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  1. It's been a while since i've visited / posted here. Just thought of sharing this epic video about HB and SYJ. Gives insight about their personalities. Most of them are old videos but very interesting. https://vimeo.com/427685458
  2. The one in vimeo is actually the complete video and there were scenes edited out in the youtube vid which for me is interesting. Regarding the scoring, she really needs to ask what the perfect score and have to ask him to go first. When she compliments him and he bow to acknowledge her, she didn't just giggle. Indeed she got flustered but she lost track of what she was saying! She blinked several times and takes a deep breathe before she can continue. Here are some of my obervations througout their movie promo events: 1) First day, you can feel the excitement and happiness on their faces. Whenever they are asked some "personal" but standard questions, they will look at each other and got a huge grin on their faces. For instance, first meeting @0:58 (was there a private joke or something?), unexpected chemistry at 2:30, working with SYJ at 3:04. It's like they need to check with each other before they respond. At 4:08 when Hyun Bin was telling them how they all meet. HB was being consistent in being a perfectionist and being meticulous in preparing for his role. Apparently, he was the one who initiated discussions of the script prior to the production shoot. I also noticed that she tried to avoid HB except when needed (or the question is about her and HB) and also her body faces the Director a lot and engage with conversations with him. There were a lot of schedules that day including the movie house where they looked like they're going on an actual movie date (and that popcorn!). 2) Day 2 after almost a week of gap, you can sense that SYJ was a bit tensed (just my observation) but still candid though. She never failed to suprised HB with her actions or response especially giving the perfect score and even have to say that she even liked acting with the monitor (though it was difficult) because it was Hyun Bin. 3) Day 3 after the media premier, even the interviewer noticed the tension and awkwardness between the two of them. Hyun Bin's body to me was like squirming esp when he was anxiously anticipating SYJ's response. The rest was like the same but they only becomes more comfortable and relax during star/movie talk live. I just noticed in all their interviews that everytime food is mentioned, HB never fails to laugh or smile. On their final major interview event, SYJ even have to asked if they can do more. The rest is history, you can tell they become more comfortable during the stage meeting tour and HB was indulgent in taking a lot of selcas with SYJ. Love the rookie director! His candidness makes him endearing and spilled a lot of information about those two. His candidness and the camaraderie between him, SYJ and HB was a pure joy to watch. You can tell the fondness and the friendship they have with the rookie director and no traces of them being a hallyu superstars.
  3. Not sure if anyone noticed SYJ and the Director's reaction (at 5.25) and HB's face to the MC's question (start at 5.39) ...it has been repeated several times. The MC's reply is interesting: "It's over with the word "meal" The video in vimeo is longer than the one in youtube (link provided in youtube: https://vimeo.com/409705803
  4. I saw this interview. The MC asked her about her previous films and what how she is similar to them. She begin by saying that people will find it weird but here's my two cents. She never dated nor the inclination because her "heart is full of love" with her chosen career which is acting. Having read the posts understanding the Korean culture abt having real couple acting in the same project. Or the fact that once they're married the interesting projects or offers will decline (She mentioned about this too). I think SYJ finally wants to settle down or have a lovelife but her passion for acting is in the way. Thats why she said, I want to be married twice. To her career and to lucky guy she will settle with. There are other articles and interviews related to this. I'm really curious about this too. But you if you do a google, the writer first approached HB early March to ask for his schedule for a possible work collaboration. It was HB who was approached by the writer's team. Around April, there was an article that says that SYJ got an offer for the project. I was thinking t hats too quick isn't it? Unless, SYJ is already in the radar for the writer to be included in the project. But my delulu mind and my heart says otherwise, HB just like capt Ri is very strategic and perhaps uses his persuasive powers to have SYJ in the project too. The following month, it was announced that they're the leading cast for CLOY. Another thing to consider too. There's too much coincidence about the characters to their real life (HB and SYJ). Saw in youtube a video about similaritiies of HB and Capt Ri . Although the story started in 2008, i was thinking if HB is the inspiration for the story too? true or not, i'm just happy that it all happened.
