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  1. Just got around to read the posts in the thread and noticing posts I didn't see before. Anyway seeing how people find discussions on the characters as tiring, and then some, even after being offered the explanations from our perspective on how we come to understand and can root for the other character (which I thought was an interesting discussion), still insisting that it was only because he was played by a cute actor and those who root for him are just shallow fangirls. Sure. Why bother when people just won't make any effort to understand others' different pov and insisting what they are rooting for is the only right thing to do and should be done and others should just shut up because well, the other guy is just a second lead and have no worth in the show. What the 'fangirls' have to say having no weight because they're just shallow, no? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's a pity because I was actually looking forward to discuss more on the show, especially about the characters since this is a characters driven drama, and also about the real historical happenings that would probably be adapted into the show like the Russo - Japanese war, The Treaty of Portsmouth lobbied by President Roosevelt, the betrayal in the form of Taft-Katsura agreement, why the US Minister to Korea was abruptly replaced by Roosevelt (who was a pro-Japanese), Roosevelt's daughter visit to Korea who found things as pathetic despite Emperor Gojong giving her the best hospitality since he was desperate to please her and 'Elder Brother America' so they'd help Korea, etc. But now... I think I'd just bow out. Enjoy your show.
  2. No no, both of his parents were beaten up to death by the ajumonis and her fellow villagers and he saw it with his own eyes so he knew his mom chased him away to save him ㅠㅠ
  3. @tzupi Thank you to you too! While we might have different views, I enjoy reading your perspective too. Me understanding Dong Mae's origin of rage and what sparked him in doing what he did towards his parents' murderers aside, like you, I also did not agree with his violent ways in punishing people he think ought to be punished. The thing about Dong Mae is that people see him as a ruthless, blood hungry person because he is shown as one killing machine from the way he kills, but so far in the drama, he was only shown to kill his parents' murderers (the ahjumonis) and the two Japanese men talking about wishing to violate Ae Shin and glad that girls like her would kill themselves after. If we're talking about Mr. Sunshine's main characters having cold blood and having no problem in killing people, we are actually talking about 3 people here - Dong Mae, Eugene and even Ae Shin. These 3 people have been killing people though the reasons behind their killings differ. We know who Dong Mae killed and why since these were shown in this drama, as for Eugene, him being a US Marine officer and having participated in the Spanish - American war and have killed countless of men himself - he was not forced to do it and it was his own choice to be an army. And Ae Shin (& Eugene) killing the American Logan Taylor based on their own reasons. The killings made by this 3 characters could be also be argued whether or not they are justified and appropriate. I understand when people think Dong Mae as non-redeemable because the drama shows us how he killed those people so ruthlessly, making people shocked and horrified. But in actuality, the other characters also have no problem in killing people (regardless of their reasons). ...adwhefbaehjgbra idk why am talking about killing and stuffs lmao sorry bye.
  4. @alemary while I agree that it is as clear as day that Eugene and Ae Shin are the main otp and that Dong Mae will never stand a chance and his story will be about his heartbreaking one sided love, I don't think it is even necessary nor right for you to blanket labelling people who happen to be drawn into a different ship and maybe got confused as "fangirls" of "conventionally good looking actor"*, as if wanting to insinuate that the only reason people are not drawn into, not seeing the chemistry or not rooting for the main couple is because they are shallow fangirls? When in fact it could be because of so many other reasons. Different viewers having different taste and different ways of perceiving things thus resulting them to be drawn into or root for different things. There might be people who are just feeling lukewarm or disinterested towards the main couple's romance and find fascination in other people or aspects of the drama, but they are still the viewers of this drama and can discuss on how they feel. We can't compell people to have the same liking, to root for only one thing and for them to never talk about their different interests. Even if they're boarding a doomed ship, just let it be since this will be their own drama viewing experience? (Also, why suddenly there is this talk about Chilbong effect¿? Seems like you still have resentment from Reply 1994 five years ago and would never let it rest when it concerns yoo yeon seok even until now?) *I'm his fan but Iol YYS/Dong Mae was uglified as heck in this drama from his fake disheveled hair to his fake stache, as compared to the clean and elegant looking Eugene, so I won't say Dong Mae is good looking from the get go (his character's charisma might be another story)
  5. You said it well and I agree. I don't care what others think but I am definitely enjoying this drama so much. Tbh before this drama started, I was pessimistic that I would like it for various reasons but my, my, I am pleasantly surprised that I fall for it fore real ♡ Mr. Sunshine is more of a characters driven series rather than a plot driven one (but they do have a plot drive, it's just that it takes the back seat for now), so it might not suit the palate of those who were expecting and wanting it to be a fast moving and lots of actions drama. This drama is about a few different characters and their journey through the most turbulent time in Joseon. (This was reiterated by Ae Shin's narration a few times in the teasers and lines in the episodes) The drama has introduced the characters to us, well enough that we now can feel as if we know them, curious and wanting to know more about them, and wanting to be alongside them on their journey through this turbulent period of time. Idk about other people but this drama is giving me the same feeling I had when I was watching and really enjoying Downtown Abbey (its first 3 seasons, not the later ones which I dropped :P).
