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  1. I’m late to watching this show. When I went back and watched the earlier episodes I guess I had the reverse puzzlement of most in seeing the original actor playing playing TMs dad as I started watching the replacement first. This actually made me wonder how much the writers tailor their writing to the actor. The original actor Noh seemed to portray a more serious character. The replacement actor plays a much more incompetent character. I can’t see the first actor start to gargle his water at a restaurant dinner meeting, but the replacement pulls it off well, he also does Drunk well. It’s sad nevertheless that actor Noh passed away he seemed quite young. Since there weren’t too many comments written I was able to glance over this forum from the beginning. I haven’t seen anyone comment on two ideas I had. 1) When they first met at the restaurant the Grandmother asked the Mistress if she had brought what she had given to her to hold. I believe that item is the dash cam from Tae Ho s parents crashed car. 2) I believe there’s a strong possibility that Tae Min s biological father is actually his (evil) assistant Mr. Yeom. The reason for this is A) Several times they have mentioned that Mr Yeom and TM s mom knew each other from early on. He was a manager and she a bookkeeper at one of the companies textile factories. b) When talking to TM s Mom over the phone the Grandmother threatened to go to tell TM everything. The Grandmother probably knows that TM took the wrap for his dad and went to jail for it. This means that he is very loyal to his dad. If she was just going to tell TM that her parents imprisoned her she could not be sure that such a loyal son wouldn’t just sweep it under the rug. But if she revealed that his father was actually Mr Yeom it would hit TM like a bomb. She could be very sure of that. C) I suspect that the reason the Grandmother didn’t reveal this in the past may have been because TM s father couldn’t produce children and so Mr Yeom was used as a donor of sorts and it became a family secret. The reason for this is big corporate Kdrama families are so concerned with family image. Lord knows how we’ve seen kids adopted into chaebol families suffer in other kdramas. There was a scene where Mr Yeom drives TM s sister Tae Hee to pick up eggs from the farm. This was very out of character for him. To me it reinforces the idea that both kids in that family may be his. D) Finally TM mentioned to THs disbelief that TH s father used to hit him (TM). A reason for this is that TH s father knew that there was no family blood connection to TM. To some old school Koreans this would make TM little better than a stranger. E) TM s Fathers incompetence aside his inability to produce children would be a strong reason to for his parents to favor their second son (TH s Father) instead of their first son (TM s Father). Usually being a first son is a big deal. Unfortunately this is a side effect of binge watching Kdramas. To may observations ideas and theories pop up. All this may well be a waste of time but I thought I’d put it out there on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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