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  1. omg im loving this drama !!! it's only ep 2 but he's already caring for her haha my heart flutters everytime they interact. ep 2 is better imo from ep 1, hopefully rating will increase
  2. i still couldnt bring myself to watch ep 16 to avoid the heartbroken lol. For my benefit I will just imagine that PSH in the end will play the game, meet JW and embrace in game lol
  3. oh i agree i think HB did well in acting department and has proven he can take a challenging role. Although the drama has bad ending, no doubt his acting will receive compliments. I really hope he receive some acting award in the drama. PSH role in itself doesnt have much screen time but being PSH, she will always have huge following, but yeah i think she wont be 100% happy with this one. Arghhhh seriously disappointed i cant bring myself watching the last 2 eps. i mean after patiently waiting and watching 14 eps i didnt really want to not even finish this drama but if this is the worst ending in kdrama land, and the fact that it's open ending, i dont think i can bring myself to watch this. So please if it's proven otherwise after the Eng sub, someone please give me some courage to watch T_T I really hope the negative comment about the ending will be heard by the writer ~!!!! And who else here hopes that HB and PSH will be reunited in other drama which show more of their onscreen romance? not one that wastes their chemistry T_T *still angry*
  4. Pleaseeee can someone, after they watch the ep 16 sub, tell me if I should bother watching??? After reading all the comments I dont have energy to watch anymore. I was eagerly waiting for the finale but now i feel deflated, disappointed.... makes me no mood this is too mellow and dark and after all those running away haunted exhausted etc he doesnt even get the tinniest happiness at the end??
  5. im super late in watching ep 16 but now im done. Very satisfying ending, i feel it has closure to every character and not rushed. So glad Geum and OkNam finally have happy ending. I kept thinking how selfless was Dubhae sacrificing his immortality and his chance to be with his love Alkaid, for the sake of saving Izzy... he definitely deserves happy ending. Too bad we didnt get to see OkNam in the wester style wedding gown lol how pretty will it be One thing i dont get though, what does the ending of OkNam and Izzy mean? does that mean that Yi Hyun get back or is then able to go back to fairy realm? I'll be sad now that the drama ends. It's not as popular with the public but i've never felt so much emotion watching like how i felt in ep 16. So many heart-fluttering moments, i kept smiling watching our OTP together omg their nervousness and blushing around each other is so heart-fluttering. Then laughed so hard when Jeom Dol just crash-landing on earth and his father ignored him to embrace OkNam LOL... Then the sad moment when Kim Geum gave the birchwood top to Jeom Dol. The intense/nervousness feeling with Geum asked OkNam if she ever regretted bathing on earth that day. Anywayssss it evokes so much emotion for me maybe because im drawn and love the drama so much (ehmm i just love our OTP). Will have hard time liking another drama for a while. oh and how smart is that adding a Dyson ad on the episode >.> Thanks chingus for all the insights, updates, etc
  6. im just 10 mins into watching the drama and omg how funny was that Jeom Soon the tiger jumping... ROFL cried a lot when Geum hugged prof Jung
  7. Omo omoooo cant wait to watch!!! This time its a real kiss with real feeling!! BTS link: im squealing for kim’s hair on father daughter date night ink:
  8. There are additional reason why ON think that Jung is her husband; Jung knows where the woodcutter died so ON must've thought that its her husband who is slowly gaining his memory back. I agree with you that her ignorance is midblowing. She ignores all the sign you pointed above, + the favorite part of chicken (neck), the personality wise (clumsiness etc). She maybe dismissed the fact that KG recognise JS as a clue, as she probably thinks that KG has special ability to talk to all animals anyway? I cant remember exactly the first time KG recognise JS in cat form as I wasnt watching clearly on the earlier episodes. I guess in general human (ehm fairies too? LOL) always get fixated to the first thing that interest them (the first clue of the pee sound may've made her insist / persistent about Jung being the one). Agreed she should feel terrible for not recognising KG... i hope they show this too in ep 15. Afterall KG is one in a million ~ someone who unconditionally loves her despite all the heartbreak she has caused him (pffttt Ok Nam you better feel sorry!) @Erika yashhh looveee that song haha im listening to this multiple times daily XD I got the feels watching the video, feel sorry for Jung, the song is sad. PS. he should sing more with that voice
  9. ah yess its gonna be heartbreaking for prof Jung today. unrequited love. but at the same time im hoping it'll be a confession of OkNam true feeling to Geum i.e. she has feelings for him even before knowing that he's the real husband
  10. @maddymappo The kid who was sacrificed was the Fire God's past life before she was reincarnated and became a fairy (and later reincarnated as Deer, then Professor Jung). So basically she took revenge for those who sacrified her in past life, by burning the village. The betrayal was due to Wind God (who later reincarnated as woodcutter then Geum) told the Master of Northern star, that Izzy (fire god) burnt the village. She trusted him to keep the secret so she felt betrayed when he told the master, which resulted to Izzy being banished from fairy realm. In ep 1, Ok Nam thought Prof Jung was the husband because he made the same sound like woodcutter did in the restroom I think it's worth it to watch the whole episodes to understand what really went on, otherwise the drama recap from drama bean is pretty good. on another note, Seo Ji Hoon's news
  11. is the monk = Master of Northern Star's human form? My guess is, Dubhe left in his own accord. He may've requested to go to Human realm to accompany Izy (as she asked him to come with her to human realm previously), so the Master erased his memory and make him mortal. Then everytime he's reborn he would just be next to Izy, taking care of her. Just like Geum is taking care of Prof. LoL my guess... I agree the teaser for ep 15 seems worrying as if there may be something bad happens. I mean the words 'if we ever meet again, we will..." --> that sounds like parting words from someone who's going to part ways with her loved one T_T They leave all the revelation to the last two weeks its soo intensee, good episode though no wonder rating climbs back up again. Oh gosh now how can I wait till Monday... and now that the drama is nearing the end, I feel sad
  12. Thank you so so much for the gifs and recap. Omg looks very awesome! I can sleep without being curious bow lol its 1am over here. Cant wait for the Eng sub!!