  5. Thanks @Helena i love reading your posts. I just recently started reading about them, about HB being boring - its both positive and negative effect on him Most of the interviews i saw said that he is very mature for his age. Though he can be mischievous, he was taught well by his parents so his upbringing is different. Very reserved, well mannered, soft spoken and conservative in a way. The way he talked in the press is too serious unlike SYJ who can be spontaneous and always makes jokes. But some interviews by his co-stars said that he loves to play prank too. Maybe its just another side of HB rarely seen by public until SYJ. In their group, HB is also the youngest and the members in the group are all famous and respected actors/celebrities. They all took him in their wings - guiding him, providing him advices, include him in their social activities. HB said he never missed an opportunity to attend any invitations from this group. Perhaps his level of maturity is the same level as them and I find his passion in acting so great that even at this stage of his career he is still "hungry" for more and this is also a great opportunity. Luckily for him, his close friends and his family make sure he is in the right path though you can sense that his stuborness when he sets his mind on something. On the other hand, he said that he never in been to a club expect for a group event where he was only there for a short period of time and left. From his looks alone, he is already a standout. So peers of his own age probably get intimidated or find him boring. In one interview, one of his co-actor was surprised to learn that though he is few years older than HB, he find him "mature" for his own age. I guess thats also one of the reasons why he couldn't find the right life partner...until SYJ. The fact that SYJ is so deeply in love with acting career and she got unique way in portraying roles, that makes another similarity between them and makes it more fascinating for him. A match made in heaven. VOGUE INTERVIEW: Sorry i only used google translate for the interview Hyunbin's useless expansion,“Hyunbin's acting life's first villain challenge!” It is a phrase that was hung like a catchphrase at the film <Negotiation> production report. However, Hyunbin said that he did not act because he thought it was a villain with a thick face. In the <Negotiation> trailer, he is smirk and sometimes gruesome. “I don't have a country for the elderly,” Javier Bardem, or Edward Norton, who played the double lattice in <Primal Pier>, seemed to be good, but it seems more scary when he suddenly shows evil. While acting as Min Tae-gu, he focused on that aspect. I wanted to make a complex line rather than a single line. Min Tae-gu is a character with precise intentions and thorough planning in his head. The viewers asked, 'What is he really thinking?' I think it's a success even if you just wonder. ” Son Ye-jin was the one who watched the most traces of Hyun Bin's agony. Son Ye-jin said that he was impressed by Hyun Bin as a smart and smart actor. “In the scenario, it was written as 'Very bad like a villain,' but it became colorful as Hyun Bin played. The vicious hostage also seemed sad, and at one point was cute. Then I turned to a bad person. I was very impressed with the emotional tug of war. It was calm and sweet, but I thought it would be a good idea to play black comedy someday because it was surprisingly funny at the seat. ” 쓸모의 확장, 현빈“현빈 연기 인생 최초의 악역 도전!” 영화 <협상> 제작보고회에서 캐치프레이즈처럼 내걸렸던 문구다. 하지만 현빈은 덤덤한 얼굴로 악역이라고 생각하고 연기하진 않았다고 말했다. <협상> 예고편 속 그는 능글맞고 때로는 섬뜩하다. “<노인을 위한 나라는 없다> 하비에르 바르뎀이나 <프라이멀 피어>에서 이중인격자를 연기한 에드워드 노튼처럼 착해 보였는데 갑자기 악한 모습을 보일 때 더 무서운 것 같아요. 민태구를 연기하면서 그런 면에 공을 들였죠. 단선보다 복합적인 선을 만들고자 했어요. 민태구는 머릿속에 정확한 의도와 철저한 계획이 있는 캐릭터예요. 보는 분들이 ‘쟤는 진짜 무슨 생각을 하고 있지?’ 궁금증만 들어도 성공이라고 봐요.” 현빈이 한 고민의 흔적을 가장 많이 지켜본 건 손예진이다. 손예진은 현빈으로부터 현명하고 똑똑한 배우라는 인상을 받았다고 했다. “시나리오상에서는 ‘악역답게 아주 악랄하게’라고 적혀 있었지만 현빈 씨가 연기하면서 다채로워졌어요. 악랄한 인질범에게도 슬픔이 있어 보였고 어느 순간 귀엽기도 했어요. 그러다가 너무 나쁜 사람으로 바로 돌변했죠. 감정의 줄다리기를 하는 모습이 인상 깊었어요. 침착하고 다정하지만 사석에서는 의외로 웃겨서 언젠가 블랙코미디를 해도 잘 어울리겠다는 생각도 했어요.” I love how they are each others cheerleaders and they are on the same wavelength
