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  1. Hi everyone, Im new to this forum. I have been actually following this forum since beginning but only now decided to appear..hehe. I just love how you all were discussing in terms of DOM and GH POV. Wow, the latest episode was among the best episode. I love how the main cast potrayed their emotions especially the 'TRUTH' scene between GH and DOM. It was so painful, I felt so sad for both of them...keep repeating the scene. I understand why DOM was so angry, disappointed but at the same time I also know GH was feeling so guilty that she become speechless and can only say sorry. When GH met her mom after the sad scene, I think it is the best dialogue, how she felt so guilty and can only say sorry. DOM cries was so painful. This is the best breakup scene in kdrama in my POV...the dialogue and emotion was accurate. I wonder how the director/writer will do the reconciliation between them. What a long waiting now.....
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