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  1. Beating up Nukdo might be too exaggerate. How about smooch*smooch* Not really time accurate. Just count by heart
  2. Did you guys notice this? I think DJ kicks his butt outa the palaquin after the changing scene lmao I can no longer imagine their romantic scene normal hahaha
  3. Omg I've stopped since page 34, i've alot of catch up to do. I love this episodes too. By far the best reaction given by Yoolmu
  4. Ahhh i've forgotten the soompi rules , thank you @bebebisous33 for amending my post The Butt business 1 Butt business 2 gladly opens up lol lol Butting in people business
  5. I know right? I can't focus on 1 person but overall I love this drama so much, cross dressing sageok is very rare
  6. Omg I've been missing from Soompi like ages and I came to write this for once because this drama is so funny and I love it so much. I hope I'm not the only one confused with Jang Dong Yun facial features. I don't know what is it. He is such a great actor but each angle the camera shoot at him, he looks like another person. Some angle I saw Yang Se Jong Some angle I saw Lee Je Hoon Some angle I saw Im Hyun Sik Some angle I saw Kim Soo Hyun I'm going crazee This 4th episode last scene, I have never seen such an aggressive acting from KSH before I was lmao , such a great actress.
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