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  1. I already saw some spoiler for the ending. Cant wait to watch it with subtitles
  2. I totally agree with @XxchinesedramacrazexX I'm so pissed when other fans around me blamed her for killing SF without understanding that she has tough life in 9 lifetimes. And also from ep 36-44 too. XJ don't have trust issue with SF, what we saw from trailer it's just a part of a whole picture They deserved each other.
  3. Their nine past lives was so heartbreaking. I'm really curious how XJ's live going on after XF died, maybe she died young, or live lonely a whole life *sigh* Hope when she remember it all they will spoil a bit. I hate HC more and more after I saw previews to ep 35
  4. Me too. I think the drama did justice to the story and the characters than the novel itself. Ashes of love too. Jinmin acts so childish after all the pain she suffered while Jinmi in the drama so mature.....
  5. In ep 15 when the bird stealed the mirror fragment, the fox chased after and attacked it. The fragment then broke into 3 pieces, the bird and the fox both took 1 pcs and fly away. The last one fell in Xuan Ji's hand and she has eye senses back at that time.
  6. Lou Hou Ji Du was the general of Shura Clan before he was divided to Lou Hou and Ji Du (God of War) in the book.
  7. I don't recall he was a garuda in the first place in the book.
  8. Lol idk. Not all the case. But it's not that bad. Garuda is a creature really close to holy animal.
  9. They changed that Si Feng already loved God of war when he was immortal. From what happened with Hao Chen, Xuan Ji don't belive in love anymore so Si Feng follow to proof that there's still true love in this world. If the 10th life Xuan ji still kill ppl of course she will get the worst punishment is her soul be destroyed. They did show 10th lives
  10. The trailer tricked us :)) Mo shan star is the other half of Xuan Ji. No they are not phoenix. It's garuda, descendant of phoenix. Si Feng's clan don't live in Heaven, so... yeah.... The mermaid too.
  11. Ok so it's like this in the novel Click if you want more more more spoiler Disclaimer: I read this novel about 4-5 years ago so I might wrong some details.
  12. Hmmm I want to spoil too but I forgot the tag.... Oh okay remembered now
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