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  1. XZL is Mo Lian Cheng. No other actor in my heart can occupy this role. No way. Yes we are spoiled, but I would not be able to do that in my head.
  2. Without XZL, this drama is not so sweet and magical. He has this passion that gets my blood pumping. It would make me very sad. The drama would be finished for me. Please XZL return to S 3. Even if S 3 plays in modern times, I would only watch it if XZL plays along.
  3. The lipstick should have a long shelf life. Also with extreme kisses and many kisses. I already have kiss withdrawal. I want more kisses.
  4. That's how bad I felt after Scarlet Heart Ryeo. And now the same again. S3 has to come fast. We are lovesick. Smurf Princess? Haha
  5. Yes Ellie you are right. The poor man. Just a messed-up night with his wife. The poor man was not even allowed to kiss properly. Only his little brother Cheng Cheng was allowed to kiss so much and experience pure passion. You have to feel sorry for that.
  6. What should we do? We can continue to languish until they release S3 with the cast members. Or we write our passion of the soul. Yes I'm crazy. I even think about kisses with tongue.
  7. It would be nice to see something about the married life of Cheng Cheng and Xiao Tan. That was so cute. How are you going with Yi Huai? How does Yuer grow up? How is Cheng Cheng as Emperor? General Wei is the enemy. Yuer in danger. Cheng Cheng must protect him.
  8. Yes you are right. It just can not go without these VIP kisses.
  9. I've been working or lethargic for days. I miss this drama. I mutated to the megaperverse, which already needs a doctor. Yes, this chemistry between the leads. Something you can hardly find in other dramas. I remember that I found Princess Agents very well. Yan Xun was my favorite. I loved his split side. There I would have liked more passion. Eternal Love has that passion. In season 3, we want our mask Liu Shang maybe the later Yuer and still our Cheng Cheng comes back. Yes, I want a tattoo artist to make that rose on his chest. Who would not want to pet her? I also want to see 100 more kisses. God, I'm pervert. The claims have increased. We do not want rigid lips when kissing. Maybe Yi Huai will have a happy ending too. The poor guy. Through the drama, I now have withdrawal symptoms. I'm waiting for The Wolf to air.
  10. We will probably all want to see no more dramas where only secret passions or wooden slap kissing is announced.
  11. Yang Yang is a great actor, but he can not replace our MLC. I hope that S3 comes back with the old daters. XZL can not replace any one as MLC. In addition, this character is too anchored in our minds. I had to work the last few days, but my heart hurts when our old MLC does not come back. I love this drama, but if XZL does not come back it was for me, then I will keep the old MLC in my heart and come to an inner end. This is really sad, because this story has so much potential and could still tell so much. Yes, and I am also a pervert. These beautiful kisses, this chemistry between the actors. This is so rare and it is something special.
  12. Awww! He is a father. She is mother! A sweet baby prince. Please Season 3 with the same main characters. With deep love and a great side story. I can not believe that the actors will be changed. That must not be. Please more kisses, love and of this chemistry. https://mydramalist.com/31927-the-eternal-love-3
  13. On the wedding night it seems to be really round. Cheng Cheng with lipstick residue on the face. Or will that be the morning after ... Haha !!
  14. This is almost a top without, a little more so we can drool. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. It would be nice to see Season 3 as Cheng Cheng and Xiao Tan exchange another 100 kisses and have more babies. Yi Huai might still find a happy ending. And Cold Face Mo might get a gig. So the certain action bars are connected. I'm in favor of this story continuing to play in Dong Yue. I like the beautiful costumes, the long hair and the great shots.
  16. Whoa! Yes, we want to see the rose on the chest. Perverse! Doctor! I have just thought. The face of Liu Shang can be a prediction for the future. Maybe it's the baby prince's face when he's a grown man. From birth we need the trailer! Yes, when Xiao Tan rams about. The drama is so captivating. It's 0:40 and I can not sleep.
  17. Hello Golinda27. Yes, I had not thought about that. That is possible. Oh my head is confused now. The drama captures me, makes me dream, makes head-cinema, I'm going to be perverted. I need a doctor. Grrrr
  18. Does our new Cheng Cheng have the rose on the chest? Or is he still tattooing her? He has a scar there because it is the body of the eighth prince.
  19. What does that mean in your opinion? Will Cheng Cheng and Xiao Tan leave Dong Yue again?
  20. Too bad the S2 has only 2 episodes. What does the wedding and the pregnancy mean, and then baby prince seems so rushed. That's why S3 has to come fast. I want it to be in Dong Yue. I love historical dramas. All the leading actors play again and life in Dong Yue is shown. Your love will deepen and maybe there will be some happy ending for poor Yi Huai as well.
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