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  1. @greenwatch08 Like a lot of others, I, too, am frustrated with SRY and OSA's "relationship." I like your point about IC being about second chances and yet these two cannot move on because they refuse to cut ties with each other. My take on this (and I have not read the webtoon so I'm just going off the drama) is that SRY cannot cut his tie to OSA because she's one of his last remaining connections to his father. I think that at this point, his "feelings" for her are more a habit than real, genuine feelings. However, his life and growth has been stunted in that his father was killed and then he went off to prison. He didn't get the normal experiences with a safety net that most teenagers have as they transition to adulthood. Even before his life fell apart, he was pretty stubborn and probably had his own psychological issues. I don't think it's normal for someone to be as stubborn and disassociated from others as he is. Actually, that part of his character somewhat confuses me because he has this incredibly strong sense of a black/white wrong vs right that makes him intercede on behalf of others when he sees a "wrong" happening. However, he's not completely empathetic towards others. It's more like it's the right vs wrong that bothers him rather than what people feel. I did not like OSA and have a hard time understanding her. In Episode 12, I thought I saw some redeeming signs in her, like her anger towards GS on behalf of the Danbam team. However, her behavior still frustrates me to no end. I think she is scared to let go of her security (which is Jangga), and I'm not sure if she really actually likes SRY, or if she is also afraid to cut ties with him because of who he is in relation to his father. And, I think she also feels like she can't cut ties with him because of the guilt that she feels towards him. It's like the detective--his guilt made him work with SRY and supply goods to SRY, but he couldn't (until recently) do the one thing that SRY actually needed him to do. OSA feels guilt towards SRY and SRY's father so she stays near him. However, her fear of being a helpless orphan keeps her firmly controlled by Jangga. I AM SO LOVING THIS DRAMA. And I'm dying to know what will happen next.
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