  6. Sorry to cut your post but for this point, the reason why he does not show the sympathy for "the poor and marginalized ones" (re: the ajumonis), imo, was because it was that very group of people who directly discriminate against his people on daily basis and treating the Baekjeong (butchers) like animals. Baekjeong's status was lower than the slaves. They're the untouchable outcast group (often compared with the burakumin of Japan and the dalits of India and Nepal). They faced contempt and discrimination by the society very severely (you can read more about Baekjeong here). In Dong Mae's case, it was the ahjumonis who contempt and punished his mother and him for daring to turn up at the market and asking to be paid, and I believe it was from that chain of event that got her mother raped (she was punished by the lowly commoners because of her audacity doing what the Baekjeong was not supposed to do), then later it was the ajumonis and her fellow villagers who beat and tortured his parents to death for killing her rapist. Those lowly commoners who gives Dong Mae's family hell, unlike the bad servant who had to kill Eugene's parents, were not forced to do what they did. They did it deliberately and was their way of life - discriminating against the Baekjeong, treating them like animals.
  7. Actually that was a mistake / misheard on our part, sorry ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ when watching the making of, I thought he said "백번을 돌아서도 이해하는 분입니다, 애기씨" (baegbeon-eul dol-aseodo ihaehaneun bun-ibnida, aegissi) since I also saw some k-fans quoted that phrase and with limited context I thought it meant that. But when the episode was released only I get to know that he actually said which was "백 번을 돌아서도 이 길 하나뿐입이다, 애기씨" (baeg beon-eul dol-aseodo i gil hanappun-ib-ida, aegissi) which literally means something like "even though I turn around one hundred times, this is the only way there is, My Lady"(?)(and Netflix put a smoother version of the translation, I guess). We've put a caption to correct it on the youtube video (click on cc). Again, sorry for the mistakes and making people misled ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  8. The petition maker and the supporters seem like they were mainly mad because the main villain was a Joseon person (Lee Wan Ik), there is a background story to a character who went to work for the Japanese (Dong Mae) and then the main leads were shown to not have loyalty to Joseon. They were mad that Joseon and some of the people were shown as problematic and becoming traitors. Other than harmless inaccuracies, I'm not sure what distortion of history they were talking about specifically - whether they are really grave that warrants the word distortion. It is a drama and we know dramas are fictional and will not contain a 100% historical accuracies since it's not a historical documentary. But at the same time, I think Mr. Sunshine doesn't blatantly make wrongful portrayals either. Joseon government and their isolationist policy was true, Battle of Ganghwa was portrayed correctly - the Korean government abandoned their own people who fought for the country and became war prisoners, they call the war prisoners as cowards and up to the American on how to treat them (imagine the betrayal felt). The existence of caste system was true, the slaves, the outcast group Baekjeong (butchers) where Dong Mae was born to and their discriminations against them were true too. They were so afraid that the foreigners will get wrong idea about Korea...what? Do they think if we watch this we would suddenly think that Japan who colonized them as not guilty? Seriously? Are they underestimating us the international viewers and our thinking abilities when watching a fiction? I think I agree with these more from the article: Of course, many did not think the drama’s portrayals were that serious and disagreed with the petitioner’s point of view as well. “Late Joseon was a terrible country…Those people who betrayed their country and their own people were obviously worse but it’s still a fact that Joseon’s royal family was just as incompetent and irresponsible as the people who run our current politics.” “The logic of the petition is wrong. That’s not historical distortion. They should ask why they are ignoring the general sentiment and talk about the emotional side. For all of those events, there were traitors but there were also good people involved. Don’t call it distortion.” “It’s just a drama for goodness sakes lol…I understand issues with the Japanese are sensitive but still. You guys will have a fit if you watch SF movies. If you watch movies like Jurassic Park you may faint. Let’s just accept fiction as it is.” “Whatever, Joseon was doomed even before Japan invaded…It was better during King Sejong but as it got into later Joseon, the lives of the lower class were worse than animals and that’s a fact.”
  9. Based on my understanding from his character's description, I think the reason why he didn't return was because of his hatred towards his horrible family and he's very scared of the power his family possess and the blood running through his vein. "I’m afraid of the blood running through my veins. If given the power it might be wielded inappropriately." So he probably thought that by living aimlessly and staying away from Joseon and his family for as long as he could, he would not turn dirty like his family nor cause harm to others like they did? He is probably afraid that he'd also turn to the dark side if he ever succumb to what is demanded from him as the only heir to the powerful family. And I find this bit of Hee Sung's scene from the highlight video so interesting:
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