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  1. Forget about soul swapping.. it will turn out that BH is SY's alterego. Just like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde case or any other people with other/multiple personality disorder. Usually people who faced harsh reality and even traumatised by it will create (psychologically) defense mechanism by creating personality opposite their original self to protect themselves (in SY's case even different gender!) Don't ask me why as SY's alterego, BH can even know other languages or future because based from what I onced read based-on-true-story novel about people with other personality disorder, one of the pe
  2. Same birthdate of mine! (I'm older of course) is it only my fetish, or is it normal to ship actor/actress with same birthdate as yourself?
  3. But it will be released on February 17th, why oh WHY? they should release it today to soothe our fragile and anxious hearts while waiting Saturday to come
  4. Just wanna share our CJ dancing for Lamdash commercial. Our king sure got his groove! https://www.instagram.com/p/CCNwt1AHXkL/?igshid=1dc3blrqkl7jx lemme dance with you Oppa! (Scream my inner-voice)
  5. Why do I get the meaning of this title implies So Bong accepted his fate to live inside So Yong's body and willingly live his life in Joseon era. Am I being too positive-minded?
  6. I thought the same, too. What's the point if Sobong's soul return to Bong Hwan vegetative body in present time? Unless he's been recruitted to be a counter by yung (here's abit mashed up from Uncanny Counter ), there's no way he'll recover from that comatose state. It's better if they switched their souls forever, isn't it? So Yong gave up her life anyway. I'm sure everybody will be happy with that closure
  7. All background music will be usually released altogether when the drama ends as part of OST Mr. Queen full album. I've been patiently waiting the OST full album to release since I made an oath to make BGM from ramyeon-seducing to my phone ringtone
  8. Court Lady Choi just being herself. LoL at her prompted answer dodging SB's question
  9. Thanks for all amazing gifs! So true, this scene is the only scene that keeps our hope going on the next hotter make out scene while SB is sober. Keep the hopes high, fellow gutter-residents!
  10. This scene should be after CJ confirmed it was SY who saved him in the well, right? Why oh why, they spend it by sleeping on the table while other option is snuggling *cough*anotherbedsceneplease*cough* the whole night inside CJ's bedding?? PDnim and writer sure love to troll our perverted heart. Did I wrote perverted? Weak, I mean. Our weak heart.
  11. Please send me the link too, pretty unnie pleasee~ (according to kdrama, everyone who got more power/money/infos should be treated with respect, despite age so I'll treat you as my unnie)
  12. Thanks so much!! I need some distraction to keep my sanity intact (waiting Saturday to come I've been replaying any Mr.Queen fanvids and short clips from tvn I could find on youtube/twitter/ig, during day and night, and even during working hours and doing the house chores ) LOL for TMI
  13. Do you know where can we read the novel? Is it available with english translation? what's the title?
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