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  1. Hey everyone I've just become a Got7 fan, marathoned a bunch of videos and I'm quite obsessed now hahaha. My favourite member is Jackson, Roomate lead me to discover his group after I went on a looong hiatus from engaging in kpop activities. I need your help. In the 3rd episode of I got7 where they woo Suzy, what is the name of the song that Jr danced to? Thanks in advance!!!!

  2. Hey guys. I'm at my wit's end. There's this one bgm that appeared more than once throughout the drama but it's not included in the first full OST album or the special edition.


    It starts at 1:24 during that scene where hwon is talking to yeonwoo in the secret room.

    Does anyone know if it was officially released but I just didn't listen to the tracks on the album carefully or w.e? Or maybe it's not in the albums but released separately or something? It just boggles my mind why it's not included seeing that it appeared more than once throughout the whole drama and even in the very first episode where hwon and yw first met. Is it in the director's cut dvd or anything?

    This is my second time asking about the ost here. Hope it's not annoying. I just really like instrumental drama ost :sweatingbullets:

  3. Does anyone know if more OST were released recently? I downloaded the full album of moon's ost but there's two instrumental music that's not in there.

    The first one is the song that appeared when hwon saw yeonwoo for the first time while she was chasing a butterfly.

    The second one appeared during hwon and yeonwoo's wedding night scene after hwon shooed the servant ladies out of the room. Or the scene when yeonwoo dressed in nice clothes again and came out of the secret room and kwon kept telling her to come closer.

    I am in love with those songs, if anyone know where I can get my hands on them please reply or pm me!! Thanks :)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Why are the options for the ladies easier to choose than for the men?

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    who is that in your profile picture?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ahyoomee lee.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Tell your wife. Get a divorce, do it while your kids are still young. Don't carry this on any longer because when your kids are older ,that's when it will really affect their lives. I just worry for the kids the most.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    My cousin has sweaty palms and she went to see a doctor for it. Doctor told her that it's because of some gland on her neck and performing surgery on it,like, cutting the gland or something can cure it. But she doesn't feel that it's a big enough deal to get surgery so she's not gonna do it. She says it doesn't bother her too much nowdays and she has a pretty good social life :)








































































































    Went to the vancouver show yesterday :D Pictures are allowed but filming/recording wasn't, if anyone needs to know. Although let's be honest, no one really obeys the no filming rule.






























































































































    ROW 10















































    SEATS 10 - 13














































































    PM me :)




























    There use to be this youtube channel called "urnobody"(and a bunch of other variations of it). This person uploads korean music, not just from the mainstream scene but also indie music and stuff and provided download links, and he's always updated everytime new music comes out. That person use to always come back with a new account everytime her/his account got deleted, but the last time this person got deleted, he hasn't come back since. Anyone know what happened? Did he get a new acct that I don't know about?














    Recently, I got on the bus and was waiting for the bus to go but the bus driver stalled for some reason. So I looked out the window and saw that a frail little old lady was running to the bus from the next block with her cane. And the bus driver just took his time to wait for her. The bus was crowded, once she got in, the bus driver waited for her to settle down too and asked for someone to offer her a seat. I thought that was very nice of him, especially noticing an eager passenger from far away.





    i got my tickets for the vancouver show! but i tried again just for fun to see if i got better tickets and i did:( so i bought those as well lol so if anyone wants 2 floor tickets message me for the details!






    I messaged you about something :)






    Nvm about my msg, I've taken care of things :D





    You can get on ticketmaster a few minutes before (get on JYJ ticket sales page) and right when it hits sale time refresh and the options to purchase the tix will appear. Hope that helps (I bought my SJ tix that way!). ^^






    You did that on the day of the pre-sale? Because the main ticket sale date that the promoter posted is the one open for the general public but the pre-sale happens much earlier. Sorry I'm just making sure here.












    Hey guys I'm planning to buy tickets for their vancouver concert. I saw a presale date for it on ticketmaster.






    How does that work? Am I suppose to have some kind of code? How do I acquire the code? Did you guys have a pre-sale for the locations that are already available for ticket purchasing?












    This was way back in grade 9. This guy didn't exactly full out confess to me but it was obvious he liked me but i didn't feel the same. I started making friends with him in the first place because we had some group projects together and he was a funny guy but i think he got the wrong msg from me, maybe thought i liked him or something so he started doing obvious things that gave away his crush on me. and being totally immature back then I just started ignoring and avoiding him...and that was it. I wonder if that was his worst rejection, who knows.





    I only have one thing to say: No Min Woo, please pick better roles. All these secondary lead roles with hardly any airtime are wasting your talent and efforts... ;3;






    Omg I totally agree. Well I didn't think he was that great as the gumiho hunter, well not bad but the role wasn't all that impressive. And then I watched that 4 episode docu-drama Rock Rock Rock where he portrayed legendary rocker kim taewon and he really brought out the best of his acting abilities,like, I was so blown away. He's doing a very good job of playing myungjoon right now but so little airtime :( So yeah he needs a role that can skyrocket himself to fame and popularity.










    Oh dear! There's a fair chance you may be in for an unpeaceful demise.






    Because according to the dialogue, he explains it's a tune he's just made up and is elaborating with a view to making it into a complete song, then adding suitable lyrics. He says he wants to write a song that will be a legacy expressing his true feelings, so that when he's gone people will turn to his words and music, rather than the record of what his life so far has been like, to know the kind of person he is. [This of course ties in with JY's parting shot to DH in that dialogue I spot translated, where she says she knows what MJ is truly like, despite his bad reputation, where in Korean "reputation" in the phrase she chooses is literally "the world's opinion". The song will reveal to that "world" what so far only JY knows about his true nature.]






    HOWEVER, there's a massively strong hint (which of course bypasses JY altogether) that this song, when it's finished, will be about his love for her and the way that love turned his life around. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if we get a mega weepy scene where, as his mortal coil is committed to the earth or the flames, a heavenly soft-rock band robed in white appears, singing the finished masterpiece. And the next day in the "real" world, the newspapers will report several serious injuries caused to pedestrians by delivery vans rushing extra emergency supplies of Kleenex to every convenience store in Korea. And, back in the plot, maybe JY, choking back her tears, will feel a teeny bit guilty that when he asked her, in this scene, what she thought of his composition in progress, the best she could rise to was "not bad".






    Anyway, if we do indeed get to hear the finished product on some such occasion, it may yet appear in the OST II (=funeral supplement special)











    LOL. Hilarious reply is hilarious. I also think that it might be part of the OST later on. Let's hope so.






    I've gone through all the songs in the OST, watched all the youtube videos of him playing the piano, even the drums and guitar, and then that lead to even non-music related videos of him and now I think I've got a new korean man infatuation on my hands. And then I tweeted to him on twitter about the song. He hasn't replied.



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