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  1. Hi! I've been lurking as I've been binge watching. So here's my make believe thought about the finale... There was this American show called 'Ghost Whisperer' basically about this lady who uses her ability to talk and see ghosts and help solve why they die, then help them talk to their family to help the ghost move on. Well in one of the last seasons, her husband dies but she sees his spirit wander into a dying man's body who had just been in a crash. She tries to stop him bc she didn't want him to stay stuck. Bc of that, she goes to the hospital to see the man her husband possessed. Long story short, her husband successfully possessed that man as the man's spirit moved on right after the crash into the afterlife already. And that's how, they got remarried and how they appeared as a couple again to the audience. ----- So let's just pretend here that it's what Da-Il did. She walked away before recognizing him, but her spidey senses that it was him and looked again to see that it was Da-Il but in another man's body. As they walk away hamd in hand daily happily, that's how they continue to be together. Btw this drama was a new discovery for me when it came to Daniel. I love him as this brusque man. Pity we didn't get too much of the love line played out.
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