  6. I was thinking the same. I want to see what happened to the paragliding incident SYJ and HB discussed during the interview. Was there any "crucial moments" they don't want us to see? *wink*wink*wink* But i still want to see the Directors Cut please. Just like Seri, i'm willing to wait...but not after 3 years pls. On a serious note, once these two got married perhaps we can expect a special release of those videos and perhaps we can all check if we are correct.
  7. I have a guess that having those bonding sessions with the Director over drinks/meal, started that spark within HB. My guess is that during the TN promotion our HB is multitasking: working doing the promotion and seriously "wooing" our SYJ. There may be slight traces between the retakes of TN and the promotion since both are busy working with their respective projects. But during the TN promotion seals the deal. During the interviews and presscon for TN, HB got suprised with the revelations from SYJ who is known for her candidness . For instance, there was the question when they first asked abt scoring their chemistry and HB gave her 90% (because they only act through the monitor and that makes him sad which is odd since it could be lower than 50 if thats the case to ordinary actors) but SYJ without hesitation gave him a perfect score. Even adding that she even liked working with him through the monitor. And HB suddenly got surprised and shy. During another interview, the score HB gavce her became 100. During the presscon (i think), when asked abt what SYJ think abt HB (or other way around), HB for few seconds froze and think of a response (here I think he's getting paranoid thinking the question is more of a personal rather than a professional. This is a standard question and why would he react like that?) When asked during the same presscon, if SYJ buy HB meal (since SITR was airing that time), HB suddenly shy but if you look closely, SYJ got shocked and her mouth was wide open with the question (again which is odd since its often asked to her before). I guess both are feeling guilty when they hear those questions making me think...something is fishy and they act so odd. Those little nuances when they answer is very telling. So my guess, something is going on already during this period but not "official" or perhaps still in early stage. They are highly professionals and highly experienced in doing this, but those interviews were real gold. They're very transparent and it's make them so endearing to see both of them acting like this. HB also mentioned in one of his recent interviews that his ideal woman is someone he can be comfortable with. Its a big change from his list of ideal woman when he was younger (lets face it our standard change as we grow older). With his looks, status and fame, its difficult to find someone who can easily match that simple criteria but SYJ wit and intelligence probably stood out. With someone like SYJ, her wit and constant bantering will keep him on his toes but it will assure him that he'll be constantly smiling and comfortable in his own skin. The jokes you make and what makes you laugh reveal more about you than you realise. The father of psychology, Sigmund Freud, is among those to have come up with an answer to that: we use jokes to deal with our anxieties and issues. Sydney psychologist Susan Nicholsons said that the subject of the joke is a source of anxiety for them. but if cracking those jokes helps release some of that anxiety, it serves a positive function According to experts, laughter can ease up anxiety and my guess is that SYJ (though very professional) is anxious with too many eyes looking at them. Don't get me wrong but i can sense that she's always deep in her character whatever roles she's portraying and she's cautious on how to do the scenes. She's still human after all. But then again, HB being a true gentleman lead those scenes and test/check with her how far they should go within the boundaries. I also commend the director for showing just a glimpse and protect them so people will focus on the scene / story rather than the kiss. But from the BTS video you can see how hot those kissing scenes are compared to what was aired.
