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  1. It would Only to rush and ending in two days.. Hate when these writers end like this.. I feel for you @msmy In Calif it's always something, Here in Nv we was worrying if we would be getting our gas supply which come from Calif.. refuse to go back to beginning of this train wreck, I jus have to ask one question how did shady mo end up with Jenny ?
  2. This is not the kind of drama to show case his talents.. He seems to be a break out actor which they normally starts off in Tv novels. Which is grounds for rookie actors to get in touch with there emotions to scenes and whatever maybe in the settings.. As we all know time will tell if he needs to go back redo himself.. @Lmangla Thanks for the update, Wasn't able to continue to watch the full episode but this tells it all. I have my own theory on how things will play out but won't spoil it for you guy's.
  3. Hi there good to see some familar names still around, Thanks for answering my question.. I didnlt think she was her mother this is part of the reason she don't want her to get her memories back.. Just what did Jenny witness she did and why is it that she didn't kill her.. Was she trying to take Jenny and make her become the next black rose..
  4. Hello Everyone, Great way to return back to Kdrama. I envision so many things happening later in this one.. Manly things happening to Hwi being manipulated because of his sister will be in the hands of his enemies.. Also the love triangle isn't going to help his mental state of mind when his so called friend will be playing the role of a lover to his love interest when it's only onesided.. Loving the role of JH taking on the role of BW..
  5. Hello Everyone, I;m coming in on a late tip, But have ti ask is this lady really Jenny's mother. ?
  6. @RPM Thanks for that teaser, I need something to replace TSOML. Think this one will do it.. Lately I've been itching for some romantic dramas an
  7. @Razberry Hopefully theres a season 2 and we get to see how things play out after the old schemers are gone bringing in new ones..
  8. I haven't watch this drama in a while and just saw the clips of DY screaming that DR dad killed her Dad. So did WDR mom succeed in getting them divorced.. ?
  9. @fanofr Sounds like to me that pandoras box NJ don't wan open has a lot to do with his so called Mom whom I think is involved in all of this up tp her neck.. I've been wondering what will it take for him to get he don't owe her a debt and it's the other way around.. Boy Lawyer Heo is hot on they trail.
  10. Thanks @Golden Flower For the breakdown of the titles as well of the official sites.. Well with all the clips and everyone comments. I think I better wait til the episodes are sub.. All this is getting a Lil confusing to watch
  11. I just hope SH don't have something bad happen to lawyer Heo.. Him going around knocking on old doors os asking for trouble.. SH will do whatever it takes once she's back into a corner to keep her mask from being rip off her face.. I have to ask this question of everyone in this thread.. What do you guy's speculate NJ would do when he finds out SH had BSC to kidnap him.?
  12. @shihuangdi No more of ML schemes, Do we get to see and bad ending for her also besides her husband sleeping with her top assistant.. What is step mom doing with her son..?
  13. @dito Well Said. I thought using the posioning act was a good way tying up the end, It would have made for a nice ending even using the salt mines for a means to a good ending would be suffice.. But stretching the story to add more moola sometimes you have to wonder is it really worth it.. @nichiwoohee Good Luck With That
  14. http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4338629762571540 Wait hold the phone is this the dowager man trying to kill ML ?
  15. @GoldenFlower Also we must not forget that ML marriage was the big event of the year something Molan always seen herself having.. She thought that marrying the Liang Count would give her all the extravagance that she thought she deserved only to be fooled by her and CL on foolishness.. Molan thought she being the Eldest that her beauty was above her younger sisters and she should be next in line to marry.. Being that Minglan was younger then her and had her MIL eyeing Minglan for her son and finding out QH never gave her the time of day not even in a thought was just to unacceptable for her.. Molan thought if she didn't act then she'll become and old spinster or a concubine like her mom.. Now did GTy actually get convicted of killing Aunt Kang.? Did the accusation hold up of him killing her in the court yard.? So all those people that was in Minglang room when Aunt Kang was there with a knife stabbing people are liars.. This has to be some sort of plan because none of it makes sense.. Here it is she was lock up behind Minglan only to go to her home and assits with a delivery.. I know the King can't be this densed.. Do they even mention the incident of her trying to kill Granny.. The more I type this the more I've come to the conclusion this has to be a setup for the ED.. Please explain the titles these houses carries.. Duke: IDK Marquis: Pillar to the Royal Family. Count: QH dad being married to the princess @matrim So the ED tried to barrow one from the previous Emperor concubine books.. The ED may be smart but pulling a move like this wouldn't fly with Minglan.. Her husband is already in the palace prison who she has seen already and probably that day.. Minglan read between the lines why would a Eunich come to her at house night wanting her to go to the palace can't be good.. So the Ed was going to use her to have GTY probably kill himself to save her or they both would be killed.. Most likely both would be killed.. The Ed wouldn't leave Minglan alive to tell the story of what she done. Well the funny part to this is the ED never factored in the part if the person you need don't come.. Now she got her Eunichs put in a bind and no way to explain herself out of this.. This could be the reasons why she sent her soliders there.. I was wondering how could they take GTY marquis title from him.. He inherited his own title but also inherited the marquis title from his brother which generations of Gu's has died defending the country just like him.. This title is past down from generation to generation.. So GTY son his he next in line to inhherit the title not 3rd brother.. the Gus was part of founding the dynasty i wonder.. To strip him of his tile is a slap in the ancestors faces and a mark on the emperor himself.. Who would want to fight a war for him only to be treated like this. Oh Yes @lclarakl One of my favorites line from GTY is when he told his brother. Pretentious display of proper etiquett should be done.. OUCH.. Rub salt in the wounds..
