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  1. OhMyGOSH!!! That ending! And it was such a nice touch that the last line was from one of the songs, “only you are my heaven.” That was so wonderful!!!! Im so grateful that they put out a happy ending!!!! Thank you drama gods!!!! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!
  2. Wow! I’ve seen a lot of MV but this is the best I’ve seen so far! A summary of GBMP but with a better ending Thanks to the person who put the video together (that ending was so great!) and the person who subbed it! I appreciate you both so much
  3. I’m going to back track a little and ask about who likes who...I don’t think it’s ever outright stated but it’s being implied???..... Pei Zhao likes XF...and I know Luoxi likes PZ....but Miluo likes PZ too??? She was giving him some major side glances.... and Mingyue likes GJ??? She made very subtle statements to him that were possibly hinting that she had a crush on him???.....but I don’t think he caught on....or maybe I was just making too much of it?...
  4. It’s really hard to move on when I’ve seen all the episodes but I’m still waiting for subs....I’m very thankful for the people who take the time to sub it for the rest of us....but at this rate, it’ll be another 2 weeks my heart needs closure
  5. Hahaha! I’m the reverse. I hate LCY so much in the scene where he kills GJ...but then I watch the ending, and I sympathize with him in the end. If I could’ve chosen the ending, I would have given him a slightly better one.........like maybe he went to XF’s grave, admitted his mistakes and apologized for everything, and then he dies beside her grave.... I felt like the actual ending was a little harsh...LCY just wandering alone in the desert never to find XF or the River of Forgetfullness
  6. It’s so interesting to see how others interpret the drama. It seems that some people see the (anti) Hero almost as 2 different people: as either GXW vs LCY. I never saw our main character as either one or the other.......He has always been both. Figuratively speaking, ”LCY” and “GXU” were representations of his EXTREME personality. “LCY” represented the calculating prince. “GXW” represented the man who loves XF. Two different sides of the SAME coin that can’t be separated. In the beginning, when he is GXW, he’s so in love with XF....but “LCY” (his scheming mind) was always there trying to make the next move. As LCY, the devious Crown Prince, you could see bits of “GXW” and his love for XF (the snow ball fight, the market, the boat rowing, the bed kissing scenes.) Out of necessity, he was just great at HIDING one when he was the other....but I saw both sides of his persona all through out the drama... However, XF RARELY got to see both sides at the same time....and I think that’s what confused her about her feelings for him when she was at Eastern Palace....he always flipped from love/being kind at one moment to cruel/mean the next, hence she both liked and disliked him....but what I think is interesting is that she could always handle his personalities separately....(when he loved her as GXW in ep 1-8, she loved him back...in Eastern palace when he treated XF like crap, our girl fought back and gave him what he deserved and more) (When he finally gets rid of the Gao family and once he regains his memories) The big problem was when his two extreme personalities meet and he was FINALLY able to express his “complete” self, meaning he was both “LCY” and “GXW” at the SAME time...THATS when we see the cold, scheming, obsessive prince THAT is completely, and utterly in love with XF (to the point of disregarding everything, even her feelings to keep her by his side).....now THAT was just too much for XF. He just had no chill....(like seriously...he needed to chill out)... One of the saddest things (besides her suicide) was that XF loved and only wanted his “GXW” side....and she hated his “LCY” side.....but she couldn’t have one without the other....
  7. Yes, me too! I like to think that she waited for him....and he finally found her in the after life. Sad ending.... but it left me with the impression that they were finally going to be together
  8. Omg! im ugly crying so hard. That was sooooo freakin sad. Poor XF and LCY. I was rooting for you...we all were rooting for you.
  9. I also hope this is addressed in the episodes coming up...it’ll be a big loose end if they don’t
  10. Can someone explain the true nature of LCY and Sese’s relationship to me? I’m a little lost. I thought he was only using Sese and pretending to be in love with her to shield XF from danger in the palace.... But When LCY and General Pei were talking, he said he couldn’t protect the woman he loves (XF) and the woman who loves him (SeSe)... Well...Sese was punished alot because he pretended she was his favorite!...and he knew that because Sese was punished EVERY time he took her side.....so why is he surprised that he can’t protect her??? Didn’t he purposely do that to her???....if he wanted to protect Sese too, why didn’t he pretend to be indifferent to both XF and Sese?...this made it kinda confusing for me... thanks for any reply!
  11. Please skip this if you haven’t seen ep 48. Oh man...after watching ep 48...that hit me right in the heart. I always get serious second lead syndrome.... (like Run Yu from Ashes of Love. I liked him way better than the lead character...but I digress).......but as far as second leads go, GJ wasn’t the greatest. He was weak, clingy, kinda annoying, and a little pathetic throughout the entire drama, without many good redeeming qualities to make up for it.... I didn’t hate him, but I wasn’t expecting to ugly cry at his death. I felt so sad for him in the end...he didn’t even live long enough to fulfill his revenge of bringing down the Gao family...which was the whole point of him giving up XF to LCY/GXW in the first place...WTHeck!