  13. Thank you for the live update!! I can see Ms Fairy’s face shine brighter now lol look at the way she stares at him And wow the hug scene is #1 at Naver? So happy. I think the drama deserves more love!!
  14. Lol "Kim Geum "The HUSBAND" is on the way back to his wife.. Sure it is a bumpy and winding road. At least 4 punches, 2 waterslaps and few falls he must received.. I present you the most unlucky husband of the year! " --> love this caption haha oh wait the full album is out ?? thank youu !! oh gosh I got chills from this Yoon Hyun Min's song. Luv it! Also, anyone knows which one is the song/instrument playing when Geum was driving back to Gyerong? luv it too
  15. Jung is not all that selfish as you pointed, he let Geum sleep in house and in few scenes the bromance between the two are genuine. Anyways i love the episode when Jeom Soon says goodbye to Geum, i find that touching i even shed tears for a bit.. haha always shed tears when parents-children emotion are involved. I also dont understand why OkNam hugs Geum (apart from that is what in the webtoon). I mean she hasnt realised yet that Geum is her husband. So yeah must've been the fact that she misses himm ?! LoL
  16. Thanks @hazelyeot !! Luv the song, hopefully it’ll be released. And wow sang by Yoon Hyun Min, so talented!! I have a feeling that ‘stars must go back to the sky’ means Ok Nam has to go back to fairy realm, whereas Jung and Kim are mortals so they stay ok erth. Omg they may be goong through another separation but I hope not. And also since master of northern star is looking for the 3 lost fairies, there may be twist that all three go back to fairy realm. Anyone knows who goes back to fairy realm in the webtoon st the end?
  17. Anyone know the song title that is played at the ending, before the preview of upcoming episode? I have been googling like mad and cant find it >.< love the song
  18. Agreed the drama is also about karma of past lifes etc hence the lead is still prof jung. How good will it be if there is cameo by Jung Kyung Ho, but i think it’ll just be his voice as Jeom Dol. Anyways cant wait for ep 13-14. Everyday i keep replaying my fave part of ep 12, “i keep thinking about someone other than my dear husbanf. How will you describe this feeling? Is this a sincere feeling”. There there as GeumNam shipper we can start seeing that Geum already creeps into her heart <3. Am i the only one who want them to stay in human realm? Lol. Afterwll Geum still has a mother in human realm and OkNam already adjusted to the earth.
  19. Lol aoikarin thanks for giving me the courage to watch SJH indeed is soo handsome even when he has nightmares lol back to topic im a bit disappointed not seeing any GeumNam moments in the preview for ep 13... the week’s gonna be a torture waiting for next ep. The only thing keeping my hopes up is the BTS of them lying together Still curious what wind fairy did to betraye izzy, why is he punished that bad with his wife not recognizing him
  20. Oh mann im thinking to hold on watching tonights episode until next week so i dont have to live a week of brokenhearted Geum. I do hope its the kiss-that-make-ok-nam-realises-her-true-feeling indeed a.k.a that should be the last one for prof jung! Thanks chingus for the update
  21. I was one that thought it was okay for Kim to be heartbroken first as long as he gets the girl... but after watching ep 11 raw i feel heartbroken too, really needs strength to carry on watching as i get worry now whether they will follow the webtoon. Also saw in the preview how Prof tosses Kim’s umbrella in the rain... what a selfish act. I never hated Prof’s character and felt sorry for his loneliness but after this I start to dislike him.
  22. Aokarin, thank you so much for the update!! Who else cant wait for next ep go air?? I cant wait to see their relationship blossoms
  23. Omg im so swooning over Geumieee he’s so cute hahah. And so happy to see the spoiler still . Gosh I really hope he gets the girl
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