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  1. Haven't Engsub! I watched in Vietnamese because that website bought license so they released the sub sooner. Sorry, that is not the last game, but the one before the last game (similar to strawberry game). KJK said YJS should help him by call YEH name, but YJS said he couldn't insert between them because that's KJK&YEH, and it's a time for YEH to come to the show. I'm very happy to watch this ep.
  2. OMG!! Do you guys watch the full new RM ep? In the last game, they are divided into two teams, and SJY team attacked KJK by calling YEH name. And as I expected, KJK became too angry to lose the game. But before that, he called YEH name 4 times. Hahaha I love to see this, maybe SJY is also a shipper like us lol Sorry I don't know how to insert photos from my laptop.
  3. I watched the Y video and it's just normal communication among friends. No hints of revealing the romance relationship. And SJY joining here bc she also want to promote her movie. KJK have training RM members from the start, so it's natural that SJY ask him to help her keep fit. I'm quite surprised that SJY feel hard to exercise and fit when she is famous for the beauty and great body. Reminding of YEH, she practice often comfortably in her channel, do you think that KJK had a strong impact on her exercise routine in the past?
  4. Personally I think he is using SJY to attract the audience, but that doesn't mean bad ideas, of course both parties agree with it. KJK often collaborated with female coworkers like YEH, Park Yejin, Hong Jin Yong, SJY, etc so this premier doesn't mean his love life. Although I will feel ok if JK date SJY in the future, really I feel bad for her. I didn't see any specific romance manners from KJK to SJY. He behaved politely and friendly similar to Shinji, Byul, etc.
  5. I agree with you, it's quite painful to see his reaction in this ep. I was very happy to hear a good idea about KJK from YEH in the latest radio and hoped they would have a good news together. But KJK today broke my hope.
  6. Really, I wonder if they used to date and break up. If yes, it's quite strange when KJK constantly reminded YEH as his ideal woman in the interviews. And YJS and HH also sometimes told her name. But if they have been dating, seemly no reason for them still single now. Dating for such a long time without marrying? I never have thought they have been simply friends before and now.
  7. I think that number is normal for her. According to my information, she had many anti-fans since she became a new member of Baby VOX. At that time, fans didn't like the change of members, and they considered she hadn't any role for the group's success. Besides that, I think her company has lack of management skills. They can't do anything when she had a scandal of the fashion variety in China. And no plans for improving her reputation then and now. There are some celebrities with more serious scandals but they still can gain back their fame. For example, Song Hye Kyo or Kang Ho Dong
  8. I hope your saying will be true and a happy marriage for them will come soon. I'm quite worried for KJK since he will get a new tv show (with Yang Se Chan and Park Sae Ri). He seems too busy to date with someone recently. I also see YEH-KJK have a few shared friends since she started tv shows. First, she was friendly with Gary, and Yang Se Chan. Now her new friend Park Se Ri (a professional golfer) will work with Kim Jong Kook on the same show.
  9. I'm sorry but can't we stop discussing about S couple here?! I read the latest posts and I thought I entered the S couple forum, not our YEH KJK couple page. I think this page is about 1. KJK 2. YEH and 3. KJK&YEH. This is not a place for approving either other couples right or wrong.
  10. Translate from Vietnamese, though I don't feel anything new comparing with the original English news. YEH publicly praised KJK after 16 years KJK and YEH was a couple who was shipped enthusiastically by the public. After many years, the story of the beautiful girl and talented man still get a lot of attention from the fans. Recently YEH joined in Heo Ji Woong Show. In there, she shared the debut when she was 16 years old and problems that she experienced during that period. Although she has been popular in this career, until now, YEH still keep the single li
  11. I have found something strange recently that KJK wasn't on MUD in the last 3 eps. That never happened since he joined the show, right? What's wrong here? Do you guys think that he plans to leave the show and intend a wedding? Tony of HOT also left the show like that but sadly he's still single. I hope to see a happy ending of KJK and YEH this year!
  12. This is KJK x YEH CP. Why do you guys use this page to define KJK with the other girl?
  13. I remember in the Rewind show (filming with Park Myung Soo and Haha). They showed the kiss scene of Coffee Prince and KJK said he had yet watched this drama. Even though he didn't say the reason, but I guess he may not like seeing YEH close to other guys. I wonder if he has watched other dramas of YEH. His friend said he loved dramas and once saw him to watch The Moon Embrace The Sun.
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