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  1. Just voted for Naksu and hope she gets more votes since she's a super-amazing FL character . I know that the plot and development for AoS were weak at times, but Naksu shined through all of it. I loved that she was so badass; she went under so much pain and difficulties and she survived and ended up being a master magician and warrior. I found it inspiring too that in the end she left a bit the warrior side and the swords fights and just joined her love, forming an awesome power couple and going through the country hunting monsters down. She was able to heal and change her life for the better, and be happy in the end
  2. Hi!! I'm a bit late to the party but I'll pick my oppa for a Christmas date. I have so many oppas I love, haha!! But the one I'd choose for Christmas date is Lee Jong Suk without a doubt... There are others more handsome or sexy, but he radiates cheerfulness and sweetness, I cannot imagine a better date for a day like this. Happy New Year everyone!!
  3. Hi guys!! I love the mood in this thread, haha!! like Christmas already arrived to soompi For me it's very busy IRL these days with work and family, no time for kdramas...although I'm looking forward to my holidays in January and hope I'll have time to watch something. Anyway, not sure I can participate in the games now... Have a great time these holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!!
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