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  1. A huge thanks to all the recappers! Now that WWWSK is coming to an end, and I have a clearer idea of how the writers plan to fill up the rest of the show, I'm a pretty happy camper :) This show's been such a cute and fun watch oozing with so much OTP chemistry. And to be fair, I don't think it's going to win any awards for writing (is it ever really possible for rom-coms to do so anyway?) but it's awesome how they have continued to close off the little loops- for example, with Lee Seung Yeon finally getting attention from this parents, the 2 sub-OTPs (who are so adorable in their own right). But what I really like is that the show very gently and subtly probes and explores the ideas of society's expectations vs your own expectations and dreams as well as whether it's better to hide behind a mask or endure. KMS and GKN are such interesting contrasts- both are from humble backgrounds (I think it was intentional that KMS' neighbour who complained abt LYJ's car seemed to be GKN mum?), extremely capable and good-looking as well as well-regarded by others. Both are careful about how they appear to others- GKN keeping up this charade of being a workaholic while KMS wanted to keep her relationship with LYJ a secret for as long as possible. When GKN divulged why he was so frugal, my heart really broke for him- although the writer of the novel claimed that she didn't believe in bad people, the envy and jealousy incited by other people also meant that he always got a backhanded component about his abilities. Everything was seen through the lens of how poor his family was. Likewise for KMS, after her relationship is exposed, everyone jumps to the conclusion that she was seducing LYJ and that this is why she was promoted, not because she is capable. She's so brave and wonderful for ignoring all the talk and insisting on chugging on. The theme of dreams also comes out strongly in this episode. KMS' dad may come across as a bit of a joke, but he is the living epitome of someone who tried to do something he did not want to and got into a lot of trouble for his effort. It may not be much touring with a rock band, but at least he is living his dream. Same for JYM's cameo- running a restaurant is tough, but it's ok when that's what you really want to do. In that vein, KMS again is super awesome. It's amazing how she was able to recognize and acknowledge truthfully that this secretary work is her ikigai- it's ok to not have to travel the world to "find yourself"- I think all she really needed was some appreciation and space to realize this. Her growth is not as obvious as LYJ's, perhaps because her character is already so used to accommodating others; but I'm glad that she is able to take that merry-go-round and find out that that is what she loves. Lastly, the whole point of office romances and the imbalance of power keeps getting brought up in other discussion forums like dramabeans. I get it that lots of people find a romance between a boss and subordinate icky, especially if it's a male boss and female subordinate- and there are definitely a whole bunch of issues to untangle. However, I hope the show also gets people to think deeper about their own prejudices. I mean, office romances are not that uncommon especially given the crazy hours that some cultures demand from their workers. I've also seen my fair share of secretaries marrying their bosses- perhaps just like LYJ, they just realised that they couldn't do without these very capable people in their lives versus them being some seductive foxes hell-bent on getting into their bosses' pants.
  2. Since I'm having issues sleeping, I'm just going to write a bit about that lovely (successful) kiss scene and how well it was directed and acted out. Third time's the charm for LYJ, or not really, because without KMS stepping out, there wouldn't have been any kiss! I loved how it echoed that beautiful scene 9 years ago when she stepped forward and offered to do up his tie for him. She felt professionally incompetent and wanted to at least do this one thing right. That LYJ allowed her to help him with his tie was him letting himself be vulnerable- he was a goner even from that long ago. Her smoothing the lapels of his jacket was such an intimate gesture, and must've been so reassuring to LYJ who could let a single woman approach him because of his trauma. 9 years down the road and their roles are reversed. The perfect LYJ who could overcome anything realised that overcoming his trauma to just kiss the woman he loved was not just a matter of will. So again, KMS stepped up and in doing so, made herself vulnerable to him by kissing him first. Her hands smoothing down the lapels of his jacket may just have been her trying to keep her balance, but also gave the reassurance and love that LYJ needed to break through his trauma. And once he broke through, well, the boy doesn't need any further encouragement or lessons in kissing does he?
