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  1. Yes, I am fully aware it being an endorsement item. Can't we have fun with words anymore in this thread? A lot of my words and phrases are baseless on the gifs I've posted, and its for entertainment purposes...please don't take it so seriously. PSJ IG update:
  2. Thanks.....that's quite a lot! Not only a Romcom King, but a CF king as well This CF was released yesterday. Look like this company sponsored his suits in the drama...LOL For ZIOZIA
  3. MY IG update: -and my lovely fans....#seeyousoon (she's wearing the necklace Lee Young Joon gave her...)
  4. The promise was if they reached rating of 10%. Not sure if 10% for Seoul or Nationwide. If it's for Nationwide then they didn't reach it, I believe the highest was 8.6%?
  5. I can't keep track how many CFs PSJ is doing, but he's had a LOT this month. This is the latest one. Man...endorsers are really milking his VC and "aura" image This is for LANIEGE.
  6. YES! Her favorite flower for the bouquet and her style of dress as well!!! LOL And MY looked GORGEOUS and quite happy at the Stonehenge fansign....so glad! Her dress...same style as the wedding dress...kekeke
  7. The WWWSK production went all out for the perfect wedding scene didn't they? It was at the Hyatt Seoul Grand Hotel.
  8. May I ask a question to PSJ's rabid fan? Has PSJ ever been offered the male lead to play opposite Son Ye Jin in Pretty Noona? Aren't Namoo rep and PMY's rep the same person? LOL
  9. Park Min Young, Kang Ki Young, And More Comment On Conclusion Of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” S. Park July 27, 2018 cr: soompi
  10. Not sure what PSJ's schedule looks like, aside from the previous announced filming of his movie on August 14th. But this is PMY's schedule for end of July to August so far. July July 28 : STONEHENGE Autograph Session July 30 : Live Interview with Weibo July 31 : PMY Media Interveiw August August 01 : PMY Media Interview August 03-09 : PMY PhotoShoot for GRAZIA September Issue . August 10: Samsung Galaxy Exclusive Fan Party in Singapore (with Kim Joong Kook) Her August 03-09 photo shoot is probably overseas (maybe Singapore since she'll have to be there August 10th). What's the chance of getting my wish for them to do a couple photo shoot with Mr. Park? So base on her schedule, it's cutting pretty close to the Phuket trip (August 13-18), so hopefully she'll make it.
  11. In one night...our ship hit a turbulence, went through a major storm, and whipped in a huge tidal wave. It's sad that the ship got hit so soon, and in just one night, the rumored news overshadowed the beautiful ending of the drama that was created by Mr. and Ms. Park. The water will calm down eventually and our ship will continue sailing peacefully. If not together, then we support them separately. I would take whatever articles, news, and comments by fans/antis/reporter with a grain of salt. Nobody knows the truth except PSJ and PMY. Until they confirm themselves that either they're in a relationship with each other or with somebody else then I'll believe it. Let the haters/antis do what they do best...at the end of the day, it's just shows how insecure they are about their ship. We don't have to defend or stoop to that level and remain mature, civil, and respectful in ours...okay everyone?
  12. Hehehehe....she got 1 bouquet and a gift bag, aside from the bouquet and gift from her DC You know how it is...there's just more female fans who support their oppas than for the actress....hehehe
  13. Would it be far-fetched if during the AAA in November 2017, both were already in talks and aware of each other about the drama offered but not fully confirmed until 2018? I mean, this happens quite often. When celebs are rumored to be in a drama together, fans would pay close attention to managers or anybody associated to the particular actor/actresses and watch their action in IG (weibo, etc)-who "liked" or "followed" who and what. And usually that's like a hint when it's linked back to the actor/actresses. I tell you...fans are quite an investigator, as proven here
  14. What's interesting is...why would Dispatch care if it's false? They're usually the one ruining celebs...kekeke. LOL....true it's unlikely of Dispatch to debunk dating news if they have evidence. Now, I'm not saying anything....but why put "3 years of dating". They specifically mentioned 3 years, which could be true statement, they haven't dated for 3 years because they didn't know each other for that long. Just saying....LOL
  15. I wouldn't think MY and SJ would have discussed their trips/vacations to this details with the dates/timing and such during their breaks from filming (that is if it's just coincidence)...but could you imagine them looking at it now and see what fans dug up how close the dates were? They'd be thinking...OMG, no wonder the rumors and what a coincidence....and it's fate? LOL
  16. LOL..the rumor fizzled just as quickly as it was announced. I also was LMAO when I read the evidence they used and for 3 years???? What kind of a reporter/newspaper used shipper's collections as evidence? Actually, with Parkpark's chemistry on and off screen, I would be surprised if there is NO dating rumors. It's just a shock to me that it came so early and not weeks/months after the drama ended...The timing. The day after the drama ended? And surely it was not to promote the drama...if so, why would they do it after and not during the broadcast? What if they know/have something more concrete that we don't know? I am giving benefit of a doubt the newspaper is smarter than this...to use shipper's evidence. Am I giving them too much credit??...LOL. And the newspaper mentioned they were slowly letting their friends know about their relationship? Where did they dug that up from? Along with Dispatch being suspicious as to pay so much attention to this drama and this couple. And we all know, whether they're dating or not. They will deny it as long as they can. I just hope it didn't damage their relationship if they are in the process of getting to know each other better or just be good friends that support each other. I hope we still would see them on the reward vacation and any awards ceremony if they're nominated.
  17. Mr. and Ms. Park, you do realize you're not posing for a REAL wedding (not yet) right? Why is Mr. Park still folding his arm and Ms. Park still holding onto it? Why are Mr. and Ms. Park facing different directions than the others? Husband and wife thinking alike already? Already taking after her "husband's AURA"
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