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  1. - This thread is for music activities - Anything related to his Acting pls visit >>> Jung Ji Hoon 정지훈 (aka Rain/Bi 비) Official Thread <<< Rain Official Homepage http://rain-jihoon.com/n2/ Official Fan community : The Cloud http://rain-cloud.co.kr/index.asp RAIN 's twitter @29rain Rain has been popular for his singing and dancing talents since he was a teenager. As a young teen,Rain discovered his passion for dancing ever since he was in the 6th grade In order to make his dream of becoming a singer come true, Rain joined a dance music group named "Fan Club". After releasing its 2nd album in 1999, Fan Club decided to disband. After the band broke up,Rain didn't want to give up on his music career. Rain went for lots of auditions before being accepted as a trainee with Park Jin-young (JYP). Under JYP wings,Rain worked as a backup dancer while learning the skills in dancing and singing. Three years of hellish training behind closed doors , devoting more than 20 hours each day. He tore his life into two parts: One half dedicated to singing, the other half to dancing. This was the life Rain went through before he became a pop sensation. Rain debuted as a solo singer in April 2002.
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