  8. Thank you for opening this forum. it's my happy pill. Has anyone seen this series of videos about HB and SYJ? GV all the way!
  9. Hello fellow shoppers and shippers Just random thoughts here. I wonder if there any studio or drama productions who will be interested to get HB and SYJ for a drama anthology to be shown as special series and shown in netflix? Let's say a 1.5 hrs 4-series weekly or once a month? GLOBAL RECEPTION Let's face it. After CLOY, many people are waiting to see or hear from them and this will be a missed opportunity not to strike while the iron is hot. There are so many suggestions for a genre here (Mr and Mrs Smith, period movie, etc). I trust both their tastes in choosing the right project. CLOY will become more famous since not all countries have started airing them and still waiting. With the CVOD19, many people are just staying home and do netflix binging. Based from feedbacks from friends abroad and locally, they've heard about CLOY but not a fan of kdramas. Since they got curious based from posts from social media, they take a dive and now they are all hooked. I hope other social media outlets or news media will also start doing english sub when posting anything about HB and SYJ since many fans across the globe devours anything and everything about them. Yes, that's how popular and addictive they are. Even my friends overseas will buy their magazines or anything that showcase them even if its in Korean. MASTERCLASS OF BINJIN As a viewer, I would love to see them act in different genres to really showcase their acting prowess. I've been intermittently watching Korean movies and dramas but never got hooked like this. After watching CLOY, i started watching their previous projects and movies and man oh man, they are soooo good individually. But after watching The Negotiation and CLOY, their combination is lethal and very powerful. You couldn't take your eyes off the screen. It's like a sin to blink and missed the nuances of their acting. It's like masterclass in acting and these two should have their own monuments and become a national treasure of South Korea. TICK.TOCK.TICK.TOCK Both of them are reaching their peak age (they're not getting any younger) and they are now limited in what roles they can do. But they still have more to give and more to show us. Much as i love them in a new series, their popularity means schedule and availability is a nightmare to get them together that will match. Health issue is also a concern with almost months of gruelling shooting.Having a short anthology means less than few weeks of shooting and will not clash with any of their committments. So its a win-win. They can also play various roles in different setting every series. Being an A-lister actors with huge following can guarantee success in their respective projects as long as its a great plot and casting like CLOY. They can also act on various famous writers story like Kim Eun-Sook and again with Park Ji-Eun or any budding great writers in the industry. hope film/drama studios can grab both of them to do more projects TOGETHER. I know its rare in South Korea to have actors do projects twice...But they're HYUN BIN and SON YEJIN. No need to say anymore. CLOY will go in history as one of the best CLASSIC drama of all time. Capt Ri Jeong Hyukand Yoon Se Ri characters will become legendary. Ratings is good but beating CLOY for me is not that relevant since kpop is big and there more fans in younger generation who are after younger and more popular idols. But do they make a mark in people's lives like CLOY? THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA Not sure how it works in South Korea, but countries like USA, there's a special unit of each media company who monitors the pulse of netizens. if netizens or audience strongly react negatively to a character in their show or series, then they immediately make changes to the show. They listen to the needs and wants of the people. Though many are saying that they want to see HB and SYJ in another project, I hope shippers and shoppers use the power of their fingers (social media) by letting them know what they want and pray that the bosses will listen. The world is their stage and I feel humble to be a spectator in watching them unfold their talent. More so, in watching their real life story Having said that, What genres or type of story would you like to see them?
