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    7 hours ago, pad-hari said:

    @themarchioness, thank you for the short recap.  I somehow figured out what they were saying based on the situation except for the last bulleted point about GWY leaving for Germany.  Awwww, she will be alone.  How much duration they have to be separated?  The next week preview is so sweet, I may become diabetic.  :joy:

    It's actually one of the scenes I'm really looking forward to. It's very rare that we get to see drama couples in long distance relationships and in the teasers they kinda hinted that with the video calls. I'm excited to see how it'll play out especially since it's one of the only 'conflicts' in the drama. And yes! I've seen all the previews released so far and really can't wait for more sweetness and also more laughter with Situ Mo going home (for Chinese New Year or Labour Day I assume) and being together with her mom.

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  2. An excerpt from tea-quila's translation of A Love So Beautiful:



    This maneuver of “pre-emptively putting on a pathetic air and admitting one’s mistake first” was a move that Chen Xiaoxi had recently newly learned to deal with Jiang Chen, moreover, she had learnt it from Situ Mo’s four-year-old handsome son Gu Weimo. That day, Chen Xiaoxi had went over to their house to play, and had seen Gu Weimo spilling water onto Situ Mo’s laptop, she watched on blankly as that child first appeared stunned, then his little eyeballs spun, and instantaneously he morphed into a plaintive expression, hugging the laptop as he began to cry, crying till he was wetter than the laptop. In the end, Situ Mo felt sorry for her son and hugged him, rocking him back and forth with all her might to comfort him, even though that child looked like he was about to foam at the mouth from all the rocking, but all in all, he succeeded.


    The child's name is Gu Weimo 顾未末! I didn't read the novel so I don't know whose idea it was but it's such dog food to name your son by your ship name (╯·╰) Also I checked the Chinese wikipedia page for this drama and looks like their son is gonna make an appearance >.< Currently super obsessed with this drama, I hope the book gets picked up for translation after the drama like A Love So Beautiful

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  3. 10 hours ago, taeunfighting said:

    The male lead is a little stiff, but it fits his nerdy awkward character quite well.  Plus, he comes across as cold/indifferent, but his soft side does show in the subtle ways that he does seem to care about Momo. 


    I think he should loosen up a bit soon. I squealed when in the trailers Gu Wei Yi acted so spoiled and cute >.<



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  4. I've watched the 2 episodes with the subs! They were so cute and I love their relationship dynamic already. I wasn't too convinced by the first half of episode 1 but when they started interacting more, the lines actually made me crack up and there was the right amount of intrigue between the other relationships to keep me interested. Acting wise, not the best, of course, the males especially I feel were a bit lacking and stiff, but hopefully the iceberg will melt a little soon. I'm loving the pace of the drama so far, I've only watched 2 episodes but it feels longer somehow. Debating whether I should continue watching the raw episodes but let's sleep for now haha

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