  12. Im scratching my head at the inconsistencies of this drama.... General Pei claims as long as XF is happy, nothing else matters....but he stands and does nothing as LCY kills GJ in front of XF? Obviously, XF is crying and begging! Like Why didn’t he just tell LCY he was GXW and then just have GJ arrested? Another thing... If XF didn’t want GJ to die, then she should have told LCY right there before the command... And maybe she could’ve considered that LCY was willing to help and release Xuaniang. Why didn’t XF or even A’Du explain he was GXW and all the crap he put XF through? Maybe he would’ve have let them go after they guilted him...if the drama decides to air the alternate ending, then I’ll really be rolling my eyes....LCY would’ve let them go a lot sooner if they just told him the truth. Basically...I just feel that at ANY POINT someone could’ve taken LCY aside, cleared this misunderstanding up, and said “Hey Crown Prince. You’re actually GXW. You tricked XF and destroyed her family. That’s why she hates you and wants to kill you.” LCY makes a lot of stupid decisions...but none of the other characters make smart ones either.... *sigh* Im already invested this much time into Goodbye My Princess..might as well stick with it to the end
  13. Gosh Damn It! Give XF and LCY the alternate ending...it’s the one I DESERVE!
  14. Another question... So did LCY meet Sese before XF? i forget what episode that was, but Sese explaining to her maid on how she meet LCY...she said she meet LCY when she was a lot younger (I’m assuming preteens based on flashback)?
  15. Episode 41-44... WTHeck! Im going to vent out my frustrations. We got the first 8 episodes of XF and LCY falling in love....and the rest of the drama is them just fighting. Sweet moments here and there...but LCY acting like he loved Sese and treating XF like crap overshadows whatever true love he has for XF. Like I get why he does it...but We’re on ep 44! I never got the sense that XF falls back in love LCY...I love XF..but her character spends the majority of time sad, wanting to go back home, arguing with LCY, feeling like a third wheel who no one wants around, and is constantly being falsely accused.....but she’s just trying to make the best of it! I continued to watch because those sweet little moments gave me such hope! I thought maybe they’ll fall hopelessly back in love with each other again! NOPE! Now that she’s close to getting her memories back...that isn’t happening. I’m just beyond frustrated
  16. So I never read the novel, but I’ve read spoilers... Am I the only one who felt bad for Sese? At first, I didn’t think she was terrible. I felt so sorry for her because no one liked her ( lower birth status, the empress and the princesses didn’t like her)....And now the drama is hinting that LCY doesn’t really like her either, but is using her..... But didn’t LCY is do the same thing to XF??? He meets the women under false pretenses....has them fall in love with him so he can gain the families trust......then he destroys them????....but the only difference is..he actually loves XF.... Ive never been more conflicted. I think LCY’s love for XF is really sweet..and that’s his one redeeming quality...but otherwise, I just feel bad for the women who are being manipulated
  17. So after watching Meteor Garden and Ashes of love, I thought I’d take a break from c-dramas because they’re just so loooong and dramatic. Fast forward 4 months later and I finally decided to watch this and I just can’t believe I didn’t watch it sooner! Omg. The Rise of Phonixes was just INCREDIBLE! I typically like dramas that are heavy on the romance, but TRoP had so few in between...yet, I could feel it was one of the most powerful love stories I’ve ever seen. (Hats off to Chen Kun and Ni Ni) Yes, there were flaws and yes that ending was THE worst, but I’m willing to look past that. It would’ve been nice if they ended up together because it would’ve made watching the drama so worth it because we watched them go through SO much....but After thinking about it, the ending didn’t really upset me as much because I understood it. There were just too many reasons for her not to marry Ning Yi: Like the former emperor said, if Zhiwei married Ning Yi, evil people would have twisted it to cause his down fall....that plus all the guilt she carried for all of those people who died to keep them apart (especially her mom) and the ones who died to keep them together.....and I guess IF she married him, she would’ve had her heart broken if he had marry other women to solidify political support/connections...she wouldn’t have been truly “free”....and yada yada yada. I think I’m more upset because Zhiwei was an amazing character....And the drama decided to Kill her off so Ning Yi could be an amazing and just Emperor in dedication to her... I highly doubt there will be a season 2. I watch a lot of dramas and it looks like TRoP is a wrap. I just think ZhiWei deserved a better ending than that. Anyway, amazing drama. I just finished it but I’ll probably watch it again this weekend.
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