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  1. Rong Qi certainly wanted to marry Rong Le (Man Yao) and lead a simple life with her as I imagined. After the Empress proclaimed her as his sister, this undertaking of marriage was impossible. My opinion about the bed scene and the antidote. Wu You has given up his pride in this situation to save Rong Le. As already mentioned, he had to perform the act (which was not filmed) in public. As I said, he had to break any norm in the Middle Ages. This also corresponds to his personality, to go against the conventions. The love for Rong Le is clearly noticeable. But I think the chemistry between the leading actors is the same. You really notice how much Wu You suffers. Fu Chou has his own story, it's the life that made him what he is. Driven by revenge. Especially since he hurt the woman who really loves him, his companion. Then Fu Chou is alive to make up for his misdeed. Rong Qi also suffers immeasurably, I was incredibly sorry.
  2. I hope the 3 season comes back with the two main characters. Without Mo Lian Cheng, it is not the drama that is what it is. It would be best to see how he, as emperor in his empire, solves further problems, especially as his son becomes an active figure.
  3. I hope this drama will be aired soon. I can hardly wait.
  4. I had to laugh so "cucumber face." Seriously, I think the high hair was not very beneficial, but the long hair is nice. By the way, I like the natural teeth of the actress. I do not like these artificial teeth. I like the drama so far very well.
  5. Personally, I do not wear shorts under clothes. No pervert would stop me from doing that. If someone can not behave, I generally address that person. But wearing miniskirts and dresses, without shorts or leggings underneath, is part of the development of every personality.
  6. If someone writes me a text message drunk, then I generally do not answer. I would never do that. To ignore.
  7. Is not a slight bite a way to demonstrate affection? I think clearly: Oh Yes!
  8. What I do not like is this rush in traffic, in everyday life, tense people who no longer have humor. People who only sit on their mobile phones instead of having good conversations. You experience that every day,everywhere.
  9. Hello, my name is Biggy and I am 46 years young. Not "old" * smile * I love Chinese and Korean dramas, especially the genre "historical" because I am very interested in the different cultures and the historical aspects. I live and work in Germany. I love dramas with "happy ending" I love to dream, with beautiful music, or a good OST. Dramas that leave so many questions unanswered and whose storylines are not well linked where much more potential would be, are always a shame to me * ahhh *. I like to paint and write, and I like to interact with nice people.
  10. I ate a salad today, with beetroot, iceberg lettuce, radiccio, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. In addition a delicious vinegar and oil dressing. For this I ate a wholemeal roll and drank coffee.
  11. Que Yue is a great character, so multi-layered with a mischievous and deceitful aura. The long hair, I think super nice. I like this drama, the lightness and the joke.
  12. XZL is Mo Lian Cheng. No other actor in my heart can occupy this role. No way. Yes we are spoiled, but I would not be able to do that in my head.
  13. Without XZL, this drama is not so sweet and magical. He has this passion that gets my blood pumping. It would make me very sad. The drama would be finished for me. Please XZL return to S 3. Even if S 3 plays in modern times, I would only watch it if XZL plays along.
  14. The lipstick should have a long shelf life. Also with extreme kisses and many kisses. I already have kiss withdrawal. I want more kisses.
  15. That's how bad I felt after Scarlet Heart Ryeo. And now the same again. S3 has to come fast. We are lovesick. Smurf Princess? Haha
  16. Yes Ellie you are right. The poor man. Just a messed-up night with his wife. The poor man was not even allowed to kiss properly. Only his little brother Cheng Cheng was allowed to kiss so much and experience pure passion. You have to feel sorry for that.
  17. What should we do? We can continue to languish until they release S3 with the cast members. Or we write our passion of the soul. Yes I'm crazy. I even think about kisses with tongue.
  18. It would be nice to see something about the married life of Cheng Cheng and Xiao Tan. That was so cute. How are you going with Yi Huai? How does Yuer grow up? How is Cheng Cheng as Emperor? General Wei is the enemy. Yuer in danger. Cheng Cheng must protect him.
  19. Yes you are right. It just can not go without these VIP kisses.
  20. I've been working or lethargic for days. I miss this drama. I mutated to the megaperverse, which already needs a doctor. Yes, this chemistry between the leads. Something you can hardly find in other dramas. I remember that I found Princess Agents very well. Yan Xun was my favorite. I loved his split side. There I would have liked more passion. Eternal Love has that passion. In season 3, we want our mask Liu Shang maybe the later Yuer and still our Cheng Cheng comes back. Yes, I want a tattoo artist to make that rose on his chest. Who would not want to pet her? I also want to see 100 more kisses. God, I'm pervert. The claims have increased. We do not want rigid lips when kissing. Maybe Yi Huai will have a happy ending too. The poor guy. Through the drama, I now have withdrawal symptoms. I'm waiting for The Wolf to air.
  21. We will probably all want to see no more dramas where only secret passions or wooden slap kissing is announced.
  22. Yang Yang is a great actor, but he can not replace our MLC. I hope that S3 comes back with the old daters. XZL can not replace any one as MLC. In addition, this character is too anchored in our minds. I had to work the last few days, but my heart hurts when our old MLC does not come back. I love this drama, but if XZL does not come back it was for me, then I will keep the old MLC in my heart and come to an inner end. This is really sad, because this story has so much potential and could still tell so much. Yes, and I am also a pervert. These beautiful kisses, this chemistry between the actors. This is so rare and it is something special.
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