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  1. 3 minutes ago, Gabi Bros said:

    I didn't watch international version...but he will have feelings for Hae Soo, supposedly stronger than the one of Wook. in BBJX, 14th prince loved Ruoxi so much. 


    T.T hahh... now i know why wang so will kill his young brother :"(

    i love jung soooo much. its really heartbreaking if the plot story will cause jung death and heartbreak :"( he is my favourite!

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Immortal_Angel said:


    If i'm not mistaken they both are not fighting for the throne but defending their side. Cause I remember in the long trailer there was appearance of crown prince and wang yo so I'm thinking that Wang So is defending Crown Prince side while Wang Wook is fighting for Wang Yo side. They make it look like they are fighting for the throne but really if they are going by history then crown prince than wang yo then wang so but who knows what the writers are thinking now :vicx:

    I get Wook is a filial son and wants to give what his mother needed especially being accuse of a crime she didn't commit and his family name was dishonor because of that, if only he has the guts to tell that to Hae Soo that I'm sorry but I cannot protect you any longer because I have to protect my own especially my mother, now he won't be a bad bad person, but then you can't totally blame him since like his mother he wanted to live a peaceful life but his sister likes to stir the pot and now he's involve in order to protect his family and in order to achieve the goal, he has to risk people to do it which is Hae Soo. Yes she's going to be heartbroken but then she realized that all along her true love, soul mate was beside her the whole time trying to threaten to kill her a few times and would argue with her. Without Wook, both Hae Soo and Wang So won't have probably met each other and interact with each other


    Hmmmm good point. Maybe its gonna be happend like what you said. Its so sad to see princes being divided into 2 groups. I wonder which side that 10th prince and 14th prince will be on.

    True.. I pity him but i still admire him. If he throw away his mother for haesoo then it showed us he is not a good man/son. I think he should deliver it to haesoo asap, i hope haesoo will hear and understand in the next episode.

    well... You can't get everything you want in your life and we all make sacrifice to protect what is the most important in our life ❤️

    It's unfair. But its life anyway.

    Thanks for the insight! 

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  3. Yoooo FINALLY the sub is here!

    I have one important question and asking for your opinion!

    When I read all the history and some articles, it stated that WANG MOO will be the second king after taejo ( which is i believe maybe he will take HAESOO back or allow so to marry HAESOO ) and the THIRD king will be WANG YO ( which is i believe he won't be on his throne for a long time since you could see 6 minutes preview where wang yo face looked shocked and being murdered ).

    but.. WHY? WAE?

    In the 12 preview there is a clip when WANG SO and WANG WOOK were fighting over the throne ? It should be WANG MOO who will be the next king. Don't you think it's too fast ?


    I will be waiting for your opinion guys!


    Anyway.. try to understand wang WOOK situation with a lot of burdens that he must carry. Wook received a lot of love from his family even tho QUEEN YO give a lot of pain to them and HIS MOTHER LOVE THEIR CHILD. In the other side WANG SO didn't received love from his family for a long of time and HAESOO is the one who gave love to him. So, i think it's normal since WANG SO don't have so much thing to lose over HAESOO. 


    Do you think throwing your beloved mom that protect and love you since you were a child over a girl will be fair ? 

     I pity him so much. 

    It's good that this episode will turn our eyes and heart strikingly over WANG SO, but i think i still believe that WOOK is a good guy. Just my opinion guys lol lol STILL WAITING FOR SO SOO LOVEY DOVEY moment!! ( i don't know when tho but... lol)

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  4. I hope next week episode ( which i dont know how to survive till the next episode) will lessen the heart break of viewers with some heartwarming scene for soo so couple :wub: or otherwise, if its gonna be too much torturing oh dear writer, you will lose a lot of your dear viewers as me is not interested anymore in watching uncontrollably fond ( which is so torturing and not entertaining ) !

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