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  1. Hi chingu-deul! When I said I hoped to interact with some of you in Kyo’s drama thread soon, I didn’t expect it to be so soon! Thank you so much @twtwb for setting up this thread even before we have the drama title And yes!!! I would love a AIMH’s reunion of Wonbin and Kyo! Can’t wait for more details about the drama, drama filming sightings, script reading etc. Half a year to the start of drama shooting seems so long haha Am really looking forward to our drama journey together!
  2. Truly spoken from the heart. Your post made me cry Love it so so much! To all my friends who have been following and posting on this thread with love, as we disengage from this thread, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for our journey last year. I want to especially thank the Kyonatics for helping me learn so so much more about Kyo. I don’t know if I can call myself a Kyonatic yet but I am certainly going to support her in her future projects and I am eagerly awaiting the 2021 project she promised to give to us. Hope that we will have the chance to interact with each other again in Kyo’s dr
  3. What a way to greet the new year! Since this is the umpteenth time his dating rumors have come out, I hope he will confirm already, if true. As a fan of Binnie, I am happy for him to have found someone he wants to enter into a romantic relationship with. And this news is celebrated by the whole world and they are a well loved couple by the general public worldwide. As a fan of Kyo, I am also glad that the Kyo bashing from his fans and his shipper fans will cease. Seeing that Kyo’s squad and friends have been liking posts of Binnie on IG, I know that they are not on bad te
  4. Since last evening till now, it’s been raining Kyo’s W Korea and Binnie’s Esquire consecutively and in tandem, with Kyo’s first followed by Binnie’s and with Binnie’s aided by VAST’s staff and his stylist. Okay, this in tandem phenomenon is starting to be more than just “curious” to me; it is now a big fat mystery to me. Anyhow, this boy is looking too adorable! And I can see that Photographer H likes shoe laces to be untied hhh.
  5. For once, I will speak as a fan of Kyo. After having come to know more about Kyo in the past few months, I will say that I have been amazed at how almost all who have worked with her love her so much and how she has a very special place in their hearts. From co-leads, to stylists, to editors-in-chiefs of magazines, to photographers, to studio staff, all are Kyo-biased. All are unabashedly TeamKyo and they openly declare their love and support for Kyo. This is a great testament to what an amazing woman she must be. It is not a wonder why every news or updates about her trends in SK so effortle
  6. Let me see if I can help. Not everything is purely a coincidence. For example, Bin’s pick of his favorite number 22 for cloy ratings is not. Bin sitting next to EP and at the same dinner table with EP at his stylist’s wedding are not. And Bin’s stylist being openly BFF with Kyo is also obviously not a coincidence (I am beginning to be jealous for him that his stylist is clearly more Kyo-biased haha). So yes, if you separate the coincidences from those that are not, then you will see they are really not “strange coincidences” after all. My take - They are at least two good fri
  7. What is so special about today? Today is special because of: 1. Kyo’s KimSong IGS (I mean Kyo and cute Mr Kim) 2. Vastree’s 말해 뭐해, and 3. Today is “Especially For You” soundtrip anniversary Oh, by the way, Kyo looks so young, beautiful and adorable with her cute Mr Kim And Bin - he looks so HOT!!!
  8. I placed my pre-order for both at musicplaza. Both W Korea and Esquire Korea are available at musicplaza.
  9. Kyo posted her W Korea cover pics in her IGS just as Esquire dropped Binnie’s cover pics (it could also be the other way round). Anyhow their coincidences continue to intrigue me. My logic tells me they are either stalking each other (or one could be constantly stalking the other) or are BFFs or close business partners who are interacting closely with each other in this COVID pandemic lockdown situation
  10. Wow. Short-hair Kyo is simply too gorgeous. I am speechless. Kyo is W Korea’s January 2021 cover. Binnie is Esquire Korea’s January 2021 cover. On Friday, Kyo’s “Guess Who” teaser for W Korea January said the official announcement of W Korea cover would be on 14 December, i.e. today. Kyo being W Korea’s January cover is unveiled today. Binnie’s Esquire Korea cover is unveiled today. The way their updates have been released in tandem since June this year is not funny anymore. Do the people in the industry know something we don’t? Or ar
  11. Shall we just say, Great Fans Think Alike? Yes, I too can never tire of SeGa - I have lost count of how many times I have rewatched it. The lines are so iconic. Lines such as “Are you sure this is your best?”; Kim Joo Won’s chant kimsoohanmoo...; text message tone “munjawashiong” (meaning “your text message is here” for those who do not know) - all of these make SeGa so unique and stand out from all of his other dramas. Of course, his acting in SeGa which won him Baeksang Daesang makes a whole world of difference to the drama for me. I love that prison scene too! That scene of Dong Soo (
  12. I enjoyed the works in his late twenties too. Never thought of it as possibly due to him being in a love relationship with Kyo. To me, Binnie then had that perfect mix of boyishness and manliness. He still has it but at that time, the mix was a perfect mix. That perfect mix of boyishness and manliness enabled him to deliver his own unique charm to his characters that made them so memorable. As a fan convert due to SeGa, my favorite work of his is SeGa. I love Friends Our Legend too. Was absolutely wowed by his acting in these two. But of his characters, my favorite are Ji Oh and Kim Joo Won;
  13. @mskyo_19 has DMed me to ask me to post a translation of Binnie’s Ceci ‘Ask Hyun Bin and Hyun Bin Answers’ Interview that he did in 2009. This CeCi interview was done after he had a 19-month long working period of working on 3 projects - TV Drama ‘World Within Us’ in 2008, followed by TV Drama ‘Friends Our Legend’ in 2009 and Movie ‘I am Happy’. The interviewer quoted lines from his characters or the female lead characters in these projects (as well as his earlier projects) and posed him questions based on these quotes. It is a very meaningful interview which gives us good insights into
  14. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU (Me to Binnie. Kyo to Ruby. Ruby to Kyo.) (Kyo to Binnie? Binnie to Kyo?) ALL KYO REALLY WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS IS....JUST COFFEE
  15. More of Kyo awesomeness in VOGUE photoshoots. And this one below is just for fun since this is a shipper paradise Another instance of sheer coincidence cr BinKyoFC - : Kyo has one pic that shows a similar fashion style as Binnie in WW press conference.
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