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  1. @Shuun Thank you for all your summaries that you have been doing. It gets me excited. Glad January is almost over and we have 8 months plus to go. Looking forward to your next summary...haha.
  2. https://publish.twitter.com/?query=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Furiyoojungie%2Fstatus%2F1346457711718797316&widget=Tweet #uriyoojungie posted that she is working on translating the 4th one as that's her favorite moments btwn Haram and HCG. Let's hope she will post soon. @Jillia Is that the transformed Haram in the teaser? There's a demon guy and he looks scary.
  3. I saw on Wikipedia the list of awards they are going to give out. I doubt they will get Best couple as it's most likely go to The King couple especially that it has fans vote. There's an award for Best Character for actor and actress and Wavve award, I think they have a chance to win those. I really doubt they will win Excellence awards. Looks like Yooj has higher chances and not sure if JCW will be present.
  4. Congratulations for Jelly couple to be nominated for Best couple at SBS awards. Hope they win. I'm not watching Lovestruck in the city but unfortunately when I open my IG, I got to see all hot kissing scenes from JCW fans account. Ok, it's airing at 5pm and not sure if it's PG rated. I wonder if Knetz will file complaints. I think ep 2 got 3 hot kisses including one bed scene. Not fair for BR fans.
  5. Didn't we say that we will "Prodo" here again when it will be SBS awards to see if BR will win something? Best couple or Excellence award for actor or actress. We know for sure that Yooj will be there, will JCW attend the award? If he is invited, that means he is winning something unless he is invited as a presenter. Since there is no audience, winners are going to be in the waiting area.
  6. Let's hope your taro card comes true for year end award. Do you remember it? I think it was a good card....
  7. Here is the english subs of the CEO of Studio S. Interesting about his prediction about AHS. Hope the drama does really well. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIn5ceTpUXK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link This one is just the english subs of what @jillia posted earlier about Hong Chun Gi from AHS and KYJ https://www.instagram.com/p/CInk1PQpha7/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. Finally we hear about HCG and actually see them filming. I'm not liking her hairstyle somehow especially the one with red hanbok. It makes her look older. Hope it's just the camera angle. They give her the name beautiful angel from heaven but she looked more like it in LITM (both times she wore hanbok in LITM) than in the clip of HCG. Hope they use the same lady that created hanbok for LITM. Glad she accepted that project and we will see her on tv next year. Have you read the letter she wrote to Genuine?
  9. @Jillia Is it going to be another drama of YJ that we will be clown? This clip is already part of the script reading and we already got a BTS before getting official confirmation and premiere date. Is that the PD of HCG who confirmed the names?
  10. I thought same but it's a non romance drama though. I prefer they reunite in a romance drama. HCG has been pushed till August but we don't know when Yooj will start filming that drama. JCW is done filming mid or end of January. Also, I read it's about a high school girl with no parents and has a sister. They also struggle and she has to work part time. It's kind of like Saetbyul situations.
  11. Happy to see JCW and KYJ being nominated at Apan Star Awards for Best Actor and Actress for Excellence awards in mini series
  12. Hope BR will get one or two nominations at SBS awards. Saw that LSK got nominated for Best Actress for her role in Dr Romantic 2. I hope Yoojung gets nominated too.
  13. I hope there is no issues behind the scenes with the production team or maybe script writer. This drama is weird. It's first announced in April for ML and then nothing till end of September with FL casting. It's been a couple of weeks now and no final casting announcement yet. I have never seen something like that before for a drama that it's taking more than 5 months to cast ML and FL.
  14. @Tuvi Girl Thanks for the Twitter link. Some pictures on there, I have not seen on the video. Here is the link of the video pictures of #123. I especially like the last one and the note he put. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CF0aj5BJowm/?igshid=t466zk8tsqn8
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