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  1. Happy to see our pretty hyesun girl looking sooooo good!!! Yeah at least we know what she's up to currently. Looks like this is a drama to promote arts and culture . But wow, need a MOU for shooting location? MOU with the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority... sounds like a trade agreement A sight to behold. Hyesun is taller than all the sirs there L's hairstyle though . I think his hair look better in that first script reading. Just saying.
  2. Just dropping by to say I'm enjoying and loving this drama from episode one till now
  3. That's for sure without any doubt. Ratings are beyond our control (and seriously ratings doesn't mean everything) but we know we can trust Hyesun to bring on her best. Like I always say, she never ever disappoints. Looking forward to see the upcoming teasers!
  4. Same here I gave up on Liver or Die after 1 episode lol. It's such a makjang show. I wonder why they did so well in ratings. I would think it's her own character and traits. Just her. Hyesun as a person. I remembered seeing her in her first interview during FE times after I became a fan. I loved the Yeonsang couple so much then but after watching those interviews I felt she was a very real, genuine, humble and down to earth person, and from there I went on to be her fan but not SH's fan. I can't explain how but her off screen persona is so sincere and endearing while he looks like he's doing everything for fan service and for the cameras. It's just my personal opinion and how i personally felt from what I saw then. But yeah, I still love the Yeonsang couple though. I so agree with you because I love watching her in these off-drama clips more than her dramas eg: interviews, photo shoots bts, on the way to events, reacting to reporters in the airport, the Carlyn clips, the bts of her dramas, the bts interactions between co-stars, in between breaks of award show like you mentioned; seeing her bubbly fun side, humble and polite and always respectful for her colleagues, how she gets along so well and well loved by her co-stars and those who haved worked with her, I feel even more strongly that she is what she is today not just for her acting talent but because of her great personality too. Edited: Dan Only Love and Love of My Life is the same drama, how could it be on both slots so the link and info may not be accurate afterall. Hmm so there's no drama planned for that MonTues slot yet... I'm curious to know what drama is it too.
  5. That's just my own guess since i can't understand why KBS had made such a decision. Maybe. Like "since we can't win anyway then just go all out or die" strategy. Apparently I saw somewhere that it was initially supposed to be a MonTues drama but I don't know what happened to make KBS switch their schedule to WedThurs instead. We all know its impossible to win against Vagabond and I'm actually mad with KBS for doing that to DOL. KBS is always doing silly things though
  6. OMG ~~ The Carlyn unboxing video IS JUST TOO CUTE!!! And her "running" with the bag is ultra cute! My girl crush Hurray! Finally we get a premiere date. I actually prefer Mon Tues too but I think KBS probably wants to bank on this drama to see if they can make a surprise competitor for Vagabond... since on paper, they will lose the ratings fight anyway, so might as well put the drama they think they have best and DOL may just be their best ensemble during that May period. I'm not sure what follows Dear Citizens but it may be that they feel DOL have a better chance than the other upcoming drama. Nothing we can do except to pray and hope DOL will do well. Now I'm waiting for Doctor Prisoner to end lol! I think we may get to see more teasers soon. May please come faster!
  7. Thanks for the news update! Yet another ballerina role. I'm beginning to wonder if this is a drama on ballet or a drama of an angel finding love
  8. Ok, the translation is bad and i don't really understand some of the comments but I see these words "not beautiful", "not a goddess" and "ugly". These are indeed absurd comments. There are always people who have nothing better to do and go around saying ridiculous things. Nah I'm not upset or bothered, because anyone can see for themselves how beautiful she is in and out
  9. Finally... our Yeon Seo! This should be her in ballet training though. Although what I really want to see is her being seen filming on the streets like L... those fancams. Still waiting...
  10. I hope it keeps to its original plan to air as a Mon-Tues drama. But KBS is always so unpredictable. Hoping it would be 20 episodes too. Always want more of Hyesun. Was so upset when 30 but 17 became 16 episodes instead of 20, its ratings was good at that time too. Well, things always don't go as we wish
  11. Thanks for the translation. At first, I thought it was the two second leads filming in the mountains. So it's a teambuilding trip instead? I have to agree that KBS marketing and promotion of this drama is less than desired. Probably fans can do a better job than them. Cannot understand why it's so difficult to post a script reading pic. And definitely can't understand why they like to post then delete a few hours later. Like they never think before posting? Or they decided to post later? Ok whatever. Wow, such massive ad space... L fans are very rich Our dear Hae Sun girl is very busy training for ballet and to walk in the dark. No time for mountain climbing lol
  12. Kbs IG just posted on the drama but I don't see our HS . Anyway hope they don't delete the post again later Hyesun and her manager is tagged in this post. Dialogue in the Dark is an experience and guided tour where everything from eating to walking across a river is done in the dark. Could she be doing some training to walk in the dark for her blind ballerina role? Or i think too much?
  13. Yeah she's standing beside Tae Hang Ho. I hope this movie will screen in my country and I can watch her in the cinema! I think she's at her skinniest now especially her at the edaily cultural awards. Which is why I think she's keeping herself too busy going from one movie to a drama. I kinda miss Yeon Tae's cute chubby cheeks Thanks @jakey09 I really hope to see her new drama image soon. This sort of gives out some real cold vibes of an intense ballerina
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