  10. I do agree with you. They both have beautiful faces and personality and yet at this stage they're still single? They both mentioned in previous interviews that they're still waiting for someone who can understand the pressure of their work. From what i gathered here, both are in Top A list of actors in South Korea. Meaning anything they do or say will splash the media not just in SK but globally. If you found gold/diamonds amidst all the pile of jewels, you nurture and protect it. Same as HB and SYJ, i feel that they know they're reaching their heyday and they both have a good run in maintaining a pristine image and well loved by everyone. Just like their characters in CLOY, its like "you before me" attitude. They want to protect whatever they have in private to let it flourish naturally without any pressure. It's still manageable for fans or netizens to speculate as long they kept silent so media and entertainment industry will be quiet and will not talk about it except some jokes perhaps, but someone mentioned here that once they admit something in SK, all will set loose and they won't have any peace at all. I prefer them to enjoy their moment in peace and let them figure out themselves the direction of their relationship. Having a same set of friends / small circle of friends, i guess HB got insights about SYJ already but took him a while to really around to know her. One short project and it "makes his heart flutter" that he wants more of her. There were so many projects lined up before but he was the one who declined. Im curious why? Given both of them are very choosy in accepting roles. My guess is the genres they want to play are different. SYJ candidness and bright personality added further to the factor why our boy HB got hook, line and sinker. Some people easily gets attracted with physical attraction. But SYJ acting prowess and superb ideas got the attention of HB (she previously mentioned that before the shoot she was actively helping out the script and story in the movie). For a top calibre actor like him, that says a lot. Can i also add in one of their interviews, HB was asked to describe YSR and he answered: "soft and beautiful" but the second one got me curious since they both answered the same "Shining brightly" or something and SYJ reaction was very telling. She giggled and suddenly got shy and the look HB gave him was heart melting and was smiling like there's a secret to that answer. I also want to state the obvious that SYJ already had a crush on HB. Who wouldn't? I've never been a fan of him before but after reading everything about them makes me understand why they're both the Prince Charming (if not the King) and Queen of South Koreas entertainment industry. Here's a short video which i think best describes their relationship pre-CLOY.
  11. Visiting this thread is now my new morning routine. They bring me good dosage of GV to start my day...thank you all for your wonderful posts and analysis. @TotoroSY i haven't finished backreading. may i ask for the link please. I'm really interested to watch it. Thanks
  12. You're not human if you don't get affected with that "wistful" and "dreamy" look. I guess what makes their acting standout is that there's no acting at all.
  13. SEPANX IS REAL FOLKS AND ITS REALLY CONTAGIOUS Hyun Bin Belatedly Revealed to Be Feeling Unwell on the Final Filming Day of 'Crash Landing on You' Hyun Bin was not feeling well but tried to do his best until the end. On February 22nd, the actor's agency VAST Entertainment released a special video from the last filming day of the hit drama 'Crash Landing on You.' Staff members visited Hyun Bin at the last scene to congratulate him on wrapping up 6-month-length filming for the drama. They brought a bouquet and a cake for Hyun Bin. Shockingly, it's belatedly revealed that Hyun Bin was not only tired on that day but also feeling unwell. He wrapped up the last scene past midnight. However, the actor was seen working hard until the end and forcing his smiles, not to be a nuisance to the others. https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/02/24/hyun-bin-belatedly-revealed-to-be-feeling-unwell-on-the-final-filming-day-of-crash-landing-on-you-334451
  14. would be helpful if you can translate some interesting bits from this event please. Just so frustrating that most videos doesnt have any english sub. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_FDb2m3ALc&t=10s I love watching this post-screening event. I can't help but laugh at this video. Full of good vibes. My favourite video so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svRG_BwbJJA May i ask whats the difference between kyung vs ku? Also the meaning of binsshi pls? (when asked by reporters how SYJ called/address HB as she said sometimes oppa or binsshi. I really love the Director here. The fact that they (HB, SYJ and him) regularly meets creates the foundation of the two as "close" which is normal. The meeting of minds over few drinks, exchange of ideas, casual get together means that there's no pretensions and barriers for them to see as colleagues and eventually "friends". Since we're not privy to what happened during these encounters means that the Director gave the score based on what he sees between the two of them as ordinary colleague thats why he gave them a score of 99% (HB) and 98% (SYJ) chemistry. Mind you, its not more more than 50% but nearly the perfect score and just based on who among them "likes" more. The way the Director answer was so pure and raw and no signs of "showbiz". He says it as it is (just like the swearing bit). