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  1. I just drop by, good to see you here
  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I did not know "A Muse" and "Tune in Love" were directed by the same director until I had read an article. When I saw the poster of "A Muse", the first impression for me just... wow, the female lead was really ugly (sorry to say that but I still feel that way, it is just my personal opinion, no offensive); and yes, that was 18++++++. I am not interested in anything of KGE with no bias (except related to Ji Min) . As I said before, I was not interested in JHI because I did not know him even though he was getting popular after some of his hit dramas. I know him just because he was pairing with Ji Min, their off screen chemistry was excellent, and in 2014, he had mentioned that Ji Min was the most beautiful actress. I told myself don't be a shipper anymore because it's really hard and can get a heart attack anytime... ha ha. However, I was trapped by the BTS! I am pretty sure whenever he promos his new projects, he will say the same thing (I have good chemistry with my female leads).
  3. @Hong Willer I am with you, OSN is on my permanent rewatch list too. Actually, I do not care about JHI when I watch the drama becsuse I am Ji Min bias. However, honestly, I am still hoping this ship is still sailing :).
  4. Don't be sad! I do not know what is he thinking or what is the real feeling inside his heart. However, I know that all about promotion, promotion, promotion .... That means he will say the same thing on his next project (he has excellent chemistry with his female lead) and he will say the same thing again and again.
  5. Wow, miss her so much! Thank you for posting the pictures ! Ji MIn is so so so beautiful
  6. I pray for Ji Min to win this Best Actress
  7. Did I miss something? When did JHI inform the audience he is assertive in relationship? For Ji Min, I am happy that she has mentioned that she will get marry one day as she is getting older.
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