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  1. Hi! I've been lurking as I've been binge watching. So here's my make believe thought about the finale... There was this American show called 'Ghost Whisperer' basically about this lady who uses her ability to talk and see ghosts and help solve why they die, then help them talk to their family to help the ghost move on. Well in one of the last seasons, her husband dies but she sees his spirit wander into a dying man's body who had just been in a crash. She tries to stop him bc she didn't want him to stay stuck. Bc of that, she goes to the hospital to see the man her husband possessed. Long story short, her husband successfully possessed that man as the man's spirit moved on right after the crash into the afterlife already. And that's how, they got remarried and how they appeared as a couple again to the audience. ----- So let's just pretend here that it's what Da-Il did. She walked away before recognizing him, but her spidey senses that it was him and looked again to see that it was Da-Il but in another man's body. As they walk away hamd in hand daily happily, that's how they continue to be together. Btw this drama was a new discovery for me when it came to Daniel. I love him as this brusque man. Pity we didn't get too much of the love line played out.
  2. IDK Min Seok...sure he can be servant for the rich...but that doesn't mean cover up for your own agenda as well. Clearly Su Ho uses him at his beck and call, and knowing his relationship with Ji Hyun...he's even more into bugging Min Seok. But still going straight to Su Ho's fiancé with his pen, is eh to me. He has his own personal agenda, using the rich as an excuse to act the way he is. For now he's friend zoning her, most likely feeling guilty about Ji Hyun but other than that....you don't just cover up stuff and not tell the whole truth about the possibility of the fiancé being there during the time of death. Should've gone straight to the dad or Su Ho himself, even if in an alternate universe she wasn't present. This is Jung Hyun's first serious and more dramatic themed drama, so he receives a passing grade. Sure he may seem a bit over the top, but ya'll it's a drama, dramatics are needed.
  3. I do feel it's a tad bit over the top and a little theatrical but I don't think it's terrible. I think you can see he's a good guy, but like you said, definitely masks his pain and acts out instead when he wants. However, we she a bit of his comedic side even if it's unintentional when he's with Ji Hyun and his body guard. As for Seo Hyun's character, I don't agree with how it's one dimensional. You see her working with her jobs, she tough with her mom, hard on herself, but she's not afraid to confront others when needed and is a bit feisty when needed. Like today's scene of her going head to head with that mob guy, although it was short, you can see that she's just tired of it and stands toe to toe with him. For me Min Seok's character is just the most confusing for me. His dad is sick so he needs money, I get that. But I just wished there was a big more insight as to why his wheels in his mind is turning the way they are. He obviously has guilty conscious but keeps pushing through. I have yet to decide if he's worst then Jung Eum's prosecutor boyfriend in "Secret Love" with Ji Sung because despite not knowing this his son was still alive, he did everything he could to secure his position, hurting Jung Eum over and over again, while acting all high and mighty while with Min Seok's case he's being selfish it seems maybe for his dad's health (doesn't make it right) but at least he didn't let Ji Hyun take the fall for anything...if anything as we can see he's unintentionally directly ruining Ji Hyun's life by taking who she has left away from her.
  4. I completely agree. Maybe because we don't have a good full on description of what how close his relationship is job wise to Suho them and just the history he has with each character. Because I don't know how he can choose to conceal the true nature of the death from Ji Hyun either. Because I want to see if I'll hate him more than I hated Jung Eum's ex from "Secret" lol
  5. The quality of the filming is pretty amazing imo. Definitely was a fan of "Secret" but I hadn't seen the producer's other work. I remember watching and loving Secret when everyone was obsessed with "Heirs" which I personally didn't like and bother too much with and that's when I stumbled on Secret. Great script+Great Cast+Great Team behind the scene! I like the more dramatic themed dramas like this which isn't necessarily a makjang either but more like revenge...stereotypical rich guy+poor girl theme but with adult themes and a darker edge to it Main cast seems stable and strong enough to hold their own ground. I didn't realize they were all relatively newer to the acting scene. The least new would have to be the second leading actress...looks like 2010 for her. While everyone else is later. I thought I recognized the guy who played Ji Hyun's ex...looked him up and he was in Prison Playbook (another drama I absolutely loved). Can't wait to see the drama play out. Like you all...I hope that our leading man doesn't die. Hopefully, it's some kind of evil plan done by someone to mess with his head. **I've enjoyed our leading couple's interaction so far. It gives us a good look into both characters too. Suho although he comes off as a bit entitled and rude in our first scene of them at the hotel together. He may have thought she was the one who called him crazy and went in on her but the moment she kneeled...he seemed taken aback immediately. Like why would she do that to make him look like he's really a bad person or something lol While for her, despite their bad start, their later encounters shows her being upfront with him and a nonchalant attitude almost like he's wasting her time lol and then he collapsed which made it seem like an inconvenience for her after she had to take his money with her after noticing the patients eyeing him oddly when she planned on leaving him.
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