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3j9wq7DwQ0 First time i saw this post earlier, i instantly thought that this message became more personal to HB. So nice of him to reach out to everyone who is suffering from the virus but from i gathered, Daegu was hit the most. Paging any companies looking for effective endorsers? At their calibre, they can sell anything. A friend of mine (living overseas too) who got me hooked in this series, now regularly buys to the chicken company featured in the show. Would love to see them in perfume CF though. Shampoo, toothpaste or soap commercial. Both got fabulous hair, skin and teeth. Interesting isn't it? HB wants CHANGE...of status? from single to "In a relationship"? "Close friends" to.... SYJ wants HOPE...deep inside there's hope that "friendship" will flourish into something more permanent and romantic? SILENCE SOMETIMES MEANS YES I don't think we'll anything from them soon since CLOY fever spreads faster than the COVID-19. Just like the tomato given by Seri to JH, it needs nurture and TLC to grow well. They all got the right ingredients: undeniable mutual attraction/admiration, looks, talents, great personality stable career, money and fame, and they started as friends which is a wonderful foundation. They just need time. There's no smoke without fire. Most actors/actresses are hesitant to admit any relationship if they got several projects lined up and probably thinking of the impact if public confirmation happened. I just feel sorry for them though. SYJ who is the nation's sweetheart who got solid pristine reputation in terms for dating and HB who is Korea's UF, GGW and Babe magnet (I'm learning a lot from this show really). All ears and eyes are on them. SOLID SQUAD I admire the cast and production crew for not riding on the dating news. I thik their respect for both are so high they are all in protective mode. What the other actor said can be correct because that's what he sees and have few scenes with them. He can only give what he sees. But mind you, he wasn't there during the "incriminating" BTS evidences and only the directors and production crew: 1) The kiss in the boat 2) Capt Ri's rescue and got shot 3) the piano scene in episode 9 4) the unforgettable hospital scene (i love how considereate and prepare HB is by taking a "thorough" cleaning/shower prior to the shoot given the scene). 5) the artificial snow. How he sees little things to make sure his "screen" partner is perfect. I also pointed this out! OMG. Haha That Hyunbin can just tell her or someone about it but he did it himself. Now that we have Yoo In Na's story, it got even more clear how he treats SYJ really differently from past co-stars. https://twitter.com/Prin_kle0922/status/1225705146635542529 … 6) the controversial holding hands. Technically its not holding hands but a hand on top of the other. In the BTS, SYJ said she got little tipsy from drinking the non-alcoholic beer. It's like that romantic gesture when your hand is resting on your leg and suddenly your partner approaches you and puts their hand over yours in an embrace. It denotes protectiveness, as if they're silently saying they have your back. There were several scenes/occasions where you can see him rubbing his thumb or hands while holidng Seri/SYJ. According to Edwards, when we touch someone our body releases oxytocin, a chemical that produces happiness and comfort. So, the more contact you have, the more oxytocin you produce. However, this particular hand-holding could also be interpreted as a sign of protection and strong bonds that could potentially lead to codependency, so it's important to be always aware of the direction the relationship is taking. I'm interested to know what's the private joke between these two during the shoot (reunited after Ser's abduction by Director Ri). They're like two giggling teenagers playing in front of their parents (who are accomplished and respected actors in that scene). I remember during the SongSong time, no picture/news of them were circulated by Despatch since they're friends with them. They got the scoop though when they engaged. I wonder what the actor playing Park Geong Beom feels when he won the Mankind Award for being the "Most Handsome" in the show while Hyun Bin is sitting at the end of the table. I love that scene though.
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