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  1. The thing with sad ending is that I’ve seen enough Kdramas with sad ending, Sandglass, Damo, Conspiracy in the Court, etc. These are highly rated dramas and rightfully so. I love each of these dramas to pieces and have rewatched them multiple times despite tragic endings. Because the endings make sense to me, I understand why the beloved characters must die. For Mr. Sunshine, I feel cheated. The writer gave us futile hopes and the episodic trailer fooled us multiple times. Yes the premonition “gun, glory, sad ending” was plastered everywhere but I did not expect contrived, forced, meaningless deaths for our characters. I guess I had high expectation for the writer and I just feel so let down by it. @rubie I miss my Sat & Sun Sunshine fix too but in a way I am glad this was not a 50 episode drama with this kind of ending. We would never recover if it was that long Love reading everyone’s comments even though the drama is over. That shows how much we love it. And @rubie thanks for keeping this thread alive. You are a true gem!
  2. Probably KES wanted to remind us that Eugene was never good at counting bullets. Remember he failed the drill test and Kyle made him run laps? It would be a tongue-in-cheek moment if they showed a replay of that scene when Eugene counted the bullet in front of AS. My goodness this show was obsessed with replaying the scenes to explain minor/major plot points like we didn’t get it. My take is Eugene was a fool in love when it came to Ae Shin so don’t expect him to have any common sense because the writer wouldn’t allow him to (ok stop crying now. Its over.) I wish it could be perfect because I truly love the drama but the ending was like a deal breaker for me. I was not convinced of his death because as a character Eugene was a great strategist and always made the right decision in the most precarious situations, at least that’s what KES led me to believe. It was a heroic death but I don’t buy it. I feel the writer just wanted to have the most impactful ending without a care for character nor storyline consistency. If Ae Shin represents Joseon then I expect her character to shine as fire flower (was that her line?) but what I got was a very lackluster AS. She almost faded into the background while her loved ones died protecting her. I couldn’t connect with AS in the last 2 eps with the AS I came to love in the first 22 eps. Even AS-EC or AS-DM reunion scenes upset me. The scenes were very underwhelming (due to time constraints I guess) Anyway I could go on and on about the imperfection but I should just accept that this is it. And then there were none except AS! Now if someone can write an alternative ending/fanfic that will ease us some pain Any Homeland fans in here? I was #Quinning for a long time, endured a whole season of Quinn being tortured and Carrie forgetting him until they completely killed him off in the next season. I since then abandoned the show. At least there is no season 2 for Mr Sunshine because I don’t see how they can bring Mr. Sunshine back to life.
  3. I saw 1987. KTR was delightful in that movie. Maybe that role led her to Ae Sin. Her character in 1987 was also innocent, stubborn and passionate.
  4. @misspiggie @marfisa your comments always cracked me up. Thank you. I need this to be able to move on. Did we ever figure out why Eugene only had 1 bullet? Convenient plot device for his tragic demise?
  5. I think KES did warn us that she is a cruel woman...she is as cruel to us viewers as AS to Eugene. We were too blind in love to see it or knew it was coming but still in denial. Maybe in a fantasy W-like world Eugene was able to pull a 007 move and survived that horrendous final destination on the train. I can't believe I said this because for the same reason I can no longer watch Bond (how many times can he escape deathsss plurals???) but I was really rooting for Eugene to live, poor guy never had a break since AS entered his life. I get it that this is war and sacrifice is inevitable and I am totally okay with character's death as long as it's meaningful. However, many deaths in the last 2 episodes are just too forced and unnecessary, mainly to drain out tears from the viewers. Overall it was a very good drama and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion in this forum. Hope to see you all again in a more sunshiny project.
  6. @misspiggie your last comment I had to lol even though I was still traumatized by the ending. I am more convinced that I should never finish another KES drama. I never did actually until Mr. Sunshine. I know it would be a sad ending but not this tragic epic death of a favorite character. Is it too much to ask for the two of them stay together fighting for the cause and groom the future resistance babies like Ae Sin's parents did? A few questions, hope you can enlighten me (sorry my mind went blank many times in this episode): 1- What was the scene of them eating fish and casually chatting in the end? I didn't get what it was for, like a whiplash to me. And I am just too traumatized to go back and rewatch it... 2- Why did DM die? I get that he was killed by the ronins but what was that for? He could have died when his master slashed him in Japan. So KES revived him so that he can have the last words with the two ladies in his life, that's it? I don't get his death that's what I am trying to say.
  7. Urg...they’d better not kill off Eugene after giving DM 9 lives and sparing HS from the temple massacre. I was led to believe that this writer did not want any of her lead characters to die. The title is Mr Sunshine so it will make no sense if the drama ends with his death.
  8. Me too. Another week of anxiously waiting. I need to stop rewatching my favorite scenes. What are your favorite Mr. Sunshine moments/scenes? My favorite are the hugs, AS’s hilarious “come here” at the US legation, fishing date, the bakery proposal and the train love confession scene. I also love DM grabbing AS’s skirt in ep 4 (?) I know it was kind of wrong but that scene was breathtakingly beautiful with the rain drops, the music and the intensity from both actors.
  9. @mistergenie I feel we're in the same boat as EC, how many times he has said he's resenting AS and yet falls harder for her We just love this show too much.
  10. @rubie I really love that scene too. It was done beautifully. I noticed EC let out a sigh of relief like he's been waiting a thousand years to hear her confession. AS was trying very hard to suppress her emotion. She's always loved him but she is torn between the love for her motherland and the man of her life. I wish she can follow what she told gunner Jang "there must be a way to help Joseon outside of Joseon."
  11. This drama is so bad for my health, and now they have to prolong the anxiety for another 2 weeks. At least I am getting 1 weekend back to do the things I am supposed to do since July while waiting for the epic ending (sad ending...not). Thanks all for your posts. I’ve really enjoyed all your POV and insights. I am curious what other dramas do you watch in addition to Mr. Sunshine? I started 100 day prince but so far it has not really charmed me yet. I need to distract myself with something else after this week, otherwise I will keep thinking about what-ifs and sad ending.
  12. This is the first KES drama that I thoroughly enjoy. I loved the first 4 eps of Goblin but couldn’t finish it no matter how many times I tried. I couldn’t connect with the meandering plot and Goblin’s relationship with his bride. It was so childish at times. What I don’t get is why Mr Sunshine doesn’t receive as much love from netizens as Goblin did (correct me if I am wrong but I often read Dramabeans reviews to filter bad dramas). It seems to me that not many Beanies have warm feeling about Mr Sunshine. I agree the drama needs some subtlety in certain scenes but I really like the character building, the romance and the story telling KES has created. So I am not sure what others see and I don’t? ☺️ anyway I guess I will frequent this forum for the next few weeks to share the love for Mr Sunshine.
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