaim, What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, can wait for a day or two. This series is just so easy to watch and HJE has never been prettier--she is starting to hit Jeon Ji Hyun levels of radiance! So I have a question: JE gave HN the Tin Man's legs and the torso earlier and then today she gave him the head and the arms. Has she given him the little red heart? I remember it being one of the pieces when she took it all apart initially. And I remember seeing the hole in the torso where it should go when she gave that to HN. I just don't remember seeing it in the handful she gave him today. It makes me wonder what the writers have up their sleeves. I like the pacing of this series so far. I like how they showed HN last week going from awkwardly trying to seduce JE to just giving in to falling in love with her and enjoying being around her. I loved his silences as he's looked for the words to express his feelings--feelings which he doesn't understand and thought he never wanted to have. I've loved all the moments of stillness from JE too as she tries to figure things out. It is a nice reversal of roles. I've also loved how the side stories weave in and out of the main one. I was so angry at the Coach last week because it felt like she was taking her frustration with YR out on JE by telling her about the bet. Especially because JE had been nothing but supportive of the Coach wanting to continue to date YR--even though she knows how much of a richard simmons he is. (For lack of a better word...) But I cheered for her when she allowed herself to realize how much of a fantasy her relationship with YR was and how he was never really going to be a boyfriend to her. She needed to break up with him--and he needed that too. And the end of ODR and Mr Kim's journey was so lovely. They've focused so much on ODR's personality, that it was refreshing to see some of Mr Kim's insecurities. JE managed to turn the tide by using some of HN's lines but I don't think it would have turned out as it did if ODR had not shown up on the monastery's door step. JE and HN combined make a great matchmaker! I can't wait to see what is in store for us next week! I keep thinking of JE using HN's lines to persuade Mr. Kim and I wonder if she understood how he meant them. If she thought that he was being genuine or if she thought that they were just words meant to make someone think they were real. I will say one thing: I hope that both JE and HN are honest and direct and truthful with their second leads and put an end to their romantic dreams next week. I've been shaking my head at all of those people who dropped this drama after the "bet" because they thought that it was going to get too stereotypical. (Even more stereotypical?) But having JE give Joon Soo a chance or HN allowing Soo Ji to start planning their wedding just because we have to keep the OTP apart for another week would undercut my love for this drama severely.
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