  16. @LinhLinh Thanks for giving me the explanation on why concubines was a must then.. Your right letting Molan a loose to wreck havoc on peoples lives will be worst then Aunt Kang wrecking havoc.. If she's divorced I could see her under house arrest at the farm but thats still not fool proof.. But sending her there and feed her posion would be a good way for her to go.. She can reside at the farm with her mom since they both can't be placed in the temple.. The sinister women, I kind of feel sorry for the brother and his new born daughter.. @zenya22 Now I'm not following this.. How can the courts take his personal property that he inherited from his mothers family.. this sounds a lil shady to me.. It seems like they want his salt mines from the Bai family.. The court only supposed to take the property that rewarded him with.. So is this how they going to brake up the houses.. This sounds like something Step Mom and the Ed came up with.. I have seen historical dramas where men fall out of the graces of the court but managed tio stay in there wealthy homes because of there own personal property.. The big question is do they ever finds out that all went there screaming he killed and innocent person was lying.. It would have been better if they blamed the killing on Ming Lan she could have gotten away with it.. @minglan1 Aunt Kang is the product of Old Mdm she has raised her to believe she can do no wrong, Whatever she did was right when all knew it was wrong.. This is why SH said no wonder her villianess acts are getting worst as she commits them.. She did what she did because she knew mom and brother would hold up the sky for her.. Big Mdm never taught her to fear the gods because in her mind there was no gods to give her retirbution but it was there in her face she just didn't recognize it.. ( her husband and all his Shu children from the girls to the boys) She seen herslf as a god and was allowed to do whatever she liked.. I think she got this trait from her mom.. When it came to Old Mdm, She went to the ED to see if she still carried any weight in the court since she just moved back..
  17. Not sure her dad would want her back since this will be a shameful event for the family. @shihuangdi & @frenchfan It's not so much about what SH says now it comes down to CB he seems to have the final say in all matters regarding the Sheng household.. CB would think if Molan don't get her way or if he does something she might not like given her personality and her past she's bold enough to kill his child.. CB wouldn't let her back in the home just because of her past actions regardless to how much SH dotes on her in the past.. I think she'll be sent to live at the farm or a temple.. Yes @jongski I'm watching this one also.. I haven't watch any Kdrama because I've been so invested in this one also the thread for the past few weeks.. Also seeing @lclarakl Has drop in, Hello, @lclarakl GTY is the Man amongst the Men in this drama, @Suzzy San The Ed knows this she didn't ask the concubine (her niece) for her child with no reason.. She needs that child to remain in power and the bloodline will change eventually why not change it to keep part of her family linege involved in the royal court.. Also if her rebellion comes through she can place the child on the throne and she rule behind the curtain until she's dead.. The Ed needs GTy out of the picture for good so her plans can come to fruitation.. She knows GTY can read her and foul up whatever she tries to do..
  18. @minglan1 Why is Molan so hell bent on interfering with Minglan matters.. I know it has to be more then her mom tablet reasons.. Even if it steems from jealousy what difference would it make.. It's not like she could marry GTY herself.. Wouldn't it be better for her to accept her Lil Sister married higher then her and to keep a good family relationship with her for the future of her children sake rather then continue to make more of and enemy to Minglan.. @lclarakl GTY has some hilarious diaologue in this drama.. I just sit back and wait for whatever is coming out of his mouth especially when dealing with stepmom the 4th and 5th house.. Love it when it tells the step mom her talent is a waste in the Gu house she needs to join the southern opera troupe.. @shihuangdi I'm wondering since her plan to barrow Aunt Kangs knife to kill Ming Lang, Have she hookup with Evil Step Mom.. It seens she trying to strike Minglan while GTY is supposed to be out of the equation with the courts and loosing his position.. If so I hope she gets found out and husband kicks her out of the home for good..
  19. I have to ask this if GTY gets exiled why is there soilders at his home don't the ED not know of GTY being exiled.. This makes no sense to me at all.. So now the ED is trying to kill him and what for..?
  20. Now I understands why they leave the capital in the end.. Ming Lan carries to much hatred in her heart that needs to calm down ad GTY will exact revenge on anyone that messes with his wife and uosets her heart.
  21. I have a very strong feeling that Sw comes from that orphanage and not related to SH at all.. She had disappeared back then only to show backup with a child claiming to be NJ dad son.. SH had hide out waiting for someone to bring a newborn in and took him before the orphanage could even make any record of him..
  22. @nichiwoohee I'm was wondering is it some kind of crime if there's no concubines in the house. From the ED down to the relatives all tried to stick concubines in the house for there very own selfish reasons.. @Suzzy San It was never about her son it's always been all about her and what she wanted.. 3rd son wants a good relationship with his brother it's just his mom won't allow him to have one with GTY.. Even he said he don;t mind having the marquis title but he's not qualified for nor have work for it like GTY did.. Evil Step Mom blew a fuse hearing him say that..
  23. Now I'm wondering what GTY Aunt will think about these aqusation brought against him by evil step mom and the 4th anf 5th house.. Will she also go to bat for her nephew knowing that step mother is out to gain her son the marquis title and if she gets it's she'll cut the rest of the Gu houses out for good according to the wil..l
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