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  1. I just want to defend JY's point of view when it comes to LG and JTE's relationship. He already explained to SJ that he was with LG since he was 4 or 5 years old literally they grew up together. He looked LG not only as a body guard or a friend but more on family. Yes he is against with their relationship because logically he believes that they can't be together since that they are from different world. Because he knows LG that much he knows that it will really hurt him at the end since he can't be with the love of his life also this is the 1st time that he fell in love with the girl that he cannot have till the end. If we have a brother or sister that we think their relationship will just fall apart in the end of course we will try to do our part to intervene same goes of what is JY is trying to do. He just want to protect LG. I really want to talk to JY and tell him I know where he is coming from and his intention is to protect our dear King. But love will finds its way because love conquers all. Love moves in mysterious ways. As JTE'S 9th rule of 17 do not conclude in advance since they are not there yet. Hoping everyone reading this post is safe and healthy.
  2. I think SJ will meet his doppelganger the one that is in the hospital. He is still alive but he is in that hospital..
  3. I'm super excited because tomorrow is Friday then get disappointed when I saw the news here that episode 13 will air Saturday .
  4. Nov 11 2019 the date JTE 1st time going to KOC because the yoyo girl accidentally bumped her the reason why her ID fell and lost. The CCTV footage is may 27 2022 I think the yoyo girl informing LG that will be the day that he will see JTE again in KOC because they will give them a chance to be together it's not a warning but giving him heads-up of their reunion. Also I think the one interrogating LL in episode 1 is not JTE but it is Luna the way she talked and stared LL is same with Luna so that means she will help to capture LL and team up with JTE and LG. Hoping for happy ending
  5. I think when it comes with the scars that they have it is located where there doppelganger got wounded and it's fatal since it causes their death. I really like JTE's character she is really a warrior and chooses to be brave in every circumstances. Yes she will get hurt and be injured you will see her struggle but definitely will not give up no matter what happens. Hoping and praying to all the girls here whatever our circumstances and situations in life let's choose to be brave and be a warrior that will never give up no matter what..
  6. Ah ok.. I thought might be because he wants JTE to be cleared if there would be investigation to those people she shot with that gun. But he was the King and he is the law so there is no need for investigation.. lol
  7. I have a question why LG fired the 2 remaining bullets in the gun TE used to defend herself? Is there any reason behind it or he was just so mad that time?
  8. So that's how our King will beheaded JTE? Kiss at her neck The doppelganger of PM is already dead since all the people have scars when lightning strikes all their counterpart was already dead. So who was sending the news paper to PM if the person on that newspaper is actually her? Someone is threatening her that she was going back and forth to ROK and KOC.
  9. There's so many people guarding her they just under estimated her capability. He didn't kill her because he said he will be using JTE might be in exchange of the flute in LG's possession.
  10. Hands down to the knight and shining armor of JTE!!! I will expect another proposal on tomorrow's episode Please more more sweet moments for our dear King and Queen of KOC. Both of them have been through a lot same with us that been waiting for there sweet moments together.. Promise I will never complain even if the whole time of episode 12 is just there sweet moments together I will accept it wholeheartedly.
  11. I think the yoyo boy that is actually a girl might be LG And JTE future child.. Friday come on hurry up!!!!
  12. JY and TE conversation is so deep. JY told TE besides LG only TE can delete LG wrote. JY telling indirectly to TE that besides LG only TE can end their relationship because LG can't definitely be with her in RK since he is a King to a country. How she can handle it and leave everything and be a queen in KC? Although it hurts but thats the reality. Whatever she chooses it will really hurt her. Leaving everything for her love her family her life in RK then but being a queen is very difficult and big responsibility. But staying in RK and not able to see LG is a different level of torture. So what she will do? I just can't handle it..
  13. Hoping that at the end of the road LG and TE will be together because they are destined for each other. Ep 10 is really heart breaking. LMH and KGE is really good in expressing their emotions.. Because of LG's great love for TE he will do everything to save his doppelganger in RK so that TE will meet him and be together in RK. I believe that love conquers all even if it's parallel world. Still love wins!!!
  14. Pm Koo is really straight forward asking LG if she can marry him... Tsk3 sorry ghorl he already proposed to JTE..
  15. Hello everyone!!! Can anyone explain to me the relationship between hongdae and kondae means? Thanks