  3. A Tale of Two Brothers Both LSY and LYJ seem perfect to the outside world, but the perfection of both men are different and unsettling in each their own ways. LYJ comes across as the perfectionist, an exacting professional who gives no quarter. Someone who expects others to perform well because he holds himself to the same lofty expectations. As such, he is admired from an arm's length by peers, feared by his subordinates and leads a lonely and misunderstood existence. Because of his past trauma, he consumes himself in work, keeping his true love by his side for nine years by never daring to draw her any closer. Only when KMS announced that she was quitting did he start confronting his long buried fears head on and breaking down the walls that kept his real considerate nature obscured. Why? He realised that he feared losing KMS even more than the nightmares that haunted him daily and nightly. His words may seem haughty and self-centered, but it masks a truly sensitive inner soul who has sacrificed a lifetime for those whom he loves. LSY likewise comes across as a perfect man but in a totally opposite sense. He is the freewheeling romantic, the sensitive writer who charms and smiles freely. He knows how to use words to emotionally move others and to get his way, but under that sweet facade, something sinister lurks. He seems sensitive and considerate, but when push comes to shove, his actions (especially with regard to his brother) suggest that everything is about him. Casting LTH as the hyung even though he is much younger than LSJ in real life actually feels like an inspired move. LSY does not come across as the hyung, not least because he is unfettered by the corporate responsibilities that his younger brother is saddled with, but because he seems so infantilised in his preoccupation with playing the victim and in winning KMS for the sake of just getting one up over his brother. Somewhere along the way, his emotional growth was stunted and he remains a child that cannot move on from the past. I'm really looking forward to how the rest of the story unfolds. LSJ and PMY are so so so awesome in their roles that I could happily watch them just breathe at each other for the second half of the series. I love that PMY plays these characters who "save" practically every single one of the male leads (Healer, SDQ) by being straightforward and giving unconditional love and trust. And despite the criticism about LTH's wooden acting, I think he's doing a decent job. If his character feels less developed than either LYJ and KMS, that's because it IS less developed. The focus of the story is on LYJ and KMS, so his role feels much like a catalyst to push these two to grow and confront their fears, nothing more or less. Thanks to all the recappers, I'm loving this show and it's wonderful to be able to share the love with y'all!
  4. (Sorry for cutting your quote) but I've seen quite a few comments that expressed their annoyance with KMS. TBH, the drama presents LYJ in a very sympathetic light and Park Seo Joon's awesome portrayal just elevates that but I'm super glad that KMS ran off after that phone confrontation. 1. First of all, even though she's still working it out for herself as to who is her real oppa, everyone (including LYJ) has verbally affirmed that LSY is her oppa. There's no real reason for her to doubt otherwise. The fact that she even continues to be somewhat doubting is a testament of her intelligence. 2. More importantly, what LYJ did in grabbing her phone and ending the phone call abruptly was wrong. He had been doing so well in treating her with consideration and respect but that move just totally undid it. She WAS showing him consideration in hesitating to pick up the call, but ultimately, LYJ does not own her and frankly has no right to meddle in her choices the way he did. 3. I really liked the final conversation that they had. Yes, we as the audience know that LYJ is actually a huge marshmallow but KMS has been working with this dude for nine years under the impression that he is this insufferable narcissist- such thoughts don't switch at just a moment's notice. I liked that she was assertive in expressing that she wished to continue to see LSY to try to recapture her lost memories but at the same time acknowledged that she knew it was incomfortable for LYJ. LYJ earns major brownie points for finally acknowledging that she has the right to know what she wishes to know. Him being over-protective of her all this while is not the way forward- she's no longer a five year old girl but his equal. In talking about being considerate, a huge shoutout and thanks to those who have been putting spoilers under the spoiler tag. For those who already know the whole story via the novel/webtoon and don't bother hiding the info, please know that it does disrupt some people's enjoyment of this forum as part of their enjoyment comes from speculating and coming up with theories. Would be grateful if you could please hide the spoilers- be like LYJ, the ultimate protective boss and oppa!
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