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  1. If minimum target of 700 copies are not met, production will be cancelled and those who ordered will be refunded.
  2. https://global.yes24.com/Goods/77287703 For all ALML and DanYeon fans. Pre-order is now open. 700 orders needed to make it happen. Act fast! So that we get to see more of their behind the scenes! Guide for overseas fans
  3. Woo look at this number with these gorgeous eyes! It's 633K Been so quiet here after those mod warnings. Let's get some life back to this place again and hope no one intrudes into our little haven again!
  4. Actress Shin Hye Sun is in the list of nominees for Best Actress for her portrayal in The Hymn of Death. She is nominated alongside Alicia von Rittberg of Germany (Bauhaus). Directors Gregor Schnitzler of Bauhaus and Park Chan Wook of the UK mini-series The Little Drummer Girl will vie for the Best Director award, among other individuals. https://www.hellokpop.com/news/14th-seoul-international-drama-awards-nominees/ Edited: @immorethant oh dear double post again. Sorry didn't refresh the page first, was too excited to post
  5. All three are at fault for doing that to ALML and DanYeon fans. They all deserves to be skinned. Is it better to: 1. Burn them alive? 2. Throw them to Han River? 3. Sue them? All I want now is to grab that director by the hair and demand to see my precious DanYeon baby scene
  6. http://www.newsinside.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=929477#_apl The performance time is one hour and ten minutes, and it is performed on Tuesdays to Fridays (11:00 and 14:00) and Saturday to Sunday (11:00, 14:00 and 16:30), and the viewing age is more than 24 months. The production company is Culture Sensitive Arts Co., Ltd. The casts are Shin Hye Sun, Kim Young Joo, Jeong Eun Bin, Woo Sirra, Shin Woo Suk, Moon Yu Ran, and Oh Taehu. @immorethant @meechuttso what's this? is this auto translation accurate?
  7. Remember to fill this demand survey, all ALML fans and DanYeon fans. We want this DVD for those countless cut scenes. Same here.
  8. Miss those times too. We are still here but there's nothing for us to update and discuss already
  9. Missing them too! It's Tuesday today but there's nothing to look forward to tomorrow KBS still owes fans the last bts but well it is never going to be released
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